Sunday, February 20, 2011


Please use the rug

Under your mug

Ever since I made those crochet hearts I've been in the crochet mood. I like quick and easy projects so this set of coasters fit the bill
I found the pattern for these and a few other styles on Crochet spot. The link will take you to this pattern but if you look around she has directions for so many different things. If you like to crochet this is a good site to poke around in.


  1. These coasters are so pretty - thanks for the link. I think I'll make some in pretty pastels for Spring. I love your variegated yarn you used...very lovely indeed :-)

  2. I Love your sweet mini rugs! The colors are beautiful! I have a very similar pattern that I made in cotton yarn and used as gifts for facial cloths to remove make-up.

    Planning a post with them and crocheted wash cloths soon.

    I gave a set to a friend a couple of years ago and she loved them so much she asked me to teach her to crochet so she could make them herself.

  3. These are so sweet and pretty, and I love the colors.

  4. Those are great coasters. Wish I knew how to crochet and wish I would take the time to learn. But too many other things I want to do. But I do like those coasters and what nice presents they would make. Hope you have a good and easy week.

  5. Cute little rugs- just the right colors for one of my friends.

  6. Very pretty indeed. I can't figure out how to crochet. I swear I have two left thumbs.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  7. love the colour and your work is very neat ann ! :D now i feel like want to crochet. heheheh ;)

  8. Those are cute! You are making me want to crochet and I have zero extra time right now. I'll have to add it to my list of things to do once I get my life back after tax season!

  9. Those are really good! You make it look so easy! Maybe if I have some time this summer, I can teach myself how to crochet. I would really like to be able to make stuff like this.
    I hope you had a great weekend :)

  10. Oh, those are adorable!! Does Duke have a larger one to sit on??

  11. Saved the link, just in case I ever get ambitious!

  12. Those are really cute. I love to crochet and was just thinking that we.needed some coasters.

  13. I like the combination of colors and they look perfectly made. In fact I like the mug too :)

  14. Great idea and I'm all about free patterns *grin*. Thanks for the link; I'm off and running...

  15. Nice little 'rugs'. My, you sure are versital!

  16. They would also make really cool indoor frisbees, puppy chew-toys and kitty scratchpads!

  17. Very cute ~ I used to be able to crochet ~ I don't know if I can anymore! Cute idea.
    xo Catherine

  18. Very nice Ann, I know lots of people that would like those, guess I better get busy. Thanks for telling us about Crochet Spot.

  19. What a clever Idea! And you can make them to match your room!

  20. Yes, these are great coasters.. wouldn't want to leave any stains and such a pretty coaster! Hugs, antonella :-)

  21. Good idea. Maya has this little thingy and she makes pot holders.

  22. These are pretty neat Ann... if you crochet them any bigger... Duke might get a blankie.. hmm... he would love them too i think :D don't ya Duke?

  23. it always amazes me what the lens does in close up photography. it really looks like a rug until the mug, these are really really neat and would be perfect for MY mug..

  24. i wonder if they will create the hem and ha's I heard on the hearts. I notice the floss still sitting where it was left.I will let you know if these work.

  25. Doris pastels would look nice, I'm planning on making several sets to keep on hand for gifts

    LDH can't wait to see your post. I tried to teach my daughter to crochet once. It did not go

    ginny thanks

    marg I taught myself years ago. I always wanted to learn and figured why not just figure it

    sharkbytes I liked them

    sandee, sometimes I have two left thumbs too. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled out rows and rows of stitches

    As thank you, every now and then I get in the mood to crochet

    beaded tail I bet you can't wait till tax season is over.

    tanyia thank you

    tahtimbo, well if you watched me actually making them you would probably think I looked rather

    lin no but there's an idea for

    grace you should see all the links I have saved for when I'm feeling ambitious

    Mee2 well there ya go, get out the hooks and make some

    josep thanks, I love the look of the mug but it's just not big enough. When I have a cup of coffee I want a BIG cup :)

    jen show me free and I'm It's such a lovely word isn't it?

    Anna lol yes I guess you could say I am versatile. I just can't seem to stick to one thing. I love doing it all

    fishhawk well at least as a frisbee it wouldn't hurt anything but I would prefer that they not be a chew toy after all the cursing I did when I screwed up and had to start over.

    catherine if I go too long without doing it I have to give myself a refresher and look up how to do some of the stitches

    connie I think these would make great gifts and I'm planning on keeping some on hand for just that reason

    donna yep you sure can you can even make them to clash if you

    antonella well that's the hardest part putting the mug on them for the first time and hoping it doesn't make a mess

    russ I remember making pot holders when I was a kid, they were always fun

    anny a blankie for duke would have to be made in a more manly color

    sandra well maybe you should have some for your mug then :)

    june zach enough said, thank you so much :)

    out on the prairie do you complain about the floss left laying out as much as Wade does when I leave my stuff

  26. Those are so beautiful. I wish I knew how to crochet.

  27. The mug rugs are great! I love the colors--they remind me of these lollipops we would eat as children--swirls of strawberry and cream:)

  28. I like the name mug rugs. Very nice.

  29. Anne thanks, I taught myself years ago

    Erika mmmm, strawberry and cream :)

    Tammy I thought it was kind of a cute name, anyone can have a coaster but I've got a rug for my

  30. My Mom made me some coasters like this too - very cute idea! I like your mug too.

  31. Reeni, I wish I could find a few different patterns since I want to make several sets for gifts. So far haven't found anything that I like


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