Sunday, March 28, 2010

I like sparklies

Maybe I'm crazy, but I remember hearing in some cartoon a character saying "Sparklies, I like sparklies". I can not, for the life of me remember what movie or cartoon I heard it on though. Does anyone know? Does anyone want to know what made me think of that in the first place?

I won a runner up gift in Marie's giveaway over at Spun by me. She had a fantastic giveaway for a 24 pack of  glitter. She said that since she had so many entries she decided to choose 3 other winners to each receive one bottle and I was one of the ones drawn. YEAH!

I got it in the mail the other day and it came in the cutest little box, with an adorable card.
I got a wonderful bottle of florentine gold glitter. And yes Marie, the prize did indeed add a bit of sparkle to my spring.
Thanks again Marie, you're the sweetest.


  1. Oooooh, whatcha gonna do with your sparklies??? Can't wait to see. Just don't sparkle Duke, okay?? :)

  2. Yeah! Whatcha gonna do with it?? No telling!!Hahaa...but bet it'll be Pretty!!
    Happy night sweetie!

  3. Bet you will have fun with your sparkllies!

  4. I love glitter, but always seem to get it everywhere :)
    I just tell hubby that it's my sparkly personality showing LOL

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with the sparklies! With you, the possibilities are endless! With me, it'd be putting barely legible names on Christmas stockings - LOL!

  6. Ooh! Gold dust! I like to sprinkle them on my artwork!

  7. I would be very careful with that stuff, if would was you. For I suspect that sparkles are actually star seeds. You know--the kind of stars that are put into greeting card envelopes, and they multiply like roaches when left unattended. Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but it won't be so funny when you find yourself surrounded by dozens of stars like I have on many an occasion. No, it doesn't matter how many times you vacuum. For at least a pair always escapes, and then they get busy--very busy, I tell you!

  8. Looks fun. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  9. Glitter is the bane of my life when the kids get hold of it so we now have 'glitter glue' instead...just as effective...just as messy...but it stays in one

    Couldn't go without glitter altogether!

  10. That looks like great fun to come up with a neat project of what to do with the gold glitter. How about an Easter decoration. Like someone else said, easy on Duke. Have fun. Oh and congrats on winning the gold glitter.

  11. I'm right with you with the glitter and sparklies. I decorate everything I can with rhinestones:) My ipod, my phone, you name it. Have fun!

  12. You've been collecting lots of goodies lately. I love the box and card so cute. I didn't know Martha Stewart was into glitter.

  13. I really like the card and the packaging - I'm not really a sparklies sort of person myself

  14. oh, have fun with your sparklies! Can I just have the box?

  15. Lin, I don't know just yet but something WILL be sparkly and no it won't be Duke

    Donna I'll figure something out.

    Bossy Betty I'm sure I will

    Audrey yep, I get it all over too, no matter how careful I am. Good answer to your husband :)

    Beaded tail LOL I've done that

    Vanilla Seven a little bit of sparkle may just appear on every project I do

    FishHawk star seeds huh? Maybe it would be fun to grow some stars.

    DKMiller I'm like a kid with all the markers, paper, glitter and

    allotments4you thank goodness no kids will be playing in my glitter :)

    Marg an Easter decoration would be a good project, I probably should have started that a couple weeks ago though

    Angela gotta have BLING!

    Jude No telling what all Martha is in to

    Grace When it comes to dressing I'm not into glitz but when it's art projects, I like it.

    Buggys Well I'll tell you what, let me look at it for a little while longer then you tell me where to send it to when I'm done :)

  16. Ann,
    I loved reading all the comments about your sparklies! I hope you create something wonderful.

    Have a very happy day!


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