Friday, February 18, 2011

Well he seems to like it

Thankfully I took a picture of it before Duke got a hold of it.
We had a little game of tug of war with it and then when I wasn't watching Duke proceeded to give his new toy a makeover. He felt that the ball inside would look better if it was hanging out.


  1. Yep they can get pretty rough on these toys can't they. Our Little Bit (85 pounds) can make mincemeat out of about any toy you get her. Bless her heart.

    Have a terrific day. My best to the little man. :)

  2. lol how cute. Ginger does the same thing, the little stinkers!

  3. A sure sign of a well loved pet ~ lots of toys to play with! :)
    xo Catherine

  4. Oh Noos Duke, Did you take that toy apart. Oh well, what else are toys for anyway. Good job, Duke.

  5. Looks like Duke likes his new toy! Sadie used to de-stuff her toys too so now she just gets a regular indestrucable Kong.

  6. Sometimes I wish I had a dog just to buy him cute toys like this!

  7. Oh, I would have liked to see a picture of it after Duke performed surgery!

  8. Woof! Woof! That's great ... You got another toy, DUKE. Happy Weekend! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. It looks like an excellent dog toy. I used to buy my old dog toys like this and any other, but she never liked them. She was only ever satisfied with an old tennis ball. I loved the toys, and I always wished the dog would too. :)

  10. That is too funny! He sounds a lot like our two cats, who just HAVE to tear their mice apart to get at the plastic that is inside.

  11. Bubba said to tell you that it was so nice of you to give Duke the new toy. He thinks you should get them for him more often.

  12. Dear Ann,

    What a cute chew toy!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my S-post. Yes, I'm with you. I find mystery stories entertaining, a comfort and company when you are stuck somewhere and have to wait. Insurance against boredom!

    Best wishes,
    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's AT-S, S is for Swedish Summer in books

  13. I wish our pups would play with toys. For they have just sat there and looked at us like we were stupid or something when we have gotten them something to play with. Treats are a different story, however.

  14. our dog cooper, deceased now, loved toys and the best thing was destroy it and pull out whatever was inside. he stil played with the toys, he just wanted the insides out. this is a really cute toy for the cutest of canines

  15. LOLOLolol......what a cutie he is!
    I love the photography Ann! He definitely takes a great shot!

  16. What a fun-looking toy! Sammy's toys don't last very long either ;-)

  17. Well Duke. I think you broke Claudia's record. It usually takes her all day to disassemble her toys. We have to get her hard rubber toys and then she manages to mangle them also. I guess that is what they do best.

  18. That is such a cute toy. My dog would love it. I am surprised Duke was able to get the ball out so quickly. The Kongs are usually pretty tough.

  19. My dog always destroyed his toys in about two seconds flat...but then continued to play with them forever...he seemed to think that the manufacturers never got it

  20. I wish a few i had were washable, they get a bit gross.

  21. nothing like a good tug of war with a toy..:)

  22. Hi Ann & Duke--just popping by to see what's up and my goodness you look good today, Duke!! Destruction becomes you...ho ho.

  23. Oh, I forgot to mention, you know how Duke has a way of getting all the attention? Well, we're using Dakota for that trick when we do our new job gallery sitting...sometimes folks spot her and I guess they actually come into the gallery to check her out and THEN I try to talk to them about fine art, too...heeheehee, she's such a hit.

  24. Sandee I never would have thought that such a little dog could be so rough on toys

    tanyia at least they have fun right

    catherine if that's the case duke is overflowing with love

    marg that's what duke says :)

    beaded tail I've thought of doing that but duke says he can not live by kong

    reeni lol, you could buy them for moon

    ginny I should have taken one

    sugar happy weekend to you too sugar

    ratty duke likes tennis balls, he says they are fun to peel

    tahtimbo I have to wonder if there were no plastic squeeker inside the toy if duke would still rip it apart

    sheri duke agrees with that

    roschelle thanks

    anna give me a good mystery over a romance novel any day

    fishhawk treats always carry a higher rank than toys do

    sandra duke had a very mangled toy that was his favorite. I finally threw it away because he kept chewing off pieces of plastic and trying to eat them

    donna thanks and duke appreciates the compliments

    duni at least we know they are enjoying them i guess

    russ duke works very fast and he doesn't give up until the job is done

    anne he couldn't get the ball all the way out but he did chew a piece of the outside fabric off that was big enough to pull part of it out.

    allotments4you oh yeah, duke keeps playing with them too. I think he figures they are more fun once they're roughed up

    out on the prairie tell me about it :)

    livintheblues duke's sentiments exactly

    willoaks lol he's the king of destruction when it comes to toys. Good idea using Dakota, sort of the old bait and switch tactic

  25. Next time I go to PetSmart, I'll have to find one of those for Gizzy - he loves to play tug-o-war with his Miss Piggy ;-) (yes, and me)

  26. Doris, hope Gizzy can make it last longer than Duke did. It says not a chew toy and not to leave them unattended but I wasn't paying attention and he was having fun :)

  27. I just laughed out loud at your last sentence. BFF gave Louis a knock off brand of this toy for his birthday. He also "removed" the ball for unknown reasons. He still adores the toy...sans ball :)

  28. Dss, duke does love to reconstruct his toys.


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