Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's not much, but it's a start

I was out in the yard the other day with my camera and I noticed the tiniest buds on my forsythia. It's not a lot but it's something. It won't be long before they are covered in those lovely yellow flowers. I know you can't really see the buds in the picture but believe me, they're there.


  1. Oh, yes, I see them... exciting!

  2. And all that snow it gone. I'm guessing Duke is a very happy guy. Warm feet and all. Spring is indeed a wonderful time of year.

    Have a terrific day. Big tummy rubs to Duke. :)

  3. I see them! I see them! :)

  4. It looks like a dead bush but I can see those buds :)

  5. I see them! That means Winter has withered and Spring is springing :)

  6. Lucky you!! No buds here yet, it's been quite cool the last couple of days. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will see real signs of spring :)

  7. I hope they grow soon! More green for this Spring!

  8. The buds are confirmation that Spring is on it's way - I look forward to seeing them every year!

  9. I can see them. I've been watching for the same thing on the trees near my house. I'm getting excited!

  10. Trust me I can see the buds! LOL

    Enjoy Spring! Celebrate life! ^_^

  11. I can definitely see the buds...I have been looking for signs of spring for weeks so they jumped right out at me. Glad you're experiencing spring too....won't be long now until the world is pretty with colours!!

  12. I see it! I see it! It's a start, and anything is better than winter. :o)

  13. It may be different up there, but down here, we often get some of our worst winter weather in April. So, I ain't peeling my long-johns off until June.

  14. Are those the stupid big things along the side of the house?....this would be Amanda if you hadnt yet guessed lol.

  15. Budlets!

    And yesterday I noticed that, despite our freak snow last weekend, my daffodills are up and nodding their yellow heads.


  16. Oh yes! Those buds will be opening any day now! Yahoo!

  17. Aren't you lucky, Ann!

    Not much blooming in our garden as of yet, but it's been a rough winter for these parts.
    And the rain doesn't help either!

  18. Come on spring, I know you can do it!

  19. Have a terrific day and weekend Ann. Big tummy loves to Duke. :)

  20. I love forsythia - more a harbinger of Spring for me than crocuses (croci ?)

  21. Ann, go over to Beaded Tail. Her "Friday Features" has a painting that looks like you might have done it. Or Duke is free-lance modeling and forgot to tell you!

  22. I believe you. I noticed tiny purple flowers growing yesterday. Of course, we are expecting snow in the next couple of days so that will probably upset the flowers but I can enjoy them while they are here.

  23. Ahhh. . . . I should take a picture of the Forsythia here - it all in full bloom - all over the place - just magnificent!! Happy Friday to all!

  24. The crocuses and snow-drops have just started to bloom here! But there are still piles of snow and it rains a lot. Forsythia is still in the future!

  25. I can see them Ann, very exciting and beautiful

  26. LDH, those first buds of spring are exciting

    Sandee believe it or not we actually had a dusting of it this morning. thankfully it didn't stick around

    Lin, cool huh?

    Nessa, yeah it does look pretty dead right now

    tahtimbo yeah, yes it's on it's way

    audrey well we don't have many buds but soon

    vanilla seven, me too, that thing will be full of yellow flowers

    beaded tail yes they sure are

    ratty me too, I want some color in my life :)

    june zach oh good, I plan on enjoying and celebrating

    allotments4you any sign no matter how small is a good sign

    mee2 you got that right

    fishhawk I finally was able to go to just one layer of clothes instead of 3 when I get dressed for work.

    Amanda, yes it's that stupid thing on the side of the house. What? you don't like it? Of course I knew it was you :)

    vickie yes YAYYYYYYYYYYYY

    JD yep those are budlets. I think I should go clean out the flower bed I might find some daffodils trying to pop up

    Bossy betty yes and I can't wait.

    Duni we haven't had too much rain but then it's still early

    vixen yes come on spring

    sandee duke loves those tummy rubs

    grace I don't have any crocus or I'll have to rely on my forsythia and the stray daffodil or two that I might have out there

    Grace, I saw it and I loved it.

    Anne Oh I wish I had tiny purple flowers I hope you don't get that snow

    Ollie McKays I'm I can't wait to see mine in full bloom

    Anna the snow is all gone here now Finally!

  27. There's a house near mine that has a huge forsythia hedge and I noticed tonight it's all in bloom!

  28. Buggys, I can't wait till mine is. I love all the yellow. Of course they get way out of control and have to be trimmed back a lot but it's worth it for that burst of color they bring in the spring.

  29. Come on spring, I know you can do it!


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