Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion or Faux pas?

This time of year it goes without saying, you need boots. I however don't wear them very often. I have one pair and I don't like driving in them because they are really heavy. About the only time I'll wear them is if I'm out shoveling or maybe walking Duke. They're not bad looking though and they certainly are warm.
These were actually a hand me down pair from Amanda. That makes them even better because I didn't have to pay for them.
Now when it comes to boots for Wade, he has one favorite pair that I lovingly refer to as his "dork boots". He says they're comfortable, warm and he likes them. I think he's under the impression that I'm embarrassed to be with him when he's wearing them. Yes, I think they are goofy looking. If he likes them though, that's all that matters.

I did own a pair like these eons ago, at the time they called them moon boots. He's such a sport for standing still while I took a picture of them.


  1. These aren't too bad. My cousin used to have moon boots when they were around, and we laughed and laughed at him because they really did look like moon boots. They were even silver. He looked funny to begin with, and he didn't need any extra help. :D

  2. I think all of us women cringe as some of the things our husbands wear. I know my hubby has some blue jeans that are so tattered we look like we're poor and can't afford to buy clothes. It's good to know that you are in the same boat and I'm not alone. I do have a question thought. Why do men always say they don't care what something looks like because all that matters is it's comfortable.

    Have a terrific day. Hi to my pal Duke. :)

  3. Uh, can you say "Napoleon Dynamite"?! Sorry, that's what they look like!

    I have 3 pairs of boots--One dressy for work, one slip-on pair for driving and errand, and one high-top for sledding and outdoor activities. I would love to put my boots away already!

  4. Shhhhhhhhhh, dont tell Ian I gave those to you! hehehe they were a christmas gift from him a few years ago and I totally hated them buuuuuut I didnt want to hurt his feelings...yes they are warm but, hello when do I wear boots (and for that matter when do I EVER go outside in the winter LOL!) I agree with you mom that those boots of Wades are goofy looking but I'm not so nice and I'd tell him they looked awful....maybe. Today was very nice outside here and I got to sit out on my porch without a coat on just in case ya wanted to know ;) Well i'm off to make dinner for Ian and me. ttyl! love ya, Amanda

  5. Ugh I hate boots...actually I am really not fond of anything that totally encloses my foot. I am pretty much a year round flip flop wearer lol

  6. We have so much rain here that a lot of people where those funky colorful almost knee-high boots so your husband's boots aren't all that bad!

  7. I love boots - back in the day when I could wear high heels I had several pair of over the knee boots with stiletto heels. Now I have similar boots but with a flat heel. Then I have my bright yellow bumble bee rain boots - so cool! I do have a pair of clunky short boots for snow but I don't go out in the snow so....

    When I lived in Vermont I had a pair of boots like you have...

  8. Would he be inclined to come down here and beat me up if I was to say that they look awfully dorky to me? If he would be, I will not say it.

  9. Never mind how they look like...important thing is they keep your feet warm!!!

  10. In the winter comfort and warmth are all that matters sometimes. :-)

  11. Looks good. Function over style I preferred.

  12. Men ARE dorks. It's in the genetic makeup, nothing you can do to change it I'm afraid. But we love 'em anyway!

  13. Did you ever try moon-walking in a pair of moon-boots?

  14. Sadly, I don't have good boots. It might explain my hatred of snow. Free is my favorite kind of clothing as well.

  15. I had a pair that looked something like them...hubby hated them...and then they magically, disappeared..LOL
    He got into SO much trouble!!

  16. Ratty it's always nice to have relatives that you can make fun of....lol

    Sandee could be they say that to hide the fact that they have no fashion sense?...lol

    Lin, LOL uh yeah.

    Amanda, don't worry Ian doesn't read my blog :) Glad you got to enjoy some nice weather, hope I get to soon.

    Tanyia first thing I do when I get home from work is kick off the shoes. I hate wearing shoes

    Beaded tail the ex used to wear what we call farm boots all the time. They're just as bad

    Grace I've never had stiletto heels as a matter of fact I've never been a fan of heels at all. I'm a flats kinda gal

    FishHawk Just to be on the safe side I won't mention it to him...lol

    Duni yep, anything to keep warm

    DKMiller you are so right. I don't even care how chunky I look wearing 3 layers of clothes..lol

    Vanilla seven. I suppose you are right.

    Buggys You got that right. :)

    Me-Me Can't say that I have. Have you?.

    Anne I love free. I have the boots but like I said I don't wear them most of the time

    Donna Wade thinks I hate his but I really just like to make fun of them...lol

  17. Well I think it's all about comfort. I used to wear boots when I was younger though not so much now.

  18. Awwww...Napoleon Dynamite Boots! Every time I see moon boots, I think of Napoleon dancing!!!

  19. Oh Ann, that cracked me up! Hehe. Myy husband too has a few favorites that makes me go "Who are you?!" But as you said, if they really it, that's all that matters...hehe :)

  20. They are ok. I wouldn't wear them but then again he probably wouldn't like mine either:)


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