Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From my desk

Yesterday mom showed you something about me so today I'm going to show you something about her. Want to see what was on her desk?
She was busy making another one of those notebooks again. This time she even liked the way it looked and told me I could show it to you.

She put this one in the mail to cousin Joyce the other day. Mom says Joyce is a lucky lady because she got to do something called retire. 

I wonder if dogs get to retire. 


  1. Very cute card! And Duke, you are so photogenic. I get this feeling that you sometimes forget you are a dog and think you are a person? I'm not saying this is a bad thing because it's part of your charm! I'm just afraid that I'm going to log on one day and see "Duke's Snap & Edit." You wouldn't do that to Mom would you?

  2. No dogs don't get to retire Duke, but they get to take lots of naps and that's even better.

    Tell your mom she did a really good job on the notebook. Cousin Joyce is lucky to be getting this. How cool.

    You write the nicest posts Duke. You really do. Have a great day. :)

  3. You come here retired Duke...didn't you know that? Tell mom that notebook is so cute and of course, you know you are too :)

  4. LOVE the card! "retire" is a wonderful word - to bad it takes so long to happen :)

  5. Yeah, what Roschelle said! Dogs come "retired". Sheesh, all that napping and enjoying warm sunshine and grass. You've got the life, Duke--a good life.

  6. That notebook is beautiful! Your cousin Joyce is going to love it!

    We agree with Roschelle too, you're already living the retiree life!

  7. Nice article,
    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.
    God Bless you.

  8. Dear Duke,
    Thanks for sharing Mommy's work. Very nice! Yes, she's very clever!
    Retire? Can dogs retire? Maybe. There are working dogs, such as dogs who help the blind or dogs who help the police find dangerous or illegal substances or dogs who rescue victims of earthquakes or dogs who sniff out bombs. Maybe they get to retire from their careers. Maybe. But honestly, Duke, don't you think you live a good life already? Paw-on-heart?
    Forgive me for getting side-tracked.
    Could you please thank your Mommy for stopping by and leaving her nice comment about wanting Spring to come on my blog-post about green jewellery.

  9. Watch out what you are wishing for. I do more now that I am retired than I did before.
    But it is good. No alarm clock.

  10. Oh Duke, you can't retire. What would your mommy and daddy do without you to keep them out of trouble? (Um, since your mommy now has something that could get me in a lot of trouble with your daddy, please tell her that I said that her scrapbook thingy looked really cool. Okay?)

  11. Your mom's notebooks are lovely!

  12. What an awesome book! Loving the button!

  13. Hahahaaa.....What a little CUTIE!!!

  14. Fabulous notebook, Joyce is a very lucky lady!

  15. Dear Duke,

    If you are looking for a fabulous location to retire to, I have just the spot. The sun always shines, the treat are plenty and there are lots of birds and kitty cats to chase. Won't you please consider coming to Arizona?


  16. The book is very pretty, but that last pic of Duke - Wowzie!

  17. I had to catch up on your posts and first of all I think Wade's boots are very functional looking and I want a pair. Duke is one spoiled well loved, gorgeous hunk of canine goodness. I loved the pool photo's, he looks like he has so much fun. The notebook is beautiful and I'm sure cousin Joyce will love it.

  18. What a pretty notebook your Mom made! And how fun that your Mom lets you go swimming! I bet Moon would like to join you in that boat.

  19. Mum did a very good job on the notebook's beautiful. As for dogs retiring...your life has been just one long

  20. I think most dogs already live in perpetual retirement. But I do remember when my dog got too old to do her normal stuff, and I always said she was retired back then. So I guess some dogs do get to retire sometimes.

  21. I love the new notebook! Very cool. I think everyday is a day of retirement for a dog.

  22. Wow, Duke ... cousin Joyce is lucky for getting that book! Your momma did a great job on it!! And...btw I think you need to talk mom into getting you some swimming trunks next!

  23. sheri you mean I'm not a person? thats an interesting idea for a blog name. hmmm

    Sandee I'll tell her, and I'm glad that naps are better than retiring

    Roschelle no didn't know that thanks for telling me

    Audrey yes too bad

    Lin too bad mom wasn't a dog and then she could nap and enjoy sunshine and grass with me all day long

    beaded tail thanks and she got it and was thrilled

    Anna thanks I guess I do have it pretty good

    Grampy mom said her dad always used to say the same thing

    FishHawk Ok I'll tell her, I'm sure it will keep her quiet for a little

    DKMiller thank you very much

    Alterity Button Jewelry thanks

    Donna, ,hee hee I am aren't I :)

    Buggys, why thanks so much. she's a real sweetheart too

    Me-Me I'll tell mom I want to retire in Arizona, I'm sure she won't mind.

    Grace thanks,, Duke can be very photogenic when he sits still

    Jude lol well loved, spoile gorgeous hunk of canine goodness. that cracked me up.

    Cinnamon girl Moon can go boating with my but one question. Has Moon be declawed? if not we could go down with the ship

    allotments4you thanks and yes I guess it has

    Ratty some dogs? sometimes? I wonder if I am one of those dogs

    Lenox knits thanks so much and dogs sure do have the good life

    Tanyia Thank you Good idea on the trunks a dog shouldn't be skinny dipping in broad daylight.

  24. Ann, I am back now! LOL

    Beautiful card. Amazing!
    I miss little cute Duke. :D

  25. Duke, sweetie, dogs are permanently retired. The notebook is gorgeous. My daughter would love it. She loves to write and draw and enjoys fancy notebooks.

  26. Duke,

    FYI, one of the requirements of being a dog is that you're already on vacation...for your entire life! Don't you let Mom overwork you! :o)

  27. Dogs are born retires. They eat, sleep, play and do whatever they want. I want to be a doggie :-)

  28. Junezach, so glad you're back. and thank you very much

    Anne Dogs are so lucky. mom was thinking of maybe doing some more and possibly do a giveaway, maybe your daughter could win one

    earthtoholly I'll have to have a talk with mom and set her straight. Just the other day she was telling me I should earn my keep while her and dad are at work and maybe do the laundry for them.

    Manoverboard, me too, what a life :)

  29. That book is ADORABLE!! I love it. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting. I'm so neglectful of my blog friends that I'm surprised any of you still love me.

  30. Mee2 thanks so much. Don't feel bad, I get that way sometimes too. Even if you just stop and lurk a little I'll still love ya :)

  31. The notebook is SO neat! And Duke is the cutest pup ever; I love how he thinks. :-)

  32. I love the new notebook! Very cool. I think everyday is a day of retirement for a dog.


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