Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cuteness counts

Hello everyone. Mom did it again. She didn't get a post ready for tonight so I'm bailing her out. I just don't know what her problem is. I manage to fit everything in to my day. Why can't she get everything done in hers? Geesh, mommies sure are crazy sometimes.
While she's off trying to catch up on reading all of your blogs I'll sit here looking cute and take care of things here. Boy I hope that cute little Rascal in the pink sweater shows up. Is my collar straight?


Lin said...

Duke, you are ALWAYS so darn cute! I swear you are smiling there. :) I'm glad you are around for your mommeh--can you teach Hobbes how to post for me????

Anonymous said...

lol I thought it looked like he was smiling too.

gayle said...

You are a cutie Duke!

Donna said...

Love your post Duke!!!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh, Duke, you are just TOO cute!! I miss you when you aren't on a post (which is rarely).

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Looking cute is what Duke does best!

Sharkbytes said...

I think that's a "play with me, not paper stuff" look.

booahboo said...

Cuteness sure counts Duke! And you are great to bail her out.. hehe.. probably she knows that we miss your cute face.

booahboo said...

btw... love love love your new header! super cool!

Reeni said...

If you wore that collar on your tail you'd still be cute Duke! I love your new header too!

Sandee said...

So you are sweet on Jackie's dog are you. How cute is that. Your collar is on straight so not to worry.

It's good that you can help out mom now and then. I'm sure she appreciates it very much.

My very best to you and tell your mom I stopped by. :)

livintheblues said...

I could never carry off the cute thing as well as Duke..:)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the cutest!

Unknown said...

Well Ann you have it all .... it looks Christmassy enough to be Santa's Lapland ... I have finally decorated the tree and put up the Christmas decorations. I have purchased some muscovado sugar in the hope of doing some tasty baking ... I have posted all of my cards, just have the neighbours to complete and we have just over one week left before it all begins.
Will have to begin to wrap the presents tomorrow ... thank goodness they invented cellotape - imagine going back to string!!

tahtimbo said...

That's okay, Duke, I never get tired of seeing pictures of you. I do sense, however, that you might be on the verge of asking for a raise. All this extra work your doing must cut into your play time :)

BeadedTail said...

Duke, a photo of you every day would be just fine with us! You are absolutely adorable!

jeanlivingsimple said... sure are cute.LOL!

marie said...

Oh my Duke! You look so good!!
How nice of you to step in and help out!!

Unknown said...

Alas, if only she were more scatter-brained. For then we would get to see and hear more from you.

Yeah, I know, you have to stick up for her. After all, she holds the key to the treats cabinet.

Russ said...

You are looking good Duke. Keep your eyes open, you never know when someone cute is going to pass by.
Have a good weekend.

Marg said...

Duke, you are the very best. Yes your collar is nice and straight. We hope that Rascal shows up for you. That is just the best picture. Hope all of you have a great day. Be good so Santa will come

Duni said...

You look totally cute, Duke :)

Sheri said...

Duke, you are the perfect fill in for mom! Love your new header too.

Audrey said...

Your collar looks fine and you are doing a great job of looking cute :)

Donna said...

He is just too precious for words!

MadSnapper said...

duke, tell mommy i love seeing shots of you and to show as many as she can take. yes your collar is just right making you very precious to view. hope you have a present under that tree.

Bossy Betty said...

Don't tell Mom, Duke, but YOU are the reason I come here in the first place! (Shhhhhh....)

Leeuna said...

Awwh! Duke you are so adorable. And yes, your collar is straight. Merry Christmas, you little cutie pie.

Tammy said...

Duke you really do a great job at sitting there looking cute. You look like a Christmas card.

Jackie said...

Awwww...Duke now Mollipop is all excited again. Rascal is the mean cat. You best not get too close to him.

He likes to scratch Mollipop when they fight. But, mollipop has a big time crush on you and so do I!

You are just so handsome! Molli says it's okay if you got the names mixed up. Mommy does it all the time too when we are in trouble!

Thanks so much Ann for the mention! Sorry I missed it yesterday but I woke up sick. I spent the entire day yesterday in bed with a dry throat and stuffed up nose.

I am excited now though. I am up and wide awake at 1am. YiPeeee.:-))))

Jackie said...

Oh dear Molli just reminded me to say thank you to your mommy for joining in on our Merry Christmas Celebration.

She was so excited to hear about that!:-)

Ann said...

Lin Duke would be happy to give Hobbes lessons but he thinks that he already does a fine job with his blogging

Amanda I think he was

gayle thank you from Duke

Donna, he says to give puppy hugs :)

ginny too cute for his own good I think

LDH I totally agree

sharkbytes, I think you are probably right

anny he has to earn his keep around here

Reeni, I'll have to get a picture of him with his collar on his tail so we can see just how cute he

sandee I think Duke is a bit of a player since he's also sweet on

livintheblues he does have a knack for it

grace, and he doesn't even have to try

kloggers you are much more prepared than I am but I'm not even stressing over it at all this year.

tahtimbo don't go putting ideas in his head, he'll be out of

beaded tail maybe we should do a 365 Duke project :)

Jean Duke thanks you

marie he's a real trooper

fishhawk Duke wants to know if you know how to make copies of keys

Russ I think he's been watching em

marg being good isn't always so easy but he'll give it the good old westie try

duni he thanks you very much and says to send his best to Sammy

Sheri we both thank you

Audrey he's very relieved to hear that all is in order :)

donna I could think of a couple of words for

sandra I'll see what I can do with the pictures, the cooperation part is up to Duke

bossy betty HEY! I read

Leeuna Merry Christmas to you too

b boys mom He a cute

the painted veil Duke will remember your warning about Rascal. And he thinks Mollipop is a much nicer name for such a pretty little lass :) We hope you're feeling much better.

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