Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Picture play

I guess no matter how hard I wish for things to be different I just have to face facts

As much as I would like to be wonder woman I just don't always have the energy.

Life doesn't come with a remote control.
You can't rewind and replay the good parts, you can't pause when things are hectic.  You can't stop and get off this crazy merry go round we call life. But you can record all the precious memories and you can play your role with enthusiasm.

There really is no point to this post other than a few of my random pictures from Sunday and the thoughts behind them.
The only other thought I have before I leave you for the night is "Man, is that remote control ever filthy"


  1. All remote controls are filthy. Never go to a motel/hotel and touch them. Bring a baggie and deposit it in that. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  2. I agree with Sandee, I thought all remotes were dirty too. How cool would it be if life had a delete button so you could take back all your mistakes!

  3. Good thoughts here...and yes that is one dusty remote..Duke did it, right?! ;D

  4. Looks like someones been having some good snacks while watching the tube! Could it have been The Duke???

  5. So true and so well told with pictures. "Life doesn't come with a remote control."

  6. I think this post is thought provoking. I wish life had some of those options!

  7. Remote controls and keyboards--gross!

    Wouldn't it be nice if at times you could TiVo life?

  8. Yes, Dr. Oz says never to touch the remotes in hotels! There probably isn't a clean one on the face of the earth. And who's face is that?

  9. I like your message in this post! I'd check to see how dirty our remote is but I don't seem to get to touch it very often!

  10. Don't mean to be picky but I did notice the dirt...lol...as for the fast forward/rewind thing on life....wouldn't that just be great!!!!n Have you seen 'Click'???

  11. If life did have a pause button, how often would we use it? We'd all be frozen in time!

  12. I so love this post. Your words of wisdom made me think. :)

  13. I agree with Erika - our keyboards are just as filthy ;-)

  14. I've been needing to change my batteries for quite some time....if only!
    Thanks for some (good) food for thought Ann!

  15. DUKE! Where are you, boy? Your mom needs help again.

  16. Some very good thoughts. Now you have everyone running around cleaning their remotes. I love that first picture. Have a good day.

  17. LOL ~ too funny! It looks like the remote is well used! :)
    Happy Wednesday Ann!
    xo Catherine

  18. If life came with a remote - my MUTE button would be permanently on!

  19. ok...that first pic is so cool looking .... bwahahaha...see what I did there? Cool.... cool....get it? get it? lol!

  20. i like that first photo of the face, am wondering if it is an ice scupture? or a statue with frost on it? LOL at the dirt on the remote, i took a photo of my oil lamp that looked clean to me, and when i brought it up on the screen i shuddered. my story is the camera magnifies and makes it LOOK dirty, dirt not seen by human eyes. that is my story and i am stickin to it

  21. It's your super-duper camera. I recently took pictures of my keyboard and if I believed my camera, I would never touch the keyboard again.

    Hope you have a happy day.

    P.S. I notice the battery is rechargeable (and so are you!)

  22. The photos are great although I can't see the remote control photo for some reason. I do like the face that looks like an ice sculpture.

  23. Truer words have never been spoken. I get so run down sometimes, and I just want to rewind to last summer. Or the summer before. When it was warm, and I was laying in the sun with the people I love.

    Le sigh...soon enough another good memory will be created. I just know it :)

  24. That is so true, all remotes are filthy. Interesting pictures. All you can do is try to find something positive out of each day. I learned that from having cancer. Every day is precious. Take care.

  25. That first picture is of an ice carving, right? I find those very amazing.

    I entered you in my Giveaway! Good luck :-)

  26. Sandee very good advice :)

    sheri oh yeah, I need a delete button

    julie but of course it was duke...lol

    donna duke does do a lot of late night snacking so I'm assuming it had to have been him

    indrani thanks, I like trying to do the story through pictures

    LDH wouldn't it be nice

    erika well I've never had any experience with TiVo so it might be fun to try it :)

    ginny well at least I know where the remote at home has been unlike the ones in hotels...lol The face is part of a crystal statue I have on a shelf in my living room

    Grace, thanks

    beaded tail lol, same here. I have no say in what the tv is doing unless I go in another room and use the other tv

    allotments4you lol, I didn't until I saw the picture. No never saw click

    philippa don't know about pause but I think I would rewind sometimes

    junezach thanks, glad you liked it

    duni I think my keyboard is much worse than the remote...lol

    marie you are quite welcome. I need a battery change as well

    fishhawk he's taking a break, said to tell you he'll be around soon

    russ LOL, I started a remote cleaning frenzy, sorry about that

    catherine yes it is but not by me :)

    audrey mute, I didn't think of that one.

    tanyia no I don't get it...rofl. feeling silly tonight huh sis...lol

    sandra it's a crystal sculpture thing I have in my living room. maybe I'll have to show a pic of the whole thing. I like your theory on dirt too, works for me

    bossy betty tell me about it, my keyboard is gross and I can tell that without the camera. Oh yeah, rechargeable is a must for the batteries and for me

    small town mommy you aren't missing much, it's really dirty...lol

    dss I hear ya, and yes another good memory will be created soon enough and many more after

    marg, yep, every day has to have at least one redeeming quality, right?

    doris it's a crystal statue, it has a wolf and the indian face. Thanks for the entry

  27. your right no rewind or replay..but you did get me to clean my remote..:)

  28. You definitely should watch 'Click'...it has Adam Sandler in it....kind of puts into perspective that maybe ffw and rw life isn't such a great thing!!

  29. Funny I noticed that too. I then thought I wonder how bad our is? Oh well easy to clean.

  30. livintheblues lol, now if I could only get myself to clean mine

    allotments4you I'll have to look for it. Adam Sandler has had some good movies out

    tammy yes but if it's so easy then why do I do it so infrequently?...lol


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