Monday, March 15, 2010

Duke's excellent adventure...the whole story

Another Monday morning and Duke was left alone while mom and dad went off to work. Not happy with his usual routine, he decided today he would do something different. The minute the car was out of the driveway, Duke decided he would saunter down the road to see what there was to see.

He made his way out of the house through the secret passageway he had made the night before. As soon as he got out to the street he found the biggest  bone he had ever seen. Knowing that there would be other dogs wanting a piece of the action, he grabbed the bone in his mouth and began dragging it to his favorite hiding place. The only problem was that in order to get there, he had to pass by his nemesis territory, a dog hater and bully called Mr Spiky.

Mr Spiky always sit at the front of his house, protecting his delicate garden zealously. When he is around, he always carrying a big garden hose--on and ready for action. He just waited for dogs like Duke to come by his property so that he could soak them with the cold water.

Duke was on to Mr. Spiky though. And he knew how to get by him. What Mr. Spiky didn't realize is that Duke once dated a Lab, and the two would spend most of the time cooling each other off in cold water.

As Duke approached, the sight of the garden hose spitting out cold memories had him thinking to himself...And how the Lab stopped dating Duke, because in reality she hated the cold water and instead of telling Duke, she just disappeared on him.

This hit deep into Dukes broken heart and knew today would be the day that his nemesis would pay for the constant badgering.

With flames in his eyes and vengeance in his now crazed mind, Duke jumped over Mr. Spiky's gate and
came a splash of cold water from the long garden hose. The terrifying Mr.Spiky had been watching Duke from the inside and was very keen to every move by the furry dog. With laughing boisterously, he aims the hose to Duke. But the brave little fella was very clever that he grabbed the hose and turned it on his nemesis. What made this is even better was Mr. Spiky was wearing hip-waders, which were filling up with the cold water. Mr. Spiky started to shiver. His boots were over flowing with water. He slipped and fell and then Duke started to feel bad since Mr. Spiky was old and now very wet and cold. So Duke went to turn off the water and came back to lick Mr. Spiky's face to help him warm up.

Mr. Spikey . . ....turning his cold and wet face towards Duke, sputtered and choked out the cold hard truth of his hatred towards Duke..."You remember that Lab you were dating and she just up and left 'ya?"
Duke, trying Not to remember her, shook his head yes.
"Well, she didn't just disappear, she "took me up on my offer of the biggest bone she'd ever seen if she would leave you, never to return. Yea, I have to admit, she hesitated, scratching her ears a few times, but in the end, she picked up that big 'ole bone and headed on down the road towards Pepe the Spanish Water Dog, who is known as a very insatiable Latin Lover who himself has a rather large bone he enjoys to show off.

Mr. Spiky knew the lab couldn't dismiss the charm of the Pepe and laughed when he saw poor Duke broken hearted.

It was time for Duke to finally put an end to Mr Spiky's reign of terror and decided to melt Mr. Spiky's frozen hear once and for all. You see Mr. Spiky's  didn't really hate Duke, he was jealous that he didn't have a dog that was as wonderful as Duke was.

Duke remembered where he was born, so he headed on over to see if his birth mom and dad had any new pups. As luck would have it, they did, and they were just the right age to be adopted. Duke bundled up his baby brother and delivered him to Mr. Spiky's door. Mr. Spiky's eyes welled with tears when he saw what Duke had done for him. From that day forward Duke and Mr. Spiky were steadfast friends and Duke's little brother Drake turned out to be almost as great as Duke.

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  1. Oh, it's FABULOUS! Great idea, Ann and Duke! :)

  2. It was fun to read the entire story!

  3. What a fun story!
    What is this?
    Are you all writing stories? Great! I'll hopp around and read them!
    Best wishes

  4. A story game. Excellent. Everyone did a great job. Where was I? At the boat probably.

    Have a terrific day. Tummy rubs for Duke. :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my post about the green and gold necklace. Yes, I thought it might suit Saint Pat's.
    You are First Commenter again. I gave you and extra link.

  6. That turned out to be a great story. Thanks, that was a lot of fun. I remember when I took an Education class in college and we did something just like this. A lot of fun, thanks again!!

  7. That worked out really well!! And was lots of fun!

  8. Wow! It really turned out to be a wonderful and entertaining story! Good job everyone! :D

    We also had an activity similar to this one when I was still in high school. :)

    Have a great week Ann and Duke!

  9. That is a really great story! I wanted to participate but my mind went blank. Everyone was so creative and it was fun to read!

  10. Ohhh... missed this one but I had fun reading! Loved how the story expanded :D

  11. Wow, that turned out better than I ever hoped, but I still want my full cut of the royalties. So, when can I expect a check in the mail?

  12. That turned out great. It was fun watching it expand. You should try some more adventures with duke. For instance a good one would be running off at the picnic grounds.
    Have a good day Ann

  13. This was FUN Ann!! I laughed till tears were rolling at some of the tales!!
    We'll have to do it again sometime!!

  14. Ann, what an absolutely charming and creative story. I laughed, I cried and the whole time was rooting for Duke. Loved it!

  15. Oh a gripping tale it was! Such a talented group of writers you all are!

  16. A wonderful story and a great joint effort. I wanted to participate, but somehow I couldn't think of anything captivating. Maybe next time!

  17. Lin, I know, I love the way the story unfolded

    Bossy Betty yes I agree it was

    Anna,One story right here, written through reader comments.

    Sandee, Yep probably on the boat. I loved playing this on your blog and decided to give it a try

    Anna yeah, I love being first :)

    tahtimbo i loved this game on sandee's blog

    Audrey yes it is, you guys did great

    junezach yes it did, great job by all

    Beaded tail I've been that way myself especially with the caption this ones

    Nessa, maybe next time around

    FishHawk, the check will be bouncing into a mailbox near you any day now :)

    Grampy, I loved the whole story, I'm thinking this may be a regular thing

    Donna Fun indeed, me too, I could picture the whole thing

    Poetic shutterbug, yes it was I thought it turned out rather well

    Buggys yes, so much better than I could have done on my own, I loved it

    Duni it certainly was and I know the feeling

  18. I love it! What a great job everyone did!

  19. What a fabulous story! I am so glad it had a happy ending. Boo to the Portuguese Water Dog for stealing Duke's girl.

  20. What a wonderful story. I think it would be a great childrens book.

  21. Cinnamon girl. I know, excellent collaboration

    Anne that wasn't nice of that dog at all, however I had no idea that Duke even had a girlfriend

    Bboysmom I agree I think Duke would make for excellent reading.


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