Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've been bouncing around so much this weekend I feel like a rubber ball. I did more bouncing than a bad check.
Friday night we went out for dinner
Saturday it was shopping, cleaning, and switching back and forth between several craft projects.
Today it was more cleaning, dog bathing, more shopping, hair cut and more craft projects. Call it a lack of focus if you want but that just seems to be the way I've been doing things lately
Duke says it's exhausting even for him. He did get a new toy today though so he's quite happy. I bought him one of those Kong's. I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for things to stuff in them. Today I just took some of his food mixed with peanut butter and stuffed it in there and he really liked it.


Out on the prairie said...

A busy weekend, I got home and collapsed and then realized I missed one store in my travels. Happy V Day

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Do dogs ever get tired of dog food and peanut butter?

Sandee said...

As long as Duke got a toy then all is good with the world. I don't know anything about the Kong's as Little Bit doesn't have one. Don't tell her about it either.

Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

You just described my every day ;)

Look at Duke all scrubbed and shiny and being cute!

Catherine said...

Well first I must ask.... what's a Kong... ?? :)
xo Catherine

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! KONG is the best toy ever. I got 3 of them. Peanut Butter is the best ... my mom wants me to be healthy so sometimes she stuffed it with a whole carrot (minus the skin) n put a little peanut butter at the end. Cube Cheese is another good one. Enjoy! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Reeni said...

Hope you had a chance for some down time before your work week starts!

BeadedTail said...

Hope you had some time to relax before work begins again! Sadie likes treats and peanut butter in hers. I line the inside with peanut butter since it holds the treats in there a little better and then but a little peanut butter on the top too. Too much peanut butter though makes too much Sadie so a little is better. You can just stick the Kong in the dishwasher to clean it all up too.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I've never heard of or seen one. You'll have to post it sometime when Duke is plating with it!

jeanlivingsimple said...

I call this "having to much on your plate". I am suffering from this and am in hiding to rebel.
Hugs to you and Duke!

Lin said...

Wow, crazy weekend!! At least Duke had a good one. :)

The Race Against Time said...

a Kong a Kong my kingdom for a Kong... Duke will have lotta fun with the Kong. Peanut butter and yummy noms... lotta nice smelling noms.. and and and lotta noms. I bet Duke will be busy after this.

Happy V day Ann!

Bossy Betty said...

Just say no to bouncing! Hope your week ahead looks much more peaceful!

Unknown said...

Okay, what's a Kong?

Duni said...

Sounds like a cool toy! I'm glad Duke likes it. He looks adorable in the photo :)

MadSnapper said...

Duke is looking good after his bath and bouncing is just life, or so it seems to me. happy valentine day

Russ AKA Grampy said...

Alright Duke. A kong is a great toy and treat finder. We sometimes just toss it around. I can get it from her without worrying about the terrier teeth. Anything inside is good as long as it involves peanut butter.

Sheri said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I for one, had a lazy one. Didn't do too much of anything. I'm glad Duke got a new toy. He deserved one after being exhausted from watching you.

Hope you and Duke have a great Valentine's Day!!!

The Whity Wife said...

Adorable pup! I grew up with a westie and how have a cairn. Our westie would do anything for peanutbutter! However, when we filled Remy's (the Cairn) Kong with it, he was only interested for a while. HE loves lamb flavored things the most so we got come treats to keep in there. Haven't tried them out yet, but we have high hopes!

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh... doesn't Duke look lovely after his bath!! So shiny! Kongs are the greatest! The only toy my German Shepherd could go a week! He liked them without treats so I'm not sure what to put in it. Sorry.

marie said...

Not a lack of focus - just a lot of energy!!!

Whimcees said...


I had to Goggle a Kong to see what it was! :<) It looked like it held loose food that fell out as the dog twirled it around - how does the peanut butter work?

Wishing you and Duke a great Happy Valentines Day!


Barbara Diane

allotments4you said...

I think flitting from one thing to another is good...stops you getting bored!!

Did you go for a fringe when you went for a hair cut??

No idea what to put in the kong...meaty treats...chocolate?!?!?!

DSS said...

Does Duke like his Kong? Louis can't be bothered. Then again, I'm not sure I did it properly. I mean, I squeezed some treats in there, but I think he couldn't really get them out. Which is really not fun at all!

Marg said...

Oh Duke, good deal. Glad you got a new toy out of the shopping deal. We don't have a toy like that so we don't have any advice.
It is amazing how doing things you have to do takes away all the time you need to do the things you want to do. Duke, you are looking great. Happy Valentine's day

Ann said...

out on the prairie, I hate it when I do stuff like that, and why is it that you never think of it until you're back home

sharkbytes I don't think they do

sandee won't say a word to Little Bit

LDH it seems that more and more days are going like that lately

catherine it's a dog toy that you can stuff with treats

sugar thanks for the suggestions, we'll try some of those

reeni i did squeeze some in

beaded tail thanks I'll have to remember to go easy on the no dishwasher here, darn

ginny I'll see if he'll give it up for some pictures :)

jean too much on your plate can be fun depending on what you fill the plate with

Lin eh, mine was pretty good too, just goes by too fast

Anny sounds like peanut butter is the main ingredient :) now to search for some noms

bossy betty well it's starting out pretty good

fishhawk a dog toy that you can stuff treats in to. Duke seems to really enjoy it

duni yep he's pleased with it

sandra well bouncing sure beats not moving I guess

russ peanut butter, gotcha :)

sheri it was pretty busy, but there was still so much more to do. oh well next weekend

whity wife we'll see how long duke is interested in this one.

ann duke did seem to enjoy this one even after it was empty. I think it said that it was actually flavored

marie ok I'll buy that :)

whimcees the peanut butter just sort of holds it all together and makes it so they have to kind of work at getting the treats out

allotments4you that is very true and I think that's why I do it because I get bored working on one thing for too long.
Chickened out on the

DSS so far he does like it. I wasn't sure because in the past he never really cared for rubber toys

marg duke usually does get something out of a shopping trip. he's a bit on the spoiled

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