Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The camera doesn't lie but sometimes pictures do

I just love it when I get one of those pictures that is totally NOT what it appears to be. Most of the time when we take pictures, we stand in front of the subject and shoot. But when you mix things up a bit, shoot from above or below the subject, you can sometimes get a much more interesting picture.

My example for today is a picture I found while searching the old folders for something interesting, entertaining and in this case, maybe even a bit controversial.
I don't remember the exact situation, but I do know for a fact that Wade wasn't kicking the dog. Because of where I was positioned when I took the picture it sure does look like it though. The icing on the cake is the expression on Duke's face. It sure looks like an "OUCH that hurt" expression if you ask me.
I posted another example of interesting angles in this post, This one looks like poor little Lydia has her finger in the flame of a birthday candle. 

Be assured that no dogs or babies were harmed in the process of taking these photos.

On another note, I was doing my blog visits earlier and came across the sweetest post on Christine's blog Jaz Creations. If you've never been there you really should go. She creates the most beautiful fractal art. Loved the post Christine, you're the sweetest.


Nessa said...

LOL! Duke's expression is priceless! If he was celebrity dog, the person 'kicking' the dog could be in biggg trouble... hehehe

JuneZach said...

Angles could really do the trick! ;)

As they say, it's all a 'camera trick'.

January said...

Looks like a movie scene and Duke is the main lead. Duke can surely win an Oscar on this act! LOL

Sandee said...

First of all my avatar looks really good over here.

It does kind of look like Wade has just kicked Duke. He's better not kick my buddy.

You are right, different angles can make a shot take on a completely different meaning.

I loved the lighting the candle with her finger. Made me chuckle. The spider...I'd be keeping an eye on him too. As for your friend, that was very nice of her.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

BeadedTail said...

Angles do play tricks in photos. Maybe that's the reason all the photos of me look so bad!

Hugs to Duke!

Bossy Betty said...

Good to know the truth behind this picture!

Duni said...

Hello Ann!
that photo looks so comical :)

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog. Thank goodness Sammy is doing okay again. He loves the cooked chicken I give him occasionally :)

FishHawk said...

Come on now, Duke was making fun of his slippers again--wasn't he?

Mee2 said...

You really shouldn't kick your dog. Seriously.When I was talking about little dogs that aren't cute on my blog, I didn't mean Duke. He is totally adorable. And I won't feed him to my dogs for a snack. I promise. And I just wrote on my blog something to the effect of no dogs were harmed in the making of the blog post. I think I have physic connections to some of my most wonderful bloggy friends.

Grampy said...

Duke is looking a little upset. But we all know you wouldn't let anyone hurt Duke.

Daisy said...

That is a very silly picture! It looks like Duke is trying to trip Wade up there! Heehee.

Donna said...

Looks like he was getting a Good back scratch!!Hahaa

Audrey said...

To me it looks more like he is trying to avoid the dog :) Our dog will run infront of us sometimes too, but she is really big, can't step over her.

LDH said...

Yup! It looks like they're playing soccer and Duke's heading into the net! :)

Fun shot!

Grace said...

It doesn't look that way to me at all but then I have major, major depth perception problems - like I don't have any LOL Looks like Duke is being "herded".

Tes said...

Oh yeah, Duke's face is a give-away, and the angle of Wade's leg tells a story. Hahaha! Good motion shot, Ann!

allotments4you said...

When I first looked at the picture what I saw was Wade cocking his leg and Duke with a @don't you dare do it there!!' look on his face. Funny how we all see things you see it from my perspective Ann???

Poetic Shutterbug said...

LOL! It actually doesn't look like Duke has an ouch but rather he's standing there in defiance saying "You are not gonna make me move" It's a cute shot :D

Jude said...

Looks like Duke wanted to be the leader and was making sure he was going in the right direction. They do have a way of getting right under your feet.

One Creative Queen said...

That's a great picture! I think there must be something wrong with me - it didn't even cross my mind that lil Duke may be a pawn in some sick game. ;)

Once you said it looked like he was being kicked, it totally "hit" me.

Thank you for being such a sweet friend. I love you for all the support and kind words you always leave me - I definitely think you're the best!! xx

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the suggestion regarding Photoshop Elements. I have been using PSE since February 2006. I agree it is a great program and can do much of what Photoshop can do. There's many PSE applications that I have not yet experimented with. I'll probably continue to want Photoshop but until I come across a situation that I can't do in PSE, I won't buy that more expensive program.

About my blog .. I just started the "Army journal" this month. My blog has been about sharing such things as photography (one of my passions in life), travel, and family life with family and friends (friends whom I have met and ones that I know only in cyberspace). The "Army journal" blog posts will continue for some time. I have posts ready to go through March 26, twice a day. I hope you come back to my blog, read the past "Army journal" blog posts and continue along with the reading. I believe I will enjoy your blog, so I am following you.

Ann said...

Nessa, lucky for Wade, Duke isn't a

Junezach yep it sure is

January maybe he could earn his keep

Sandee, yes your avatar does look great, thanks for buying the ad. I'll let Wade know that if he does kick Duke he has you to answer to :)

Beaded tail I was thinking that about MY pictures. I hate the way I look

Bossy Betty yep yep

Duni, I thought so too. I'm glad Sammy is ok and I bet he does love that chicken

FishHawk I knew you would figure it out for sure

Mee2 LOL I read that post, good one

Grampy absolutely not

Daisy yes it sure is, I think he may have been but I don't really remember

Donna LOL maybe that was it

Audrey That is very possible Duke is always under foot


Grace, Wade has that same problem so maybe he was herding

Tes total accident but I loved it when I saw it :)

allotments4you looking back at it, yes I could see that. I guess it's all in the interpretation

Poetic shutterbug That's probably more like it, He does think he's in charge around here

Jude yes they sure do always at the worst time

OneCreativeQueen that's ok if you didn't see it, I'm like that all the time. I think my excuse is that the people around me have put me in a total state of DUH!!!! As for the sweet friend part.... DITTO

Linda I loved both your blogs and I'm not following them. I drooled over Photoshop for the longest time but I've learned to love elements said...

OMG I am sooo sorry Ann. I didn't bother to read the post before I made the phone call to Animal Protection Police. I also made a formal complaint to PETA and they are sending three bus-loads of crazed wide eyed fanatics with buckets of fake blood. It really did look like someone kicking the crap out of poor Duke.

If you wake up in the morning and see your house with splattered red dye and toilet paper (I asked them to TP your house also just for fun), it wasn't me. It was Bonehead, all his idea, not mine. Can't trust those people from NY ;-)

Ann said...

ManOverBoard I only have a second to type this as my house is surrounded by flashing lights right now. I must get to my escape tunnel in the basement. I'm headed for New York to track down Bonehead. Could you call my boss and tell him I won't be in today?

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