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Function: noun

Meaning: 1 [noncount] : the act or process of completing or finishing something : the state of being complete or finished He will receive his degree upon completion of his studies. The project is near completion. [=almost finished]

 Upon completion of Duke's nap he will entertain you with a short presentation of my most recently completed project.

Happy Saturday everyone. Now that I am bright eyed and busy tailed I would like to show you the jumbo quilling project that my mom was working on

The flowers are very pretty but they don't smell like real flowers do. 

Even though it is snowing outside it feels like spring time inside with this bright little pot of flowers. Even the butterfly likes it.

That concludes my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Well done Duke. You did good. Now it's off to the kitchen for a special treat.


  1. The second picture posted here is beyond words! SO ADORABLE! (Both Duke, and the Project!) This could be made into a poster and sold to 4th grade girls to hang up in their rooms! So precious!

  2. And I practiced textures!Hahaaa.... I Love these of Duke!!!
    He's such a doll! Sorry about the snow though! It's just... Moist here, wants to rain but can't decide...
    Stay warm girl!

  3. OMG, that is so cute, those wonderful flowers. And Duke you sure did do a good presentation. You don't even have to water those. What a good deal. Your Mom did a super job on those. We are really impressed. Have a great week end.

  4. Wow ~ that is fantastic! A lot of work has gone into that. So cute.

    Duke... lovely presentation as always... :)
    xo Catherine

  5. Ann, that looks fab! I love the little butterfly!

  6. Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! Everything about it! It seems you can make these really fast! I've never known anyone who does this, and had never seen any before you. It must be a kind of rare craft. Why isn't it more popular, it is so beautiful and versatile!

  7. How adorable! The flowers too!

  8. Beautiful work Ann - love the one Duke is smelling the flowers - you did a great job tfs!!!

  9. Very nicely done, Duke! Does your mom sell her creations? Otherwise, there soon won't be anywhere for you to sleep!

  10. I love the flowers you made. So cute! And Duke sure does make a great model. You need to frame the one of Duke smelling them.

  11. Duke is an absolute doll...oh, yes, the flowers are cute too. lol
    In fact, they do remind you of Spring in this very dreary time of year.

  12. Those flowers are so cute and I love the butterfly but once again, Duke, you are the cutest! Bravo for a great presentation and great work by your mom!

  13. The butterfly is fabulous! ::clapping delightedly::

  14. I love these and I love Duke too! These pictures made me happy!

  15. One word: AMAZING!!! You have such a gift! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  16. So absolutely charming....with Duke, and on it's own, too!! You always make me smile ;-) Thanks!

  17. That is lovely...and the sort of flowers i am good with as you don't have to remember to water them...and Duke presents them so nicely!!

  18. *Applause*Applause* Another nap, er JOB well done, Duke! :o)

  19. Whity Wife thanks, I agree that would make a cute poster

    livintheblues, job well done :)

    donna you did excellent with your textures.

    Marg thank you, Duke was feeling very cooperative after his nap

    Catherine a lot of work spaced out over way too much

    Tanyia, thanks, think I need a ribbon or something around the pot though to cover up the mark on it

    ginny I don't know why it isn't more popular, it's been around forever and it's not a very expensive thing to do.

    Reeni thanks

    beebeebabs thank you very much from Duke and I both

    sharkbytes now I"m picturing us all sleeping on a mountain of craft projects. We just give it all away and only keep a few things now and then

    sheri thanks, duke is an excellent model when I can get him to cooperate :)

    Lynn a little spring reminder right now is very welcome :)

    beaded tail Duke and I make a great team, :) Thanks

    Grace thank you for the applause, duke and I are taking a bow :)

    bossy betty glad we could make you happy

    tahtimbo thank you so much.

    will oaks aw, glad we could do that and thank you

    allotments4you thank you and yes, not having to water them is a huge plus for me too

    Jen thank you thank you, (bowing) now what will we do for an encore

    fishhawk, thanks :)

  20. LOVE the flowers and butterfly! Now - those are flowers I could actually keep alive! lol

    Beautiful photos - Duke looks so nice beside them - my dog would eat them.

  21. Lovely idea, I like this wide stuf you are working with.

  22. Duke, you ought to be in pictures. or a model, or make commercials. oops, i got so caught up in YOU i forgot about the pretty pot of flowers. tell mom she is really talented and creative. hope you had a really good treat

  23. Great presentation Duke. Your mom did a great job with those flowers. I love the butterfly. They are my weakness. Besides little dogs of course.
    Have a great day.

  24. Ann - what a fabulous post!! I loved the big build-up ... these are brilliant shots of Duke ... and your flowers are just gorgeous! Thanks for making me smile! I really hope it stops snowing soon.

  25. Oh wow! That is amazing, Ann!
    Those will brighten up any grey winter's day! Just looking at them already cheers me up!

  26. What a great presentation of your lovely quilled flowers!! I can see Duke was well behaved and didn't eat any - lol!! You should put some of his pictures on the Camera Critters pictures he would be so loved over there! hugs, antonella :-)

  27. Duke is model extraordinary! These flowers are almost as cute as he is!! Really happy and bright and ...oh my...just a prelude to Spring which is right around the corner!!
    Happy Sunday!

  28. The colors are gorgeous! So vibrant and cheerful! Good job, Duke! (and Mom for doing the work, LOL)

  29. I love it! What cute pictures!

  30. Good presentin', Duke! Those flowers are pretty. I would have tried to chomp them, though.

  31. Well Done, Duke, you deserve something yummy. Tell mom this is a lovely work. The flying butterfly is so funny!

  32. You lost me on the definition. Just kidding.:-D)

  33. LOVE Duke! The flower pot is so cute. I knew your project would look better than the ones you saw at the dollar store.

  34. Audrey same here, I'm horrible with flowers

    out on the prairie it is much easier to work with

    sandra well I'm pretty sure it's ALL about Duke

    Russ you have a soft spot for cuteness huh? :)

    philippa I was really pleased with how the shots of Duke came out. The light and the dog cooperated for a change

    duni thank you, it feels a little springier just looking at them

    antonella, he's usually very good about not eating things that he shouldn'

    ann he sure is. thank goodness for the approach of spring :)

    ann thank you

    donna much better than all the white I've been looking at that's for sure

    karen thanks

    daisy duke is very disciplined and knows that he must not chomp :)

    josep it took me a while to figure out how I was going to put that butterfly in there :)

    jean lol, I usually have trouble with that word, I'm very good however at procrastination

    Anne this one has been sitting far too long and I had to push myself to finally finish it :)

  35. Super duper adorable! Flower pot and Duke!

  36. Anny, thanks, and it only took me half of forever to finish

  37. Hi Ann,
    Your posts always make me smile...this one is no exception!

    Duke looks adorable in each one and those quilled flowers are so cheerful. My kind of flowers too....pretty to look at and no care required!

  38. marie well I'm happy to provide a smile a day :) My kind of flowers too since I don't have a green thumb

  39. Your project is gorgeous!!! and that second pic of Duke with the flowers is so pretty it's frame-able. I love it.

  40. Miawa, thank you. I really liked that picture of Duke too. I think it would make a cute card too


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