Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspiration at the dollar store

I was in the local dollar store the other day. (does it seem like I spend a lot of time shopping lately?) I walked down the isle that had all the Easter decorations and spotted something I just had to take a picture of. I pulled out my cell phone, checked to see if anyone was watching me and started taking pictures.
These reminded me of quilling and I think I'm going to see if I can imitate them.

I don't know what these were made out of but I thought they were really cute. Oh brother, another project is about to get added to my growing list.


  1. I will be looking forward to seeing these.Easter isn't too far away.I had a hard time not trying out some robin eggs.

  2. You can certainly make some cute bunnies and chicks with your quilling! Can't wait to see it!

  3. They are really cute. Really cute. I'll be you can duplicate them too. I'll await that post.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. I'll be out of the loop until March 8th. Let Duke know I'm thinking of him. :)

  4. That does look like something you could certainly make. Right down your alley. We want to see your interpretation please.

  5. Those are really cute! Good idea to use the phone - would never think of that :)

  6. The rabbit is darn cute.. The quilitng part looks like paper.. much thicker paper :) Good luck and can't wait to see your EAster stuffs :)

  7. omg Ann, so frickin' cute! Can you make me one and send it to me? Right after you make me that necklace I sent you the link for? lol! <3

  8. Cute indeed and yes, quilling was my immediate reactions. Can't wait to see yours!

  9. Those are really cool looking! I can't wait to see your creations :)

  10. Oh, they are so cute!! I'm so glad you got the pictures to use as a guide! I snap a lot in stores, some don't mind and others don't let you. The phoone is good, though!!!

  11. If you use duct tape, whatever you make will last forever.

  12. It looks like a hard work but I'm sure you'll create something great!

  13. So cute!! Can't wait to see your project... Maybe you can put a picture in the belly too? It is amazing what can inspire you when you least expect it.
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  14. Sounds like you are going to be busy with another project. I have faith that you can make them even better.You really need to stay away from the dollar store. Very addictive. I go about every other week.

  15. Oh yes - absolutely perfect for quilling! What a great idea, you could make all sorts of creatures this way and put different things in the belly!!

  16. Woof! Woof! So CUTE ... is it made of paper? Happy Friday ... Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. I love the dollar store! So many cute things to buy there. Sometimes by the time I get to the register I have so many 'cheap' items in my basket, I have to use my debit card instead of paying cash ~ haha!!!

    Happy Weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  18. Those are cute but I have every faith that yours will be even better.

  19. oh my you sound just like me....taking pictures in stores, but I often get caught.

  20. i can relate to looking around when snapping, since i have done that a few times. these are really cute and i KNOW you can copy them with quilling. cant wait to see what you do, oh woe is you, another project. am thinking you will get this one done soon. when is Easter this year, don't know

  21. ok, per google you have 2 months to finish this, it's on april 24

  22. Really, really cute! Yes, I bet you can quill it - can't wait to see.

  23. very cute. haven't seen anything nearly this cute at our local dollar store :(

  24. As soon as I saw the picture I thought you could make them with paper. Your dollar store has nicer stuff then ours.

  25. I snap photos all the time in stores...some don't approve but I dare them to catch me!Hahaaaa
    Happy weekend!!

  26. Absolutely acceptable to take a photo, I say! And they are adorable. Can't wait to see what you come up with as you convert them to quils. that right? Quils? Or when you quill them? Anyway, you understand :)

    Happy Weekend!

  27. Cute- I'm sure you will make even better ones.

  28. out on the prairie I do hope you're referring to the candy

    livintheblues me too

    beaded tail I'm thinking I can, hopefully it'll work

    sandee I thought they were too

    marg now if I can just squeeze it in

    audrey a lot of times I forget about having the camera on my phone

    anny I'm thinking it may have been like a covered cardboard

    tanyia. lol sure and while I'm working on those you could make me a

    grace we'll see if it's as easy to duplicate as I thought it would be

    tahtimbo I thought they were too,

    ginny I don't use the camera much in stores but I want to. Usually I'm just too chicken

    fishhawk, where would we be without duct tape

    josep we'll see

    antonella a picture in the belly, that's a great idea

    russ why do I keep doing this to It's hard to stay out of the dollar store when it sits right behind your house

    philippa I could make a whole zoo filled with quilled animals :)

    sugar I think this one may have been cardboard but I'm not sure

    catherine I go to the dollar store for one thing and leave with a whole bag full

    Anne uh oh, pressure is on :)

    cheryl I'm usually too chicken to try

    sandra Easter does seem to be a little late this year, that's ok though, gives me more time to try these

    ann they are and I'm going to try :)

    roschelle you would think they would all have the same stuff

    tammy same here. I usually don't find all that much in our dollar store, guess this was a fluke :)

    donna LOL, you are the snapping bandit. I can see wanted posters hanging in every

    dss I think so but why is it that I always seem to be afraid to pull out the camera

    sharkbytes I hope so

  29. miss ann,

    that chick 'n bunny are cutesies, but i bet yours will be even cutesiers! i can't wait to see!

    the booker man

  30. booker, well if I ever get around to it maybe :)


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