Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back on track

Or at least I hope to be. I seem to have fallen behind in just about everything. I had a 3 day weekend and I think it just made things all that much worse.
Saturday I spent the day cleaning, mostly. I started a project and really had no intentions of it being a big one. Before you know it I had all the bedroom furniture moved around. I just want to know where the heck all that dust came from.
Sunday, well yes, it was my birthday. I didn't really do anything though. I decided to walk around the mall and just browse. Me, myself and I spent who knows how much time in the craft stores. I've been interested in learning more about stamping and embossing. I had a gift card that my mother sent me so I figured that would be a good thing to spend some of it on. I had no idea what I wanted or needed and stared at the shelves forever. I finally asked a lady who was looking at some stamps if she could help me. I would have asked an employee but do you think I could find one. Any way, the woman was very happy to help and gave me some great information, however AC Moore didn't seem to have what I needed.
Monday I took a vacation day just so I could have a longer weekend. Didn't accomplish much then either. I did manage to get some posts scheduled for this week. I also made my very first official cricut project. I'll be posting pictures of it later this week.
Other than that I did a whole lot of sitting on my butt, played a little with my camera and played a little more with photoshop elements.
And one more thing before I go
Duke says hey!


  1. Oh, that Dukey is just so sweet. I've got to learn how to use PSE too, but I never take the time. I would love to do the layering all that!

    Glad you had some time to just hang out. It's a very busy time of year here too.

  2. Well it sounds like you did what you wanted to do and that makes for a nice three day weekend.

    Hey back at Duke. I just love Duke. :)

  3. Hey, Duke!
    Wow, that's a lot of activity for a 3-day weekend. I totally understand about how projects can get out o control. I start out with doing a few minor things and it just sort of snowballs out of control. As for where the dust comes from? I think it's the gnomes :) They can't seem to stop with just taking our socks and hiding our keys; they like to branch out into new areas :)

  4. I had a 3 day weekend too, did get most of my craft room empty, just have a few things left. Hoping to paint it next week - we have spring break! WOOHOO!!
    Beautiful photo of Duke!

  5. The best days I have are the ones I spend doing whatever I want, so you had the perfect B-day. For me I'd like to just have Duke for the day :)

  6. That sounds like a lovely, laid back and let "things percolate" kinda' day to me!! happy belated BIRTHDAY!! I tend to consider the WHOLE MONTH my birthday...is that selfish?? Don't worry, it's not until June.

  7. Duke looks so handsome with the red sweater :)

  8. Hey there Duke!
    Sounds like a great weekend doing just what you please. We all need weekends like that from time to time. Spending time sitting on your butt with little cutie pie Duke sounds pretty perfect to me!

  9. Days off are a wonderful thing. I sometimes have to force myself to take days off for just a small breather. I hope yours gave you a bit of a rest.

    Duke still looks great.

  10. As long as you end every post with a lovely picture of Duke--does anything else really matter? By the way, could your husband find the bed after you got through rearranging the bedroom? Before my wife got to be almost as much of an invalid as I am, she used to delight in rearranging stuff just to irritate me.

  11. It sounds like sitting on your butt was just what you needed.

    Duke's pretty cute!

  12. Happy birthday! I'm glad that you were able to take some time off just for you:)
    Sending {{{HUGS}}}

  13. cool pic of Duke I did something similar with a pic of my son. Sometimes sitting on your butt is the best thing on earth. Especially after rearranging a room and eliminating dust bunnies.

  14. Sounds like you had a low-key birthday. Sometimes those are the best!

  15. I know I always tell you how great your photo projects are but this one of Duke is Extraordinary! Really.

  16. Duke is such a handsome little guy and I love the photo. Good for you taking some time off and kicking back, you should do it more often. I don't even bother keeping up any more.

  17. LOVE this pic of Duke! Your shots are so nice and the editing you do is simply perfect! I have to say I always look forward to looking at your shots :)

  18. A magazine worth portrait, wowzies.

    And it was a nice day to spend your brithday - good for you for taking Monday off...small luxuries.

  19. Falling behind is how I feel most of the time :) Glad to hear you are back on track!

  20. Duke is so adorable ~ He should be a model!! Know what ya mean about falling behind - I am just now getting back to blogging after almost a month off - Yikes Stripes!!

  21. Sounds like a pleasant birthday weekend to me. Duke looks very cute in that shot.

  22. Duke is Just Precious Ann!
    Glad you took time off to just Play!! We All need it! When Crys gets Back from her honeymoon, that's Just what I'm going to do!
    Sweet night to you!!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Lin, it's not so much that it's a busy time as it is me putting things off for too long

    Sandee yep, pretty much, if I didn't want to it didn't get done

    Tahtimbo I think you may be on to something with that gnome theory

    Audrey I need to start doing some painting around here too

    poetic shutterbug I bet Duke would love walking through those gardens with you, he would be in heaven with all those trees :)

    will oaks let things percolate, i like that, I'm going to have to remember that.

    Vanilla seven he does look good in red

    beaded tail duke is always willing to chill with mom too

    ratty I never have to force myself to take a day off, i'm ready willing and able

    fishhawk well he helped me move some of the furniture so he had a warning of what was going on

    angela, thanks, it was nice having the extra day

    alterity button jewelry Duke says he's glad you stopped by

    ConnieGirl those dust bunnies are what did me in I think

    bossy betty yeah, low key is always my favorite, i'm not much of a pary animal

    buggys you can tell me all you want, I like hearing it :)

    jude I would love to do it more often but the boss is not in agreement

    honey b aww thank you, I'm glad you like them

    grace why thanks, i like wowzies

    ldh well i only think i'm back on track, i'm not totally convinced of it yet though

    ollie mckay's i think if duke were a model it might go right to his head

    lenox knits it was pretty pleasant

    donna, well i would say you certainly deserve a bit of time off. you've been one busy lady.

  25. It's nice to have a day to yourself sometimes to just wander around wherever the wind takes you. Hey Duke, you handsome boy!

  26. it sure is, I wish I had more days like that

  27. Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I need one of those!! Hopefully I can get some things done and catch up on Spring Break next week! Love the picture of Duke....I have to learn how to do that!!

  28. Gayle, well it could have been more productive but I guess it's better than nothing. I wish I had spring break.


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