Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm skipping the pictures tonight but I couldn't let 2010 come to an end without wishing all of my friends the best for the coming new year.

Tonight it's a quiet night at home with Wade and Duke just chilling out. Tomorrow we're taking a trip to visit Wade's dad and step mom and then home for the traditional pork and sauerkraut dinner.

Wherever you are and however you may be celebrating have a Happy New Year. See you in 2011


  1. Happy New Year Dear Ann... Enjoy that Pork!! Sounds wonderful!!

  2. Happy New Year, Ann! Enjoy a nice, quiet evening with your men. :-)

  3. Happy New Year to you also. I fixed a big meal tonight, weinerschnitzel and noodles.Tomorrow will be leftovers along with some turtle cheesecake. I found some Bubble Up to toast, I hadn't seen it for years, an import.

  4. MMM should I watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy..or the Smokey and the Bandit Trilogy...Happy New Year Ann a chill out evening for me as well

  5. A very Happy New Years Ann. You sound like you have a wonderful night ahead of you surrounded by your men ;-)

  6. Happy New Year to you too! Wishing you all the best and many fun, creative ideas in 2011! Hugs to you and Duke!

  7. Us too Ann, and it sounds just great to me to be staying in, it is so cold! Tomorrow we head north for a good 9 hr. drive to attend the baptism of a grandson. Have a happy new year! :D

  8. Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2011!

  9. Blessings to you on this New Year, Ann!!! One of my blessings is having just found YOU! And Duke! I only wish we had been blog friends longer.

  10. Blessed New Year to you, your family and Duke!

  11. Happy new year 2011 dearest Ann and all at home... plus Duke, of course :D


  12. Happy New Year From Southern California.

    Don't forget to watch the 122nd Rose Parade on New Year's Day coming from Pasadena, California...only 30 miles from The Old Geezer's home :-)

    No matter what looms ahead, if you can eat today, enjoy today, mix good cheer with friends today enjoy it and bless God for it. ~Henry Ward Beecher

    May God Bless and Protect You in the Year to Come. ~Ron

  13. Thank you, Ann, and have a great new year too. Enjoy your trip!

  14. We hope you have a happy and healthy New year. We are looking forward with great anticipation to many new craft projects. Would you believe Mom never even made it till Nine last night. LOL Take care.

  15. The pork and sauerkraut sounds good. Hope you had a good New Years Eve with your men. And I hope the New Year brings you all the joy and blessings that you could ever have. Happy New Year.

  16. enjoy your visit, we are waiting. hugs and happy happy new year

  17. Pork and sauerkraut? I hope that works better than black-eyed peas has for us. Of course, if we could figure out how to harness the "emissions," we could probably get rich in a hurry. Come to think of it, I imagine pork and sauerkraut can fuel a rather large reaction, as well. Anyway, I hope 2011 proves to be a very good year for you-all!

  18. Happy New Year!

  19. Hello!

    I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year on this first day of 2011! I hope that you enjoy your traditional meal - I love pork and sauerkraut and have not had it for years! Mention of it brings back many memories!

    I love visiting your blog and seeing all of your lovely creations and look forward to seeing what you do in the coming year!

    Wishing you a good day today on this first day of 2011 and I hope that the coming year is a happy one for you!


    Barbara Diane

  20. Happy New Year to you too Ann...and Wade and Duke of course!!

  21. Hope your New Year is a wonderful one!

  22. Happy New Year Ann, Wade and Duke. We had a fun night last night. Today I feel like I'm getting a cold. I just can't get warm. Good thing it's a hang out in my PJ's and watch football day.

  23. Happy New Year, Ann! Ours was quiet also. And I have never heard of the sauerkraut tradition but hubby from Chicago has :) Yummy!

  24. donna and to you also. I love pork and sauerkraut

    Ann thanks I will

    out on the prairie turtle cheesecake sounds yummy

    livintheblues we're just such party animals aren't

    man overboard the best kind of night if you ask me

    beaded tail thanks and duke sends hugs back

    julie 9 hour drive doesn't sound like fun at least ours is only 1 1/2 hours

    susan thanks and

    ginny we may not have been blog friends long but I also feel blessed to have you as a friend now and look forward to many years to come

    vanilla thank you

    nessa thanks, duke says the same to you

    the old geezer thank you, excellent quote there too

    josep thank you, we will

    marg well I managed to stay up a little later than your

    russ it's delicious :)

    sandra thanks I will

    fishhawk well pork and sauerkraut is a big item in the grocery store this week. Everyone around here's buying it. Come on up to our neck of the woods this time of year, could be a real gas :)

    donna thanks

    christie thank you

    catherine, thank you

    reeeni thank you

    vickie thanks

    whimcees thank you so much. I also love visiting you and seeing everything you make

    allotments4you thanks right back at ya :)

    bossy betty thank you, yours too

    b boys mom oh no, hope you're feeling better, rest and lots of blankets :)

    molly smith I've been following the pork tradition for as long as I can remember :)


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