Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Roll call

There are currently 187 followers to this blog. That is a number much larger than I ever, in my wildest dreams, expected to see. I think that it's a pretty fair assumption that not all 187 of you actually visit me on a regular basis. Just for fun, I thought that today I would take attendance and see how many of you are present and accounted for. If you are presently a follower, just say here, or whatever other word you choose (yo, yep, present). If you aren't a follower, well, why not?
I want you to know that if you are not present I have hired a very skilled truant officer to come looking for you.
He has the nose to sniff you out wherever you may be hiding.


  1. I'm here, I'm here! *raises hands* :D

  2. Yep, I'm here, though I may leave so Duke would come after me :D

  3. You are in my Google reader and I consider you a regular visit each time you post. I'm not a follower however. Send Duke to me right away. You probably won't get him back either. Why am I not a follower? I don't follow anyone.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  4. Here and I think you will be more amazed Ann that many will not comment but are here and read you regularly. You have a wonderful blog. OK actually you and Duke :-)

  5. Yeah! Now you have 191!! Thanks so much Ann for the lovely comment that you made about the blog feature that Audrey did regarding my Etsy shop!! Best wishes to you!

  6. Here! So, you don't need to send officer Duke after me :)

  7. I'm here and a very happy follower! But you can send Duke by anyway!

  8. Present (hand raised). I'm guessing that not everyone is going to comment though. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

  9. I'm here! Not only am I a follower, you're in our Furiends list on our blog so everyone can see you!

  10. Here! What a good idea as I've been wondering the same thing on my blog!

  11. I have no idea whether or not I'm a "follower". I have you in a "bookmark" folder. Blogs that are in that folder are the first ones read. The rest of the blogs that interest me are in Google reader.

    There are some blogs in the "follow" category and I have been "un-following" and putting them in either the bookmark folder or Google reader. Some blogs are in both places - folder and reader. There is a lot of repetition between the 3 places - simplify, I say.

  12. Here!

    I am afraid with the furry officer checking on me! LOL ^_^

  13. Yep! Present!
    I make it a point to try to visit you at least once a day, unless complications in my offline-life make it difficult to even get at the computer! So if you don't see me... I've got problems to solve at home.....

  14. HERE! Can I get a hall pass to go to the bathroom now?

  15. Beware the misquote switch witch:
    Hear! Do you here that princess? That is the sound of the shrieking eels.
    Misspelling is all to common to be funny... My apologies.

  16. Why wasn't I following you? That is a very good question! I am now!
    LOVE your blog!!
    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  17. I am not a follower because I don't use the follow function. I am an RSS subscriber. Does that count?

  18. You know...I don't know why I don't follow you. I suppose because I expect to hit your blog through my EC toolbar every day. Either way, I am now following and are here!!!!

  19. Woof! Woof! YES I also have "mysterious" followers ... need your help DUKE. LOVE your photo. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  20. Here, yup, yo and all of the above .... just a day late :P

  21. I don't know if I am a follower or not - I do know I visit your site each day!

  22. Here,
    Send Duke over anyway, I think he and my doggies would get along great!

  23. Hey I'm here! :) Send Duke anyway, I am sure he and Ginger would get along he can swim in our pool with her! How cute would that be hehe.

    I don't read every day though...only cause I get busy or just forget to check any of my blogs...but everytime I remember I am here and I comment! The no comment thing drives me nuts on my blog...outta 60 some people I am pretty sure you are almost the only on who comments lol

  24. Howdy!

    I read but I do not always comment--it takes so long...
    Duke is a cutie:)

  25. Here! don't always get a chance to read everything but have you on my google list and see it there often!

  26. By the way, I love your little slide show!

  27. You crack me up! This was a very sly way to find out who is following you. I visit you daily but I was not technically a follower until now, so don't send Duke after me!

  28. I'm present and accounted for. I wouldn't miss a picture like that for the world.

  29. LoL, I'm here!!!

    Love Duke's new look...doggie cop.

  30. nessa oh good and your the first one to show up too.

    poetic shutterbug well I'm glad you are present even if you are planning on ditching to lure the officer away

    bossy betty, very good

    sandee well that's good enough for me :)

    manoverboard I used to be one of those lurker types, reading but not commenting much :)

    kirsten YEAH and your welcome for the comment, meant every word

    dkmiller, great

    tahtimbo good thing because I think he's going to have to go out looking for joanne

    christine waving back :)

    ldh duke would probably love it at your place with all those yummy things you bake

    buggys I'm positive that I won't get that many comments but it sounded like fun to see how many there would be

    beaded tail yeah, i'm glad i'm in furiends list. I need to get one of those lists here

    will oaks the idea just popped in my head the other day when I happened to glace at the followers

    grace, I used to have a system something like that but I got myself so confused it wasn't funny

    june zach, glad you showed up, your safe now from dukes authority

    fullet thanks, glad you're here today

    anna yippee I'm the same way, sometimes I slack but I try to make my rounds

    fishhawk you may have your hall pass but no goofing off or smoking in the boys room

    alesa uh oh shrieking eels I don't know if duke is prepared for those

    jen, oh yeah, I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering how you've been

    audrey LOL glad you are. I LOVE yours too

    anne it sure does count

    alterity button jewelry YEAH, but even if you weren't I'm always glad to see you here

    sgr when duke is through with his truancy duties he'll be over to assist you

    honeyb ah never too late, glad you made it

    Jody, and I'm glad you do.

    connie girl glad you made it, hows that kitchen coming along

    vickie hee hee thanks

    tanyia well if duke is going to your place to swim I'm coming with him

    nico I know how it goes, I'm the same way sometimes, I have more time for comments now though since I'm not doing the drops like I used to

    buggys thanks, a friend did that for me as a surprise

    lenox knits you're safe, duke won't be coming to get you :)

    ratty he does look pretty dashing in a beard and mustache doesn't he

    me-me aint he cute? I don't know what made me think of that but it

  31. Hi Anne...Love that photo of Duke looks like you picked up 10 more followers, good job.

  32. jude, so I did how about

  33. I missed your roll call. :( Sorry, I'm really sick. Or my allergies are extremely bad. One of the two. I feel like death warmed over.

  34. I am here but late as usuall lately!! I do stop by ....but I am always late!! Love your blog!!

  35. Duke is absolutely adorable! Love his little hat. Too cute!
    Your new mark on your photos is perfect for maintaining copyright to your work. I like how you fly., lol

  36. mee2 i'll excuse you for being absent but you are here now so that's what counts

    gayle better late than never, I'm glad you visit any time

    tammy duke is easy to work with, doesn't take much for him to look cute, he's just a natural.

  37. i'm here as much as i can be...xoxox

  38. pj thanks for checking in. i know how busy your days are now. 10 hour days, don't know how you do it


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