Thursday, March 18, 2010


I know that this is maybe an odd picture, but I rather liked it. I find myself rather odd sometimes. This was the result of layering 3 photos. Can you see what the three different items are in the picture?

I started out with this as my background picture.
The second layer was added and the blending mode was changed to screen. Here is the second picture
The third and final layer was the next picture with the blending mode changed to soft light. 
I included the changes in the blending modes for those of you who like to do photo editing. For those of you don't, just enjoy the pictures. Although I don't see anything all that interesting in a photo of  an energy saving bulb or a ceiling fan. I do like the picture of the bolts though. 

Here's just one more picture for those of you who stop by expecting to see Duke


Sandee said...

I enjoy visiting you both. You and Duke. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

LDH said...

Really cool picture! I love what you can do with layers!

Nite-Nite, Duke!

Buggys said...

Very cool picture. As always. I knew that was one of those goofy lightbulbs! I hate those things and my husband insists on using them!

BeadedTail said...

That layering is really cool! You have a very creative imagination! And of course you have an adorable little dog so love seeing photos of Duke! said...

A day without Duke and Ann is like a day without sunshine or in some cases light bulbs. OK that was a bad analogy, but you get the gist, lol.

I get my spurts of getting into Photoshop, then when I get totally frustrated I don't go near it for a month. I love those videos you can find when someone who is amazing with Photoshop does a time-lapse of some incredible things you can do with that program. I for one am not that good nor creative, so I usually like to borrow other peoples work.

Ratty said...

Layers can make photos of even uninteresting things fun to look at. You did a good job of highlighting the bolts with the others there to enhance the photo.

Grace said...

I really like the finished product. I wish I could learn photoshop - I would need someone to physically show me how. Normally I can learn anything from written instructions but not this.

June Zach said...

I was able to guess the first two photos but I missed the third one. Love the editing.

For Duke, he could have blended in the photo as well. (LOL) I wonder how it will look like but I am pretty sure it would be nice. :D

fullet said...

I also like the "three in one" photo, and what I like the most is that you are so creative!
A little award is awaiting you in my blog :). Have a nice day!

allotments4you said...

great editing ann...I couldn't even make out the bolts but loved the finished product!!

Duni said...

Amazing technique!

...and Duke is adorable as always :)

FishHawk said...

Yeah, Duke don't need no stinkin' layerin' to look awesome!

DK Miller said...

Neat effect. I need to work on my photoshop skills more. Especially layers.

Grampy said...

You always do a great job with your photo's. I can't work with them. I have a color perception problem.
Well of course it is always nice to see duke.
Have a sparkling Weekend.

Anne said...

Those photos would be great for a hardware store advertisement (I thought of hardware when I saw it). Of course, the bonus photo of Duke was fabulous. Isn't he always!

Jude said...

Well, I started with the bottom post and Dukes big adventure, but I was hoping he would chew big holes in the hose so Mr, Spiky couldn't soak any more dogs, but your ending was very touching.

I loved your designer box cutter, someone always stole mine when I worked at Lowe's.

I have no clue how to layer anything, but I always enjoy seeing your creativity and I'm happy you added a photo of Duke. Obie is healing up very nicely and I always appreciate your visits and comments.

Jody said...

Love how you create. Thanks for sharing how you did it - it will help me. I love learning and appreciate that you can show how you do things.

Thanks for all your entertaining daily blogs.

earthtoholly said...

I think that Duke's kinda peeved that he wasn't included in the layering process there... I agree, though. It does have a neat effect. I getcha...I'm odd, too. :o|

Tes said...

Very creative, Ann! Amazing layers! :)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Ann, wow! I love this. You've taken ordinary things and created an extraordinary piece of artwork. I never though bolts would look so pretty. Of course, Duke is the big hit here :)

Ann said...

Sandee and we both enjoy you visiting :)

LDH, I sometimes go overboard with the layer thing but then I go overboard on a lot of things

Buggys I hate them too, they really aren't good for much, don't give off enough light if you ask me

Beaded tail my imagination is a little scary

manoverboard well thanks for saying. I've seen some of those videos, I wish I was that good

Ratty layers can add some interesting details sometimes

Grace the written instructions were VERY confusing for me for a long time, I can't really recall what finally made things start clicking for me

junezach I did have Duke in there but I didn't like the way it looked so I took him back out

fullet why thank you I'll be sure to stop by, you have a nice day too

allotments4you thank you very much

Duni Duke can't help it, he's full of

FishHawk nope, duke doesn't need a thing

dkmiller I should work on improving quite a few things

grampy why thanks you have a super duper weekend also

Anne, hmm maybe I should see if the hardware store wants to buy it

Jude, that would have been a good ending too. Glad to hear Obie is doing good

Jody, I found that the best way to learn is to just start playing. A lot of the things I come up with are just happy accidents. I usually can't even tell you how I got there.

earthtoholly I'm glad I'm not the only odd one. I tried to put Duke in but then I took him back out

Tes, thanks, just me playing :)

Poeticshutterbug why thanks. I had to find a use for all the silly nonsense pictures I've taken and that was it. Of course Duke pictures are another story.

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