Monday, March 8, 2010

Something from the oven

I got the urge to bake. Why I would want to do that at home when I bake 40 hours a week at work is beyond me but I did. Wade has a thing for shortbread cookies so I thought I would make him some.

I gathered my ingredients
Before you say it, I know, that's imitation vanilla. It's also super cheap dollar store vanilla. I can't help it, remember "thrifty".
I got out my ancient hand me down cookie press.

I haven't used this thing in ages. I'm sure one of the new fangled ones would be much easier to use but this one works.
And here are my cookies.

These did not last long at all. He had them eaten in no time.

Shortbread cookies
2 cups butter 
1 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla (feel free to use REAL vanilla if you
4 cups flour

Mix butter and sugar until creamy. Add vanilla. Slowly add flour. Put through cookie press. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

Before I go I want to send a big THANK YOU and hugs to Audrey at Audrey's Country Crafts. I was checking out her blog earlier and what a surprise it was to see that she mentioned me as the blog of the week. What a sweetie she is.


  1. Hi Ann--EC has cancelled my account--it's posted on my blog now! My entire dashboard, everything, is gone except I can still see my credits up in the corner. They claim I have no widget, what can I do??

  2. Those fake-vanilla cookies look GREAT!! Who cares what you use as long as you like them?! :)

  3. I don't care what kind of thrifty vanilla you use I want some of those cookies. One of my favorites too. Lucky Wade.

    Have a terrific day. My regards to Duke. :)

  4. Oh my, I remember a cookie press like that from my childhood. The mother couldn't cook but boy oh boy could she bake! Do you have the camel shaped form?

  5. These look So good! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. These sound really delicious!! Just a little note - did you know that in Yorkshire they sometimes add rosewater to some of their biscuits and puddings.
    Although the term cookies has now spread over the sea - most of our cookies are call biscuits and strangely - shortbread retains the title - simply shortbread most of the time and the word biscuit or cookies is often left off.

    (If only all of these wonderful delights weren't quite so fattening, though!)

  7. Mmmm shortbread cookies! Thanks for the recipe too! I only use real vanilla when making the Christmas goodies for the neighbors. With the cheap stuff we can afford to make more cookies!

  8. Oh Ann, my mouth is watering, I LOVE shortbread cookies, they look delicious...

  9. Oh wow, your cookies look so good, Ann! Yum! Like Jo, it's making my mouth water. I love the ancient cookie press, the cookies came out nice! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  10. Yummy! I am craving for those cookies. I really do not care if it is real vanilla or not! LOL You just made me hungry.....

  11. P.S.
    Kudos for being "Blog of the Week"!
    You truly deserve it. :D

  12. I also have that machine at home! I thought I was the only one... I use this machine to make something that I don't know how to translate, it's named churros in Spanish, a sort of strip of fried dough. I've never made such wonderful cookies. They really look delicious.

  13. Them cookies look delicious! I love homemade shortbread cookies. Would you like my address? I just got a cookie press this past Christmas. My bff Lisa bought it for me. What a doll. Mine is all plastic though. Yours will probably outlast mine by many, many years.

  14. Um, you neglected to mention any cookies for Duke. I sure hope you didn't really neglect to bake some for the poor little puppy who lives to please you. For that would not be good, and I would be forced to tell him the number for the puppy abuse hotline in your area.

  15. What a lovely shortbread! I love the color of it :) of course you have to add Vanilla for it to taste better! ;)

  16. Nice cookie cutter. You should see the old meat grinder we have. It still works.
    The cookies look delicious.

  17. Delicious looking cookies! I have an old model cookie press too ... used mostly at Christmas ;) Ann, be picky about what you put in your body ... google imitation vanilla and see what it IS, yuckkkk!! just saying :/

  18. I've got one of those cookie presses! Bet they were wonderful!!

  19. I was catching up on your posts, those cookies look delicious, I'll have to try your recipe. I love second hand stores and Bill can't understand why I want to buy other peoples clothing instead of paying for new stuff that I have to break in and mess up painting or working in the yard. I loved the post about your Dad and those photos of Duke are so cute, I'll be so happy when Obie grows some more fur and just hope he looks half as handsome as Duke

  20. I'll admit it, baking is not my forte. You should have seen my kitchen Saturday morning after I attempted to make banana nut bread. Good lord, what a mess!!!

  21. I love shortbread cookies and they really taste better when they look this beautiful. I finally got myself a good cookie press last year and it's fabulous.

  22. ohhh....I love the sound of these cookies...but I am british so will have to convert the cups...and I don't have a cookie press of any description...maybe a giant cookie??? They look delicious!!

  23. WillOaks, EC at it's finest.

    Lin yep, that's what I say

    Sandee I've always liked them but when I used to make them years ago, the kids never did

    Grace Well that one was my mothers and it's one of the things she left behind when her and my dad divorced. Lucky me I got it. Yes I do have the camel shaped one with it. I know that there were originally much more but several are gone.

    feefifoto, thank you

    BossyBetty your welcome, they're pretty easy and don't require much

    Kloggers you always have such interesting facts. I had no idea about the rosewater

    Beaded tail I've actually NEVER had real vanilla, I'm too cheap to pay the price

    Poetic shutterbug I think mine is too just from scrolling down past the

    Tes It is an old one but for as much as I use it, it does the trick

    Junezach well go grab and cookie and cure that

    fullet I've heard of those but have never tried them. Maybe I'll have to give it a try

    Mee2 Well ya know, I'll be sending a package to my daughter and maybe she could just send them to Fort Carson with her boyfriend. If you take something other than your target card you could go pick them up there....rofl

    FishHawk Duke always gets his share, I thought that was a given

    Vanilla Seven yes you gotta have Vanilla :)

    Grampy the old stuff was made to last nothing they make today can compare.

    Vickie I just googled it, I had no idea

    Donna they sure were, every last one of them :)

    Jude men just don't I'm sure Obie will be every bit as handsome.

    Me-Me Well the mess is half the fun, it's cleaning it up that stinks

    Buggys I love cookie presses, the shapes are just so cool, looks like you slaved for hours.

    allotments4you I read where someone rolled the dough into a log and refrigerated it, then they just sliced the dough and baked the cookies.

  24. Well... that's quiet interessting but honestly i have a hard time figuring it... wonder how others think about this..

  25. Uh-oh- now you made me hungry. Very nice!

  26. Your cookies look delicious! Obviously you love your work. Why else would you bake outside of the bakery.

  27. Buttery shortbreads! How very scrumptious! We have an old press like that too. I love it.

  28. anonymous um I would say most people either think I want a cookie, or eww I don't like

    sharkbytes ooops sorry,

    Anne it's more of a love hate relationship I have with

    cinnamon girl I just love the flavor, I'm a huge butter fan. It's been years since I dug out that cookie press, I always loved using it.

  29. I'll be trying these over the weekend. Any suggestions when one is not stocked up on that cookie shape tool?


    Thanks for the share, look easy enough and will remind me of PA.


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