Friday, February 25, 2011

The Brenda Photo Challenge (2-26) Red

Yes it is time once again for the Brenda Photo Challenge. How is it that these things keep sneaking up on me? I am totally unprepared for this one. I could have run around the house in search of some red and taken some pictures but I decided to take the easy way out and search through the archives.
How about ketchup. It's red
Yeah, pretty lame. Ok a box of Russel Stover Chocolates in a red heart shaped box?
Not very impressive since the chocolate is gone.
One last try, I know I can do better. How about this?
Duke giving me that look that says "Oh please, Me in a RED collar, what more do you need"
I should have known better
Hop on over and check out the rest of the red entries in the Brenda Photo Challenge


  1. Yes, I have clung to my childish ways of putting ketchup on many foods. Couldn't get an egg down without ketchup. Love it on French fries, hot dogs, burgers and even mac and cheese. So, I think your photo is beautiful.

    Duke looks so handsome in his red collar!

  2. Hahaaaaa!!! Awwww Girl! You did Just Fine!! And you Never can go wrong having Duke pose!!!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Duke always steals the show, the little devil! He looks stunning!

  4. Forget the first two pictures, my heart is with the third!!! Duke is a dream in red!!!

  5. Very well done, I knew you would be along soon.Duke it could have been pink!

  6. Duke- you can handle it. I have to wear a purple collar because my first mom from long ago loved purple.

  7. The chocolate box has reminded me that I miss chocolate :)
    Looking good, Duke!

  8. You know which one I like best! That Duke can wear ANY color and look cute as pie. :)

  9. Duke is so photogenic!
    Of course I love ketchup and chocolate, so I think all of your pics are great!

  10. I love chocolate but Duke even trumps that! He certainly did steal the spotlight by looking so cute in his red collar!

  11. He really is looking at you like you are plumb pathetic--isn't he? (It is a look that is easy for me to recognize. For I see it our puppies eyes A LOT!)

  12. LDH I know lots of people who use ketchup on just about everything. I like it but some food I just can't put it on

    donna eh, ok for winging it last minute :)

    donna he sure does

    ginny I knew I could grab you all with a picture of Duke :)

    out on the prairie certainly not as creative and entertaining as yours was :)

    sharkbytes purple is a good color, the color of royalty

    tahtimbo I bet chocolate misses you too :)

    lin but of course I know which one you like :)

    Janice I love ketchup and chocolate but preferably not

    beaded tail Duke seems to trump just about anything :)

    Marissa thanks

    fishhawk he sure is, and don't feel bad, I get the look a lot too

  13. Of course the best is Duke with his red collar. Duke you are looking extra handsome today. Take care and have a great weekend.

  14. well you already know i vote for the sweet face guy in the red collar, but i must say that is a really nice bottle of ketchup. i have a whole folder named Misc and it is full of condiment shots, and any and evrything in my house. you did good sister mad snapper

  15. Cute! Oh Duke Mom needs your red collar please!

  16. after overindulging last night my eyes would have qualified..:)

  17. Nice photos, but my favourite is Duke. He is so cute no matter where you put him or what colour collar he wears!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post for F and T that became the Tooth-Fairy. Sometimes I get lucky. I think you know what I mean; when you haven't a clue as to what to post about, the time is limited and you really need to do something clever too! Ha, ha, ha!

    You have Duke to help you out. I have my babies! (and Wikipedia!)

    I am trying a new meme today called 'Monday's Child'. From a picture prompt you write a poem suitable for children. This is my first try, so it is not the world's best!

    Best wishes and hugs,

    For the benefit of other readers:

    Anna's Monday's Child #34

    Anna's ABC-F and AT-T: Tooth-Faerie

  18. Love your blog, and Duke is so adorable! :)

  19. Great red photos! Love the last one and the look on your Dukes face is priceless!!

  20. I knew that chocolate box had to be empty. And of course Duke wins the prize for the best red picture. Proudly displaying his red collar. Hope he got a good treat.

  21. Great ideas for the red challenge! Your pup is adorable!

  22. awwww, duke in a red collar is perfect! what a handsome guy!!
    my husband is in love with ketchup -- seriously, he puts it on everything -- so the ketchup bottle made me laugh. :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  23. Your pup gets the best vote even if I love ketchup too.
    Have a nice weekend!

  24. Well done Duke I'm sure the chocolates where very yummy but you steal the show, and somehow I think you know it!

  25. Dukes photo is definitely the best!!

  26. Duke in a red collar = perfect!!

  27. Ketchup! My little brother insists on having ketchup with everything he eats. It's kind of disgusting some times. :/
    Your dog is completely adorable!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxxx~Kelsey

  28. You are too funny... Duke is adorable... hugs, antonella :-)

  29. Duke ~ you are one good looking pup! kiss!
    xo Catherine

  30. Yes! I like Duke the best. Give him a big smooch for me!

  31. Awww love Duke in his red collar! Good job on the fly hehe. Love that earlier post with Duke and the flowers.

  32. Marg of course, and I always try to save the best for last

    sandra I wish I had my files organized like that. I like my title there "sister mad snapper" has a very cool ring to it :)

    Al he saves me every time :)

    livintheblues well you should have brought your eyes over so I could get a shot of them.

    Anna I think everyone feels that way :)

    Sally thanks, glad you like it here

    Jeanette he's good that way :)

    russ actually I lied, there's still a few pieces left in the

    brenda thanks, and duke thanks you too

    booker my husband puts it on quite a lot of foods too

    crafty sue Duke appreciates that

    dave the chocolates were yummy but duke is always around for daily sweetness

    allotments4you thanks

    gayle I thought so

    kels there are some things I just can't put ketchup on :)

    antonella well we try

    catherine duke likes kisses

    reeni consider it done, he'll like that :)

  33. jeanne I seem to do a lot of that Duke is a very good helper

  34. Sorry for all the catching up at once Annie, you know how I am! I love your post's and I love your pictures over and over again.

  35. Miawa, no need to be sorry. You know my door is always open around here for you to drop by whenever you feel like it :) Sometimes I miss those days of cafe mom and all our editing. That was fun but I spent way too much time


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