Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blame it on the dog

It's all Duke's fault and now I'm starting from square one.
Along with my new plan for following my favorite blogs, I started a new plan for doing my posts. I've sort of been working ahead. I'll write my posts a day or two ahead and then schedule them. This way I'm not scrambling to get a post together after I finish reading all your wonderful posts. Well, last night Duke was so excited about doing a post that he just went ahead and published it without scheduling it for today. That meant 2 posts for yesterday and nothing for today.
Since I'm starting from scratch again and working on putting together a few posts, today I'm going to bring you a design I put together and named "Starting from square one"
It got it's name because this is what I started with
One black square is where this all began.
From there it led to this

Next came this

and the final product

It's a good thing tomorrow is Friday and my weekend starts. It will give me some extra time to catch up on things.


WillOaks Studio said...

Duke, be sure to tell your Mom that this sequence is just awesome!!

VanillaSeven said...

What a creative way to start from Square One ahaha...:D

Audrey said...

That is so cool! I usually try to get my posts ready a head of time too, saves me from having to scramble first thing in the morning :)

Grace said...

I really like your final product...and it was a clever post...

BeadedTail said...

You are so creative! I try to schedule my posts ahead too since if I don't, I'd be scrambling every night. It's a huge relief to be ahead and not having to stress over having to get tomorrow's post done.

Roschelle said...

They are cool. I love the third one. Don't be too hard on Duke...he's just too cute to stand any scolding :)

Duni said...

Wow! I love that mosaic pattern!
In fact, our entrance hall tiles have a mosaic like this :)

FishHawk said...


Anna said...

Great patterns. How do you do that? All of them would be fun patterns on a ceramic bowl.

Don't be too hard on Duke. He's sweet and trys his best.

As far as scheduling is concerned, I am also trying to plan ahead, but about 70% of my posts are "scrambled" at the last minute, even "Photo Hunt". So I can really understand your need to plan and schedule.
But Duke, bless his heart, may not be able to understand this.

Jen said...

Hahahaha - sounds just like something I would do (always nice to have company :o) Love the graphic design - too cool!

DK Miller said...

Cool post and good luck with your new plan. I pre-schedule most of my posts.

JuneZach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

It all started with a simple square until it became a wonderful creation full of art.

As I always say, you are a truly gifted person. :D

Jody said...

You are so creative! Maybe you could let us in on your secret as to how you made the square into those fabulous designs?

Buggys said...

Well of course it's fabulous! Come on, how in the world....?

Donna said...

Oh Wow! I can't EVEN imagine How you did That!! Gorgeous!!
Happy weekend sweetie!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Excellent designs, I really like them. I try and schedule posts a week in advance but it sometimes doesn't work when I'm feeling lazy like today.

Me-Me King said...

I just love kaleidoscopes!!! Nice work.

Have a great weekend! :-)

SGR said...

Woof! Woof! ANN That is so COOOLLLLL! Mom would like to know how you did that. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday. Have a great weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar said...

Yup blame it on the dog :-) Poor Dukie

Ann said...

WillOaks, I sure will, and thanks, mom will appreciate that.

Vanilla seven, gotta start somewhere right?

Audrey thanks. I don't think I could manage getting up any earlier than I do now to take care of the blog in the morning. I save it for after work

Grace, thank you very much

Beaded tail but it really stinks when you run out of posts that are ready to

roschelle, thank you. Sure take the dogs

Duni that must be one pretty entrance you have

FishHawk, Easy :)

Anna I can't remember all the steps because I play around so

Jen, I'm so glad I'm not the only one like

DKMiller well if I can get my act together it should work quite nicely

JuneZach thanks I appreciate the vote of confidence

Jody, I'll add that to my list of posts that I put together this weekend

Buggys maybe it's because my brain is from another planet some

Donna maybe you won't have to if I get a post together to explain it.

Poetic Shutterbug thank you very much. I'm going to try and get that many together we'll see if it works or not

Me-Me me to but this one actually wasn't a kaleidoscope. and thank you

SGR I'll be working on the answer to that. You have a great weekend too

Manoverboard, Of course I would blame it on the dog, he's the only one who can't protest.

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