Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keeping Watch

From high atop Mount Sectional Sofa, the faithful Westie keeps watch over the world below.
Nothing goes unnoticed while Duke's on watch.


  1. LOL My Bo does that too, anything seems to be out of order and he's on it! ;D

  2. It's tough at the top, but someone has to do it :)

  3. my 3 year old has taken to climbing to the the top and watching me while I cook. Nothing misses his eagle eyes as well.

  4. Duke, you are such a handsome devil! Our dog does the same thing but he likes to look out the window. He has smeared dog ick all over it so we can't see out.

  5. That's right. He's a fine protector of the house indeed. He's also very handsome. He's also my buddy.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  6. The little guys know that they need to be on top of the world!

  7. We don't know Duke. Didn't we see you snoozin' on the couch while looking out the window the other day? We won't tell anyone about your nap breaks during your watch!

  8. Woof!Woof! Of Course ...That is why his name is DUKE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Now there is a content Duke ... did you see the dog that knew a thousand words on tonight's news? See Duke is probably deep thinking most of the time .........

  10. Yeah, but does he do anything about it? Or is he just an observer?

  11. I feel sorry for any cats that happen by :-)


  12. Oh he is such a cutie, Ann...too bad you guys aren't closer...Ginger needs a boyfriend!

  13. Mount sectional sofa, too funny!!! A very cute and diligent picture!

  14. Sometimes we forget that guys like Duke are much shorter than us :)

  15. Atta boy Duke. You're a good boy!

  16. Oh duke! You've got it right!
    And Ann...aren't you the lucky one to have such a boy around!
    Blessings to you both!

  17. We used to have a Boxer dog that thought even once full grown he could perch on the back of the furniture to keep watch....never did quite

  18. Nice to know the world is a safer place with Superduke watching over us all *giggle*.
    Shadow wants to know where his crime fighting blankie is though ;o)

  19. Your high+ness.. what do you see up there? hehehhehee..

  20. This is the best thing you have published since the last time you featured Duke. Keep up the good work!

  21. Great job Duke. You are looking good and protecting the house. Claudia sits on the back of my recliner so she can guard the front door.

  22. cant stop laughing, love it love it. mount sectional indeed. did i say I LOVE IT... duke is so darn cute on his mountain perch and you are to funny for words

  23. He's so Handsome!! And Loyal!

  24. lol!
    Our dog has a favorite spot on the yard too. She can see anyone coming in and also see what is happening at the neighbors :)

  25. I wonder if all dogs love it at the tope of the couch? Or just westies...

  26. I'm sure he could tell some great stories of what goes on.

  27. Amazing how Duke can be so "busy" while cleverly appearing to merely be dormant (for lack of a better word)!

  28. Julie yep, same with duke sometimes he's barking at things I can't even see

    alan you got that right

    erika LOL, that's cute. Maybe he'll be a master chef some day

    anne this couch isn't right in front of the window but we do keep the blinds open so he has a view and can see what's going on

    sandee yes he is, to both of those

    doris he heard good dog now he wants a treat.

    sharkbytes he sure does and he thinks he's the king of the castle too

    beaded tail oh but we have an excuse for that, really we do :)

    sugar he is the duke of the this kingdom

    kloggers I missed that one. I wonder how many Duke knows

    Lin we he makes a heck of a fuss when he sees something. If he had to actually attack or defend I'm not so

    the old geezer, wonder what he would do with a cat. he used to live with one

    tanyia um, isn't he a little short for

    ginny lol I thought so

    josep much much shorter :)

    pat oh no, he wants another treat again :)

    ann yes I am lucky indeed

    allotments4you it's funny how those bigger dogs don't realize their size and the little ones think they are much bigger than they are

    Jen only the shadow knows :) So then why is he asking

    anny all kinds of things, birds, squirrels, cars, people

    fishhawk I think I have several posts coming up that you will not be pleased

    russ recliners are also good for guarding the kingdom

    sandra yes you did say you loved it :) The mount sectional sofa just popped in my head while I was typing and I liked it.

    donna yes he is

    audrey duke keeps a close watch on things, sometimes too close of a watch

    dss not sure but I do know that he's the first dog I've ever had that has done that. Although my other dogs were labs and they were a bit large for the back of the couch

    tammy I bet he could too

    miawa he's one of those guys that can make his job look easy :)

  29. One can see so much from atop high livingroom furniture! :)
    xo Catherine


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