Monday, February 21, 2011

I forgot

I could have swore that I had a post scheduled for today.
I guess I shouldn't swear.
I leave you with thoughts of sunshine streaming through your window.
Thoughts of it are about all we get around here since it's back to snow and cold again.
Spring where are you?


  1. It doesn't snow here, but it's cold and I'm so tired of it. I'm guessing will get a nice taste of great weather when we get to Florida next Saturday. I'm hoping so.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. My best to Duke. :)

  2. Spring is coming. I just know it. My little daffodils are trying to come up. Have a super evening.

  3. It's cold and snowy here again. Sigh. Spring is a ways off yet, I'm afraid. Boooo!

  4. Right now, spring is only in my mind! We didn't even have your sunshine today!

  5. Don't ya just love scheduled posts except for the ones that we think are there but aren't? :) We had sun this morning but clouds by afternoon. Winter is hanging on.

  6. Springs just around them corner for you too Ann.. hang in there for a while longer :)

  7. The same thing happened to me on Friday. I scheduled it to publish, yet it never did.
    We are heading for more snow as well...starting tomorrow.

  8. LOL we need to trade places for a while. I've got my first sunburn yesterday and mosquito bites to boot... has been glorious spring-like weather all week...

  9. Well, your wood floors really are quite lovely. Speaking of spring, we might get some tornadoes Thursday.

  10. My sentiments exactly. This winter really feels like it's going on and on and on...

  11. Forget the sun...I'm loving that new floor! :o)

  12. Why can't we capture those sunbeams in a bottle??? Very pretty.

    xo Catherine

  13. Ann I think we need to take a trip to Florida. Bottle up some of their sunshine and release it here. We got snow again also. Just as things were starting to really melt.

  14. I hope that last storm missed you, the white stuff is still around some places.

  15. was 63 then last night it was 29 and snowed..very little but still... I am missing the warmth right now!

  16. Hope you don't mind but I am just going to lie down here for awhile....

  17. It Had been warm here but we're back to being cooler...68 today.
    Nice shot!

  18. If you want to swear you can come to my blog and do it. Totally allowed.over there.

  19. I think we blinked and missed it. We too are back to snow. I hear another storm is coming later this week too.

  20. i am laughing, i just 2 days ago took the same thing, shadows shining through the veriticals on our sliding glass door, just slits of light on the floor. great minds think alike. love it ann, so why is duke not sleeping there on a rug, i had a hard time shooting around the dogs in my photo

  21. Nice photo. We had such a bad winter, that I'm really looking forward to summer, and your pic has really captured that sunshine feeling.

  22. when I see the sun streaming through the window I almost forget it's minus something stupid outside....almost!

  23. Happy Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  24. sandee sometimes it's hard for those of us who live in the deep freeze to realize that our "warm" is really cold to

    marg i sure hope so

    lin I hear ya, big boo

    sharkbytes the sun has a way of cheering everything up

    ginny mine too but it's a nice thought

    beaded tail oh yea, I even have a calendar on my desk to mark what I have scheduled and I didn't look at it and just assumed. silly me

    anny I sure hope so

    tahtimbo I've had that happen too, for some reason one minute it says scheduled then it changes to a draft, grrrrrr

    doris i would love to have a

    fishhawk oh yuck, hope those tornadoes miss you

    duni they just seem to get longer every year

    jen can't I have both? I want it all :)

    catherine I don't know but it sure would be nice if we could

    russ that sounds like a good plan to me

    out on the prairie we got quite a bit of snow on sunday night but nothing we can't handle here

    tanyia I bet you are

    bossy betty you go right ahead, would you like a pillow?

    donna I wouldn't mind 68 at all that would be a heat wave to us

    mee2 lol I'll remember that

    tammy we've got to stop

    sandra I think duke hides from me when the camera comes out.

    john I'm looking forward to summer too, my favorite season of the year

    livintheblues minus something stupid, I like that. I'll have to remember to use that the next time I'm talking about the weather

    Nick Thomas well thanks for stopping by, a good ol irreverent howl sounds like fun

  25. Well, and thoughts about how fabulous those hardwood floors look :)

    I'm still jealous.


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