Sunday, February 6, 2011

Angels among us

Earlier today I felt the need to blow off a little steam. Being that it's February in the snowy commonwealth of Pennsylvania the best place to chill is outside. I put on a couple layers of clothes, slipped on my boots and headed out the door. I grabbed the shovel and started scooping snow out of the sidewalk.
While I was out there I got to thinking about one of my blog pals and something she did recently. I put down my shovel, walked to the back yard where no one could see me and then I did this
Of course before I dropped I carefully checked the area for any signs of yellow snow.

Yes it's a bit of a mess near the bottom because it's not as easy to get up out of the snow as it used to be. I also had Duke out there laying on top of me and then he walked around in it a little after I got up. You can still clearly see the head and wings though.
Thanks Lin, that was fun


Sandee said...

You have to make a snow angel now and then. That's fun indeed. Good for you.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I always knew you were an angel. It does look like a bit of a struggle to get back to standing though ;)

Lynn said...

Love the snow angle.

Tell me about it, when I get down, it's a major effort to get up. YIKES! What happened to the days where one could just jump up without a care in the world? Now, there is major planning and careful execution to get up from the floor or ground. lol

Tanyia said...

lol if it were me I might have been stuck there...had to have blogged from there too lol. I am glad you had some fun!

Donna said...

LOL, good job! If I tried that trick, there would be tire tracks showing in the picture from the ambulance visit. It is extremely difficult for me to get back up because I can't get on my knees without extreme pain.

So did you get cooled off? I hope so!

livintheblues said...


Sharkbytes said...

I never really "got" the snow angel thing. It's cute, but doesn't ever grab me. Must be something wrong with me.

Reeni said...

It's been so long since I made a snow angel! Hope it made you feel better!

Lin said...

SCOOOORRRRE! I think we ought to start a Snow Angel movement across the world, Ann. Don't you think the world would be a happier place if everyone took 3 minutes to make a snow angel??? I do. There is just something about making one and feeling like a kid again.

Thanks for joining me in the fun! I got a huge kick out of this tonight. :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

I'm glad to see that you are still playing in the snow! We shouldn't ever lose our sense of wonderment and fun!! It looks pretty good, too!!

BeadedTail said...

Hee hee, not as easy to get up as it used to be! Boy don't I understand that! Your angel did turn out very well though! Looks like fun too. We have no snow so I can't make one here.

Pat said...

Love your snow angel in a ruffled dress :)
Found your blog from St Nicholas, your photos are beautiful - so beautiful, I'm now following you :) xx

marie said...

That's a wonderful snow angel!
I bet it was great fun to make it too!
Especially with Duke out there helping you!

allotments4you said...

I LLOOOVVVEEEE to make snow angels...we did this last winter but none this year...i don't really know why...maybe I should remember I don't need the kids with me to do something like snowfall i will make one all on my own just to be with someone like you did Ann!!

Jen said...

Ahahahahaha...I haven't made a snow angel in a long time! What fun :o)

Unknown said...

Yep, some angels land harder than others. Well, at least that is what I've heard.

Sheri said...

How Funny! Did any of your neighbors see this? You never know what you're going to see on youtube someday!

Russ AKA Grampy said...

It is a lot easier to make a snow Angel without a dog on you. But you did a good job. Maya makes them all the time. I guess I'll have to join her next time.

Catherine said...

I don't think we see enough snow angels any more...
very pretty Ann!

xo Catherine

Donna said...

Hope this exercise worked off that extra steam!Lol
And it looks exactly like an Angel!!

Out on the prairie said...

She's just an angel, while shoveling. I heard that song. Shy to let neighbors see you having fun? Get her Duke!I may have to give it a wing.

Erika said...

How fun.

I taught the kids how to do that last year and was so surprised that my 3 year old remembered last week when we got snow.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Great snow angel. I haven't made one in years but think that today may be the day to teach my children the joy of snow angels. Safely behind the house ofcourse, don't want people driving down the road see more than they need to. :)

booahboo said...

Snow angels! I've always wanted to make them but i never got anywhere near that much of snow. Glad you felt much better after the snow angel thingy :)

signs of yellow snow.. hehehhee.. tat made me laugh. My love to ole Duke!

DSS said...

It is fun isn't it? We made them last year, and I truly felt like a kid again :)

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

LOVE snow angels - we grew up in Nebraska and making snow angels every winter! LOVE the dog and scarf in your header - awesome!!! :)) Happy Monday to all!

MadSnapper said...

LOL and i am LOLING.... love the angel and i am seeing Duke prancing around while you were getting up. have not made a snow angel in 50 years.

Audrey said...

That's Great!!
I can't do that here - the snow is way to hard, I'd probably get hurt.
Good idea checking for that yellow snow :)

Tammy said...

Good thinking about checking for yellow snow. I think I want to see a picture of you making the snow angel and Duke helping. This is great winter fun.

Marg said...

What a fun thing to do. I bet Duke thought that was great fun. Who cares what it looks like, you had such a good time and blew off some of that steam. At least that is one good thing you can do with snow. Good job.
By the way I like the name Pringle.

Miawa said...

It's a beautiful angel Annie and I'm sure there are other angels around you (-:

Ann said...

Sandee, it's been ages since I did anything like that, it was fun

LDH LOL why thanks :) it was tough getting up and the big heavy clunky boots didn't help much

Lynn oh it's just getting harder all the time to get back up

Tanyia one way or another I WAS going to get back up, it was too darn cold to stay there too long

Donna I was wondering if I was going to need one

livintheblues :) thanks

sharkbytes I don't really get the point of them other than it was a good way for me to chill out

Reeni yes it sure did

Lin I like the idea, we could call it Snow angels around the world :) Yes it would be a happier place if everyone just pulled out that inner child in them for a little bit every day

ginny I couldn't agree with you more. There's a little kid in me that comes out and I never plan on trying to stop that

beaded tail at least I can still get it was fun

pat ruffled dress, I like that. thanks for the follow too, I love seeing new faces around here

marie it was, really lifted my spirits doing it

allotments4you well alright, hooray for snow angels

jean I have to thank Lin for that one, and what a great idea it was

fishhawk I've heard the same, I can't be doing too bad since my landing wasn't all that

sheri if they did no one said anything so I don't think I was spotted

russ oh you should and don't forget to get

catherine you're right, the world needs more snow angels

donna it worked wonders

out on the prairie maybe next time I'll be brave and try it out in the front

erika you must have made it a very fun learning experience for them

a joyful chaos oh I think you should. that's where I went to do mind, behind the

anny oh too bad. yep around these parts yellow snow is all around

dss it sure is. I felt like a bit of a kid myself and it sure made me happier when I was done

ollie mckays they are a lot of fun

sandra Duke enjoyed it just as much as I did

audrey well i was wondering as I was dropping to the ground how hard the snow was going to be, lucky for me it was a soft landing

tammy yep, don't want yellow snow in my angel

marg he did think it was fun either that or he thought something was wrong with

miawa oh I bet there are I just need to keep my eyes open for them

Doris Sturm said...

I used to love making snow angels, but I'd need a crane to get me back up...but I remember how fun it was and I'm glad I had the chance to make them...hope you're feeling all calm, cool and collected ;-)

Ann said...

doris, it is getting harder to get back up from the ground all the time. Yes after my play time I was feeling much calmer

Kelly Rachel said...

Oh wow, I have always wanted to do that! I have never actually seen snow in real life though. I'll remember your tip about checking for yellow snow first if I ever get a chance! :)

Ann said...

kelly, how I wish I could say I have never seen snow in real checking for yellow snow is a must

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