Friday, February 4, 2011

If at first you don't succeed

Tonight I am going to try again to carry out the plan I had last night of working on that birthday present for the girl at work. I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 6:30 and never got around to working on it. Now, not only am I behind on doing that, I'm going to fall even further behind on getting around to visiting all of you.
But it is Friday and it's supposed to be another cold weekend

I'm going to turn on my faux fire

make myself a good hearty breakfast
and hope that I follow through.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT! :) woot woot, rah rah, sis boom bah! Go ANN!!! lol

    Ummm, and btw answer my damn question on the knitting thing lol. I almost bought one yesterday cause of you!

  2. The fire is beautiful, is it gas? I wish we had one! I'm also wishing you would come over and cook me breakfast!

  3. I love your faux fire. We have a gas one that is faux too. I like it just fine.

    You'll get what you need doing done. I'm sure of it.

    Have a terrific evening and weekend. My best to Duke. :)

  4. I am always running behind :)

    Your faux fire is far cleaner than my wood stove. Probably not as warm though so I am not complaining.

    Yummy breakfast food!!!

  5. Great photos!!!! Love the view through the icicles and the breakfast doesn't look bad either - enjoy your weekend!

  6. Willy had a fox in the fireplace one time. Did not burn well.

    10-4 Willy

  7. The first photo is lovely...

  8. All those things would add up to a relaxing evening at home for me with nothing getting done. Hope you are able to carry out your plans!

  9. Wel I wish you uck in getting your project finished.....staying inside seems lke a good idea......we are being battered by warm winds and si I think I may hibernate for the weekend too!!

  10. Tanyia, I know I CAN it's a matter of whether or not I
    Almost isn't close enough, go buy one already :)

    Ginny not gas, it's electric. What time should I be there to start cooking?

    sandee it's nice for atmosphere, no mess no fuss, not good for heat though

    LDH definitely not as warm but it looks nice :)

    doris thanks, the first picture made me think of being imprisoned by the snow. The breakfast was delicious

    willy oh poor fox, bet it made a heck of a stink too

    grace, thanks

    beaded tail yes relaxing evening doesn't always make for a productive one :)

    allotments4you I need the luck. At least you are getting warm winds and not arctic blasts :)

  11. Oh my that breakfast looks yummy. That should get you going or maybe not. LOL. You will get going when you get around to it. Try to have a fun day.

  12. the fire looks so real to me, hope you are toasty warm and ready to work after that yum breakfast. i love your blog because i never know what i will find here. after your read this comment get to work. ha ha

  13. Love that fire Ann it is so romantic. And I will be over for breakfast.LOL It looks so good.

  14. I need to get you on my time, it is always time to do something, if you can. The food looks nice, I had leftover soup to warm up my tummy.

  15. Fishhawk, it was determined by the Duke himself that sausage is a perfectly acceptable substitute for bacon

    marg lol, I'll get going when I get around to it is what usually happens

    sandra it's not a bad looking fire. I like watching the flames dance around. and now I must be on my way to discover new and interesting things to bring to my

    russ it does create a nice atmosphere. I'll keep the breakfast warm until you show up. Will Claudia be wanting some too?

    out on the prairie well it is always time to do something here too but it's a matter of whether or not I really feel like doing

    Karen it was :)

    catherine that's what I said

  16. Wishing you'll have a warm weekend though. :)

    Love your photos as always! ;)

  17. I'm sure you will. That fire sure looks nice and warm.


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