Friday, March 26, 2010

A day in the sun

Duke had a great day out in the back yard. The grass is finally showing again and there are so many things to explore. It looks like he found something interesting  sitting next to the ball that he left out to get buried in the snow.
Not much of a view, but Duke likes to keep an eye on the sidewalk. You never know who could be walking by.
 Ah, nothing like laying in the cool grass enjoying the fresh air.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. You have grass?? We have onions & weeds ... LOL

  2. Ahhh, nothing's better than cool grass, fresh air and sunshine! Duke is so cute. ;o)

  3. Awwww, we ought to hook Hobbes and Duke up one of these days,they both love the grass. :)

  4. Hey, he's your protector, he's gotta keep an eye out on that sidewalk. I need a protector, can I have him for a while :)

  5. Here's to green grass and bright, sunny days!

  6. I'm so happy for the grass turning greener and the flowers starting to bloom. yay for spring and for Duke to keep an eye out.

  7. Duke looks like he's loving his day in the grass, sun and fresh air! The only thing better would be a swimming pool!

  8. That looks like a nice Spring day you had. Does Duke have any squirrels he can chase?
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Duke is cool, my poor Obie tries to be cool, but just hasn't got there yet. Guess it will take a year or two. Stitches come out tomorrow.

  10. so nice to see greenery again. Our forecast for next week is predicting heavy snow so I am hoping they have got it wrong....enough of the snow already!!!!!

  11. Spring, spring, spring is a wonderful thing! How nice to see the GREEN GREEN GREEN grass of your home! LOL :D

    Have a relaxing and a blessed weekend!

  12. Nice! Duke looks great in the sun! I would have liked some sun today. We had a little bit of sun in the AM, but then we had some more rain and snow in the evening. I wish it would quite snowing though!! I'd love to go see Bishop's Castle and take some pics with my new camera, which I LOVE!! I haven't said that in a while.

  13. Trixie, who is a terrier-mix of some sort and all white by color, loves to go outside, but when she comes back in, she is usually not even close to being as white as she was when she left the house. Am I being a racist by not liking this so much?

  14. Hahaaa...he's SO Precious! Cute "look" to him Miz Ann!
    You can almost "feel" how that grass Feels!!lolol

  15. Vickie, we have grass, most of it isn't looking too pretty right now after being buried under the snow all winter but it's there again.

    Split rock ranch you betcha, it just lifts the spirits to see the sun shining and feel the fresh air.

    Lin I'm sure they would have a blast. They could share their favorite grass stories with each other

    poetic shutterbug yes he has appointed himself as my protector. And I must say he does a good job

    the urban cowboy here here.

    dkmiller me too, it's been a long winter, but then again they're all too long for me

    beaded tail oh he did, he's been itching to get in that pool too. I thought he was going to try and jump in that day.

    tahtimbo no squirrels, not much wild life in my back yard.

    jude I'm sure that Obie is going to be as equally cool soon. He's just working on perfecting his technique right now :)

    allotments4you I hope that forecast is wrong, hasn't there been enough of that already

    junezach LOL that reminded me of the old old commercial for the slinky toy

    mee2 we had lots of sun but the wind was so cold that it wasn't very pleasant to be out in

    fishhawk, not racist at all. A white girl shouldn't try and be something she's not.

    Donna He does have a whole lot of cuteness tucked in that little body of him.

  16. Hi Duke, this is our first visit here and you have a wonderful blog. And you sure are a handsome Westie. We think you are a Westie. Guess you could be a Cairn too. Anyway, you look like you are having a great time. Have a super week end.

  17. Looks like he enjoyed the morning! Have a great weekend Ann :)

  18. Oh look grass! We have concrete!

  19. I think I am going to do the same thing as Duke this weekend!

  20. Marg We're so glad you found us. Hope you stop back often. Yes Duke is a Westie. Of course he's a westie who is badly in need of a hair cut

    Vanilla seven I think Duke enjoys anything he does.

    Grace. well at least you don't have to mow concrete.

    bossy betty that sounds like an excellent plan.

  21. Don't you just love sunny days! I'm so glad we've had 3 in a row now, everything is just more cheery.
    I got lucky with the costs involved in my craft room. A friend painted her house and had 2 gallons of paint left, so one is for the craft room and the other will go in my kitchen. The flooring we purchased about 5 years ago - it's just taken me this long to get up the energy to empty the room :)
    Only have to purchase some panelling (6 sheets). Can't wait until it's all done!
    Have a really great weekend!

  22. Looks like Duke is really enjoying the spring weather. I think we all are very ready for spring.

  23. Every time I see Duke my heart just melts. He is just the sweetest, cutest thing! If I ever get a dog I am going to think about one like him. He must make you happy.

  24. Audrey wow, you did luck out. can't beat free paint.

    B Boys Mom he is enjoying it. He wants out twice as often now that it's not so cold

    Cinnamon girl That's how I felt the first time I ever saw a picture of a Westie.

  25. It's been a while and I just had to stop by and see Dukie. I missed him, he looks like he had one hell of a time.

    Sorry about not being around as much as usual, but been busy doing "life', hate how that interferes with my blogging.

    Hope you and Duke have a great weekend :-)

  26. Man-over-board. nice to see you again Glenn even if you did only stop by to see
    I don't have much interference so I get to spend lots of time with my blog, now how sad is that? :)

  27. It's a dog's life. How lucky Duke it.

  28. Me-me, yes it is, and in my next life I want to be a dog :)


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