Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the big 5 -0 and a box of awesome

Before anyone wishes me a happy 50th birthday please don't, I'm not quite that old yet and it's not my birthday today.
The big 5-0 was what the thermometer at the bank read this afternoon. It sure felt like heaven going outside and seeing sunshine and not freezing.
Now for the box of awesome. I got the best package in the mail. I recently won a blogoversary blog candy giveaway at Cards by Cheryl.
Just take a look at what she sent.
Quilling paper in the wonderful colors of springtime.

Cute ribbon, more springtime lovelies.

The cutest darned quilled bakini I have ever seen
and then this is the whole package
Lots of her beautiful quilled cards, some tags and other embellishments and more ribbon. I felt just like a kid in a candy shop going through the box. Thank you so much Cheryl.
If you have never been to Cheryl's blog you must stop on by and check it out. She's a very talented lady and she also has an etsy shop too
Click here to visit her blog
Here to visit her Etsy shop


  1. I'm going to be 60 this year. You youngster you.

    You really got some very nice things indeed. I love her cards too. You guys are so talented. I envy that. I'm the person with two left thumbs.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. Oh, wow!!! It must have felt just like your birthday!!! So much very cool stuff!! This lady is so very generous!! Now I can't wait to see what you make with it!

  3. What a great giveaway! Her work is wonderful and I'm sure the ideas are swimming in your head! Have fun!

  4. Congratulations! That is quite a haul! I got some polka dot ribbon last year and want to get some more. Yours is so cute!

  5. That IS a box of awesome! Such fun!

  6. That is a great gift much to go through! Congrats on is so much fun to get things in the mail..Love the little pink bikini! Have fun, Blessings, Catherin

  7. that's a huggeeeeeeeeeeee stash of stuffs... i bet you'll be very busy now :) that is quite a good reward for cold winter days. Have loads of fun with it.. and the bikini is so cute!

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  9. awwww Ann you are too kind. Thanks so much for the awesome blog post and the links to my websites.

    Can't wait to see what you make with your goodies.


  10. warmer here as well... yeaaaaaaaa :)

  11. Yea...I was like, wait a second it is not her b-day yet! lol

    That is a really cool prize to win, there was a ton in there! I love that bikini, too! How cute is that! Congrats!

  12. Her cards are INSANE!! They are soooo darn cute!! Wow! How lucky are you with that win???!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday. ;P

  13. Whoa - that is like getting a gift for every holiday in the year all at one time!

  14. That is a great gift and I know that you will put it to good use. Those cards are just amazing!

  15. What a great pile of stuff! What do you do with all your quilled creations?

  16. Now that is a great box of goodies. Her card sa re so sweet & simple and I love the little ribbon reels.

    Tomorrow we'll be celebrating the big 6-3! 63 degrees = woo hoo! Now, if only I didn;t have to work! : )

  17. Wow, what a brilliant prize! I follow Cheryl too, she makes some beautiful things. I can feel your excitement from here! Enjoy!

  18. All those items are fabulous! You must have felt like it actually was your B'day when you received those!!!

  19. Holy cow! Now that's a giveaway *grin*. Can't wait to see all the fantabulous things you create with all that fun stuff!

  20. A quilled bikini? Hmm, this may be a way to get Wade interested in your crafting efforts?

  21. Wowser, what a lot of great stuff. You sure have a lot of work ahead of you to use all that stuff. What a lot of fun that will be. Can't wait to see the results. Hope you have a super day.

  22. You sure did pick up a lot of goodies. A crafters paradise. I noticed the quilling material alone should keep you busy.Been warm over here also. No winter until next Tuesday. Colder than normal for next week.

  23. I love getting mail!! That's a really amazing package you have there :)
    I can't wait to see what you create with all those goodies.

  24. That box is full of good stuffs! :D

    Congratulations Ann! ;)

  25. you hit the jackpot for sure. i realy really like the photo of the stack of ribbon, beautiful ribbon and photo. congrats on your win and on the big 50

  26. Tons of goodies and some good idea cards.You had some great luck.

  27. Wow, what an awesome prizes! Yes, I love her cute and simple cards. Just found her blog recently.

  28. Happy High Temperature Day!

    Love the goodies you got!

  29. Wow! That is quite a prize box :) I also adore that quilled bikini. Ahhh...if only it WAS bikini time. It's "warm" here too. I sure hope it lasts!

  30. Yes, it could be birthday present. Nice anniversaries you both have these days. Enjoy and make something lovely for your birthday.

  31. Sandee, youngster, I like that :)

    ginny it really did. and yes she was very generous

    sallie thanks :)

    beaded tail I love her work, she makes some really great stuff

    donna thanks and yes it sure was

    LDH sure is

    catherine I know tell me about it. and thanks

    anny yes it is. now I"ll be adding even more projects

    cheryl you are too :) you are most welcome it was the least I could do after receiving such an awesome package

    livintheblues hooray for warmer

    tanyia not quite yet :) the bikini was adorable

    lin they sure are, isn't she awesome

    grace I know, I was in heaven

    tahtimbo it sure was

    sharkbytes I just give it all away. mostly gifts for family or friends

    marie sure is. I like that about her cards, they look fabulous yet they aren't overdone. WOW 63 isn't it nice to see temps like that again

    philippa sure was. She does make great stuff. I so love the nativity she did

    duni I almost had to check the

    jen I know, last time I got a prize this great I believe it came from you L:)

    fishhawk oh please don't give him any ideas.

    marg so it would seem but what fun work it will be

    russ paradise in a box for sure. our heat wave is supposed to end saturday

    audrey me too. always fun except if it's bills

    june zach it sure was

    sandra tell me about it. and thanks,

    out on the prairie too bad I didn't have more of this kind of

    helen I just adore her blog, I always love seeing what she's come up with

    bossy betty :) high temperature day, I like that

    dss me too, it can't be too far off can it?

    Cy it would have been a great birthday present :)

  32. What a terrific box of sweet things you received Ann! Oh you will be crafting and crafting away.

    And how wonderful to be experiencing lovely warm weather ~ lucky girl!

    xo Catherine

  33. What a wonderful're going to have so much fun!!

  34. Wow you sure ended up with a wonderful goodies box. I'm sure you will be able to make all kinds of fun thing will all these items.

  35. Reeni, thanks, I will :)

    catherine this should keep me busy for a while. the weather is short lived but it's nice while it's here

    allotments4you I know, I'm thrilled

    tammy I sure did. I hardly know where to start.


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