Monday, March 22, 2010

some people are so darn sweet

Since Duke went and blabbed yesterday about my birthday, I'll tell you today about a couple really sweet people who helped make the day special.

First there is my bestest daughter Amanda. She sent me the cutest card.
Amanda always picks Snoopy cards. So I was loving this card from the beginning, then I opened it up and...
Snoopy came sliding out of the mailbox. Now how cute is that?

I also got this adorable card from my friend Debbie
Then look what she put inside
This is sitting right on my desk, but it's too cute to put a drink on.


  1. Looks like you had a nice day and got lots of cute cards.

  2. I love those cute cards! And the doggie coaster is so adorable :)

  3. Blessed Belated Birthday Ann :)
    I love all the thoughtful gifts!

  4. Woof! Woof! Very SWEET!!! It sure made your birthday extra special. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Such sweet cards! Happy belated birthday!

  6. Sorry I missed your birthday. When we are at the boat on the weekends I tend to miss lots of important things. I'm singing happy birthday anyway...

    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Ann,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

  7. What a nice day you had! The coaster is adorable and your daughter is the very sweetest!

  8. I know somebody else who's darn sweet... it's Dukes Mom and I am sending belated Very Happy Wishes to her!

    Cute cards! I love snoopy. And I love when kids do something special for moms... it really means so much.

  9. That's great! You have the sweetest persons surrounding you. :D

  10. Oh that Snoopy card is very cute. Looks like you are really loved very much! Happy Birthday!

  11. That is so perfect - I wouldn't put a cup or a glass on it either!

  12. Happy Birthday Ann! Love the cards and cute coaster.

  13. Amanda is so sweet! The card is adorable. Am a snoopy fan myself! :) The coaster is so cute! :D

  14. Happy happy birthay to you. I just happen to have a chocolate cake in the oven as we speak, so come on over!!

  15. DKMiller, well these days, birthdays just aren't as exciting as they used to be but I did get nice cards :)

    Duni I LOVE the coaster

    Vanilla Seven thank you very much

    SGR yes that it did

    Bossy Betty thanks and they were sweet

    Sandy, no biggie, just another day anymore but thanks for singing to me :)

    Buggys, yes she is the sweetest think

    LDH aww thanks so much. My daughter is addicted to sending snoopy cards

    JuneZach yep sure do

    B Boys Mom lol I guess so, it's nice when they grow up and stop saying "I hate you"

    Grace it was perfect, and no cup will ever touch it :)

    Connie Girl, thank you very much

    Tes yes she sure is. She loves Snoopy

    Daniela oooh chocolate cake, my fav. I'm on my way :)

  16. What great cards!! I totally understand why you wouldn't want to put a drink the the cute coaster :)
    Glad you had an awesome day!

  17. Ahhhh! Hope your day was Wonderful!!!

  18. Audrey yep, my daughter sure knows how to pick em

    Donna it was as wonderful as a birthday can be at my

  19. Cute cards and such an adorable coaster! Glad you had a wonderful birthtday!

  20. How awesome! Happy birthday!

  21. Hey, you're milkin' this birthday thing pretty good. (Not that I really blame you, of course.)

  22. What cute cards! Happy birthday girl (I know I'm a day late, but it's okay 'cause I'm a dollar short ;o)

  23. Glad you had a good Birthday Ann. Time sure does fly. 48 is young. You have to watch out for the big 50. It sneaks right up on you. Love your cards. The coaster is also precious.
    Have a good day.

  24. Looks like a nice birthday and you got some lovely cards!

  25. For me, sometimes I get so caught up in the card, I forget there is a gift attached.

    Love the coaster!

  26. Ann, Snoopy cards are my favorites I just love him and Woodstock :) Happy Birthday again and it sounds as if you had a wonderful time. The cards are adorable and the Duke coaster is a treasure.

  27. Sorry I missed your birthday, but it sounds like you had a Happy one without me. Had to catch up on the Duke photo's and his baby one is adorable. I also loved the one of you contemplating life and now I have to go find me one of those Westie coasters.

  28. Beaded tail, the coaster is just as cute as Duke only not as fluffy :)

    Alterity Button Jewelry thanks

    FishHawk hey why not, I need more milk in my diet :)

    Jen LOL want me to send you a buck? then you'll only be late. Thanks so much

    Grampy my mother used to always tell me that once you finish school the years fly by and she wasn't kidding. 50 is getting dangerously close :)

    DK Miller. I sure did, such sweethearts they are for sending them

    Me-Me I love the cards and I always go for them first. But you gotta love it when something falls out of one

    Poetic Shutterbug Snoopy and Woodstock are the cutest. How could I not love them, I grew up with those guys

    Jude I should ask my friend where she got that, I could pick up some more

  29. I'm glad you got some nice cards for your birthday. Really cute coaster; the dog looks like Duke.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my yellow earrings for MYM. It shows that you really looked closely at the earrings if you noticed the little spirals at the bottom. Making beaded earrings is fun, but one of the problems is holding the beads together. I don't have enough sterling silver hatpins with balled-tips. They are expensive. I use genuine sterling silver wire that I "pulled" (= pulled thicker wire through a series of smaller and smaller holes to make thinner wire) myself at a silver-smithing course. There are different ways of making stops instead of using balled-tips; one of them is just curling these little spirals.
    Good comments inspire better writing. I should probably mention something about these spirals in one of my posts.


  30. Happy belated birthday Ann! You're a wonderful person with a great sense of humor :D

  31. Hope you had a great birthday Ann!!Isn't it funny how a card can be worth more than an expensive present!!

  32. Anna, I'll take your word for it, I have no idea how to make jewelry. Wish i did. As for comments, sometimes I get ideas for posts by reading what people write.

    Nessa thank you very much

    Gayle thanks and you're right cards are wonderful.


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