Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Papasan

Hi everyone. I'm going to rat my mom out and tell everyone that she's been shopping online again.
You see when her and dad first got married they had two houses to combine. Dad had a set of chairs like this one
 Mom likes the chairs but the cushions, not so much. She said that they have seen better days. Well she's been searching forever for new cushions. She even thought about making some herself but never got around to it.
Finally she found a place online that sells cushions for these exact chairs. It's called MyPapasan. She looked at them for a couple of weeks and then finally broke down and bought them. They were delivered today.

Mom was really pleased with the cushions and the service. The website said that they would ship in 7 to 10 business days, which they did. Once they shipped they were here in just a couple of days. The hardest part about buying these was trying to decide what fabric to choose because they have so many selections.
Mom says to tell you that we aren't getting paid for this, she was just really pleased with the company and the quality of the cushions so she wanted to share it with all of you.
I bet you're thinking I'm upset because she spent money on these instead of me. Well I'm not because something came in the mail for me too. Mom had a gift card from Petsmart and bought me a toy and a bed of my very own.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This looks so much better! Prettier fabric, and the cushions are not smashed flat like the old ones! Something is telling me that not many humans are going to get the chance to sit there, though!! Now I want to see your new bed, Duke! I hope you like it better than the Papasan!

Tanyia said...

I love the new cushion, Duke! Congrats to you on your new bed, btw!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Tell mom she did real good! The cushions look fantastic and very comfy! Maybe your new bed is a hint that you shouldn't get cozy on the new cushion!

Sandee said...

Your mom did really well. I like. And you got stuff too. Doesn't get any better than that. Everybody is happy. It's also nice that mom lets you post now and then.

Have a terrific day Duke. My best to your mom. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Duke, that looks like a comfy cushion! Have you tried it yet? Hope you enjoy your new bed and toy.

Julie Harward said...

Duke, I love the way you tell it! I also love the new cushions..real comfy looking! I hope your bed is as nice! ;D

Out on the prairie said...

A more comfortable choice, they became new again,

Lin said...

It's nice to acknowledge businesses that are good--although I think I forget to do that all too often. I think the new cushions look GREAT and much more inviting. I'll bet that would be a great place for a little dog to take a nap. ;)

The Race Against Time said...

Quite a huge difference the new papasan made :D Now its all comfy.. i bet Mr Duke would love a snooze up there :)

A new bed for Duke too? cool! i need a new bed too.

woofs n licks,

Anonymous said...

Big improvement! Look much more comfy now

BeadedTail said...

Those cushions are very nice and look really comfy too! Duke, we're glad your mom didn't forget to get you something too!

Unknown said...

Dukester, you just can't take a bad picture, can you? you are always such a handsome lad!

the chair looks great. hope you enjoyed your goodies too :)

Pat said...

Lovely photo of the new cushions, Duke - only one thing could improve it - and that's if you my darling, were sitting on said cushions! :) :)

Jen said...

Looks like the new ones are even nicer than what you had (all nice and squishy :o)

Russ AKA Grampy said...

Great cushions Duke. I hope you helped pick them out. Glad you got a new bed also. Just one thing. You have to keep an eye on mom because that online shopping can be addictive.

Unknown said...

Well, I was about to scream, "What's wrong with the old cushions?" Then I saw the new ones.

Good job, as always, Duke! Please tell your mommy that she did good (this time).

Marg said...

Those cushions really are much better and look really comfy. Good choice. Duke we sure are glad to hear that you weren't forgotten because other wise we would have had to pitch a fit for Duke. Take care.

Catherine said...

Those chairs look like brand new! And new stuff for Duke too ~ that was a good day! :)
xo Catherine

Donna said...

Well Duke, Mom is an Excellent Shopper!!! SO glad she remembered to get YOU a prize as well!!!

MadSnapper said...

that is a great deal, tell mom she did a good job of choosing. we had 2 of those chairs exactly like yours with the same cushions, the one you got rid of. we had them for many years, and when i got new chairs, my son took them and got many years out of them. waiting to see your new bed

DSS said...

Ohh...those cushions look super comfy :) And Duke...with a bed of his own? A happy household for sure!

Have a great weekend.

allotments4you said...

And on top of that pre4sent Duke you also get some new cushions to bed in...very are very nice and will need your undivided attention for a while!!

Anne said...

We used to have a gorgeous papasan before we had kids. Unfortunately, once the kids came along, we didn't have room for the chair. I do love yours, especially with the new cushions.

Karen said...

I didn't think the old ones looked bad until I saw the new ones. Those cushions are so pretty! Very cool chairs.

Erika said...

I look at the knotty pine and wood floors and think you must have staged my house!

Duke, you are one lucky pooch. I bed the new bed is great!

Tammy said...

Duke the chair looks good enough for a nice nap. Very comfy.

Ann said...

Ginny well so far he doesn't seem to be too interested in the new bed

Tanyia thanks, I love them too :)

LDH they are very comfy I like sitting in the chairs again

Sandee it was a win win situation for everyone

Alan so far I don't think he has but I could be wrong

Julie Duke says he prefers the back of the couch :)

out on the prairie yes they sure did

Lin it's so much more fun to complain about the companies that make you

Anny I bet he would too, he better wipe his paws first though :)

grace I was so glad when I finally found these, I can't tell you how much I hated those cushions

Beaded tail Duke won't let me

roschelle well he can if he doesn't sit still :)

Pat maybe one of these days we'll get a shot of him in the chair

Jen they had them vacuum sealed in bags and when I opened them up I was totally impressed with how big they

Russ tell me about it, it's a tough thing to control

fishhawk hooray I finally did

marg I told my husband he couldn't throw out the old ones until I got a shot of them both.

Catherine yes they do, I like them much better now

donna sometimes and sometimes

sandra these were actually hand me down chairs that my husband had got from someone else. I do like them though

dss they are, I sat in them and it just made me feel happy :)

allotments4you he doesn't seem to pay much attention to them, he has a big thing for the couch

anne oh too bad, these do look much better now

karen amazing isn't it

erika I did, didn't you know

Erika I almost wish I was Duke's size so I could curl up in one of those

Cruise Addict said...

Duke your spilling all the beans, shhh. I can tell you that your mom is a smarty, cuz your furry little butt will be much more comfy when you sneak up on the chairs for an afternoon nap ;-)

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