Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saying Grace

Today Duke has something he would like to show you.
No, it's not the fact that we don't have the base boards back up yet. I received something in my e-mail a while back and he's been wanting me to show it to you. It's just the cutest thing I've ever seen. Duke is sure you'll love it.
I'm hoping this works. If for some reason it doesn't, trust me, it was cute :)


  1. Woof! Woof! Yah there were interviewed by the TV networks. Amazing unlike my Golden Prayer. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    FYI: Sent something in the mail for you my friend, DUKE.

  2. Hahaaaaa....I love Jango praying!
    SO Sweet!
    Thank you Duke!!

  3. Duke was right. We all love this. How adorable. Thanks for sharing Duke.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  4. That is the sweetest cutest thing ever! Second to Duke, of course!

  5. Thats so cute..ok, now you have to get Duke to do it too! ;D

  6. That's great! I tried to get Chips to "pray," but he just wouldn't put his paws over his nose.

  7. Well, do you think that Duke is up for this?? Maybe singing or howling a Christmas carol would be more to his liking!

  8. You can make a career out of photographing that dog!

  9. That is just so cute! Duke is adorable too! Somehow your photos make him look 3D like I could just touch him. I sure wish I could!

  10. Our cat says a sort of 'hello' when she comes in from the garden and when she's hungry she makes a noise that resembles 'dinner.' I think she has learnt that she manages to get a little more food a little faster this way. ;)

  11. aw... so cute! I just called Abbey and John and we watched this sweet clip a few times :) I love dogs!

    Now I have to teach Raider to pray that God would help him to like humans other than his family :)

  12. Oh man, I was all excited about getting to see Duke in action, and in walks another pup. Okay, it is a great video, but I wanted to see Duke! However, since it has his seal-of-approval, I'll not throw a bigger fit (this time).

  13. Hi, Duke! You're just the cutest pup! I love that video. Reminds me that I ought to say grace before meals even though I don't eat my stinky goodness from a bowl on the floor.

  14. Well Ann you have your work cut out for you now. Not only have to teach Duke to pray, but also to sing while doing it. Good Luck.LOL

  15. This is just the best video I have ever seen. It's not only cute...it's also quite inpressive!

    WTG Jango and thank you Duke for showing this to us!

    You are both very special just like your mom and dad!

  16. Oh, I love it! Audrey sent me the link to check it out!



  17. You were right! Totally cute!
    And you know what Duke? You look very cute in that pic too :)

  18. Thank you Duke for showing us this. It is cute. And you are sooo amazingly cute!
    I wish I could get my children to say grace... I can't even think of the cats saying grace. But they do in their own way say thank you to me. They know what 'Varsagod!' (=approximately 'Help yourself!') means and even 'Tack' (='Thanks'). They give me a little smoochy with their little faces against my leg or whatever is nearest them to rub, when I give them their meal. Yes, they really do say 'thank you'!
    Thanks for sharing Duke (and Ann!)
    Best wishes,

  19. Thanks, Duke! I enjoyed that! Do you think that man could train my kids?

  20. Aww... this is so sweet. Duke's right.. i did enjoy this :)

  21. I was sent this also. It was worth seeing again.:-)

  22. I worked just perfect and sooo very cute.

  23. Amen!

    ps: Duke, that is a very handsome photo of you.

  24. Awww...that is just too cute :)

  25. It worked! And I must say that was one of the best videos I have seen in months. Your dog is more grateful then most humans I know :-)


  26. omg...this is soooo cute! tell your husband i hate chili! i never eat it or order it and i loved this recipe. weird, huh?

  27. That is the best video. It brought a little tear to Mom's eye. That is the best. Duke, that picture of you is the very best too. You look so handsome but we know that you are a handsome dude.

  28. sugar it amazing, what a smart dog. how sweet of you, duke looks forward to getting it.

    donna isn't it though

    sandee duke is always right, so he says :)

    reeni i thought so, I loved it

    julie yes duke and I will need lots of practice for this one...lol

    sharkbytes I don't see duke learning this one

    ginny I don't know, somehow he doesn't seem like the praying kind but then you never know

    grace that would be nice

    beaded tail oh but you can, just reach out and see..lol sorry didn't mean to tease

    kloggers hey if it works for her then I don't blame her for going with it

    LDH it is, I've watched it a few times myself

    beebeebabs isn't it. I was amazed when I saw it

    fishhawk but you did see duke, he was right there sitting nice and still waiting for you to get here

    jen I think so too

    junk drawer kathy duke says he'll forgive you for eating with utensils

    russ oh brother, I do have my work cut out for me

    shinade yes it is. I knew this one had to be sha

    audrey, it definitely warms the heart seeing it

    christie cottage thanks for stopping by and glad audrey sent you,

    duni totally. duke says a big thank you and to tell sammy hi

    anna animals do have a very clever way of communicating what they want or how they feel

    miawa, yep yep

    bossy betty lol, i think the dog is probably easier

    out on the prairie well yes but Jango is pretty impressive :)

    anny it's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time

    jean guess it's making the email circuit

    allotments4you yes it is

    b boys mom I wasn't sure if it would or not but glad it did

    daisy, duke says thanks, he was feeling extra spiffy that day

    lisa a daily dose of aww for sure

    the old geezer I agree, i haven't seen anything this cute in a long time

    jaz oh maybe there is hope for him then although he's the pickiest eater I've ever met

    marg well i hope it was a tear of joy. we wouldn't want to make your mom cry :) Duke says thanks and he always loves seeing pictures of you guys

  29. I did see that! Isn't that cute??! Thanks, Duke, for sharing.

  30. That was the cutest thing I've ever seen! It's like he actually understood =) my hamster Sweetheart ignores me unless i offer food.

    Duke, do show us a video of yourself sometime!

  31. Lin, yes, very

    Yuenie, Duke has done one video but I do believe that it's time for another.

  32. Awwww, he's so well trained. I'd love to see a video of Duke.

  33. Dear Ann ~ I ran down your list of subjects of posts and saw 'videos' and watched this one first. It filled my eyes with tears, but made me smile and have joy in my heart.

    Love, hugs & prayers for you ~ FlowerLady


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