Sunday, March 14, 2010

A designer what?

Working in a grocery store, having a box cutter is a necessity. Working in a grocery store for 13 years, you manage to collect several of them. They either get misplaced, or someone "borrows" it and never returns it so you grab a new one. When I was cleaning one day I discovered I had quite a collection of these things.
Here you have your typical boring, box cutter. Now if someone picks it up and walks off with it, it's hard to say that it's yours because they all look the same. One of the girls at work had hers sitting out on the counter last week and I noticed it had a piece of masking tape with her name written on it. That gave me an idea. 
Now we all have designer box cutters. I made one other one but didn't get a picture of it. The girls all loved them and I even had one of the guys ask me to make him one. His of course wasn't quite so girly looking.
Now if anyone happens to take mine I can definitely say "Hey, that's mine".

Due to the amount of spam comments I've been getting lately I've made a couple changes. Posts over 7 days old will be moderated and I've also added the word verification. I've never really liked the word verification but now I see that it's a necessity to help avoid the junk. I hope all of you who have helped make my blog what it is today will continue to leave your wonderful comments that brighten my day. Oh, and Duke loves them too.


  1. I hate word verification, and before my cataract surgery there were times I couldn't see well enjoy to see the word that needed typing. I didn't post very many comments of those blogs. My eyes are much better now.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I have a few of those left over from my Target days. I like what you did to them.
    Oh, how often have you sliced yourself with one? When I was working, I got nailed at least twice...what a mess.
    I won't even mention my time with a carpet knife.
    I had to disable anonymous comments on my site for the same reason.

  3. You are very talented Ann. Very personalized box cutter indeed :)

  4. oh, those are so pweety! I like! :D

  5. The box cuters are so cute!! You have a great talent!!

    I am going to check out getting my comments fixed too.

  6. Well isn't that clever! I can see that turning into a business with all the box cutters in all the retail stores all over! Fabulous!

    I don't like word verification either but I had to turn mine on awhile back for the same reason. Frustrating that spammers exist at all.

  7. You've done a great job with the box cutters. I know I would want one of your designs too if I worked there.

  8. So cleaver and cute, Ann! Hope the spam problem ends for you!

  9. Crafty girl, you! Is there a full moon or something because I've been getting spam lately (unusual) and it's becoming annoying. What is the purpose?

  10. That is such a cute idea, Ann. I love that a guy asked for one, too! hehe

  11. How did you decorate them? What did you use? Big labels? Paper glued on? I'm really curious. So fun - personalized box cutters...

  12. Did you use your cricut for that mom? who was the guy that wanted one, was it jeff?

  13. Well, it's obvious that you have not been paying close enough attention to your wise little feller again. For I am quite sure that Duke has already warned you that personalizing your box cutter just makes it that much easier for the cops to identify who sliced and diced the manager in the stockroom when no witnesses will speak up.

  14. You are such a clever girl! Those are fabulous (now I want a box cutter :o) I wouldn't worry about the word verification; I think pretty much everyone uses it to keep out the riffraff.
    Oh, and FishHawk? AHAHAHAHAHAHA you are just so wrong ;o)

  15. I love those altered box cutters! Wow, what a great idea!

    I've also been getting way too much spam lately and have put the comment moderation on for older posts aswell. The word verification was always annoying, but I might have to put that back on too!

  16. I remember those box cutters from when I worked in the warehouse. That was many years ago. I see they haven't changed. Of course now you have designer box covers.

  17. I love what you did with the box cutters.....very clever and oh so cute.

    I'm not a fan of word veri either, but I have noticed a significant amount of spamming going on as I make my rounds. Hopefully, after a couple of weeks, you can remove it.

  18. Love those Girl!!! Great idea! Only You would think of that!!
    Happy week!!

  19. What a great way to personalize something that could be so impersonal. You are the second blog I've read this morning that talked about enabling monitoring on old posts. I guess I need to take a look to see if this is something I will have to do to. Hope it helps keep the spammers away.

  20. Cool idea! I will have to tell our ladies here about that, they always seem to "grow" legs.

  21. Sandee, I hate it too I don't have cataracts and sometimes have a hard time reading them so I can't even imagine how hard it had to have been

    Tahtimbo thanks, I believe there have been a couple slices from the box cutters. I've washed a lot of them too, taking them home and forgetting they're in my pocket before I do laundry

    Vanilla Seven thanks, no one will touch it now

    Nessa thanks

    Gayle I never used to have a problem with the spam but it's been bad lately. mostly on my older posts

    Beaded tail hmmm there's a thought. Yes the spam thing is very frustrating and pointless if you ask me

    Ratty well if you ever come to work with me I'll make you one. It'll have a squirrel on it :)

    LDH thanks and I do too

    Buggys I haven't checked the sky but it might be. I can't figure out what the purpose is

    Tanyia thanks, yeah I put a duck on his I wanted something fishing related but didn't have anything so I went with hunting

    Grace. I used scrapbook paper and mod podge then just glued on the letters and buttons to decorate.

    Amanda, no I made them before the cricut and how did you know it was jeff?

    FishHawk. I don't think Duke is aware of that because he is always leaving incriminating paw prints everywhere he goes

    Jen hmm think I still have your

    Duni thank you. Seems like all of us are being hit with the spam they must be out in full force

    Grampy nope still the typical box cutter boring and

    Me-Me thanks. I always hated word verification I hope I can remove it, it's a pain.

    Donna thanks see what happens when I get left alone with some glue and paper?

    Lenox Knits the new box cutters are getting plenty of use too :) i noticed a lot of spam on my older posts.

    Vickie, thank you very much

    Connie yes they do grow legs for sure. the darn things are always walking off, along with the pens.

  22. How cool are you? Maybe a new little side business you can start, Anna Cutters?

    Don't you just love spam, unfortunately you're on blogger, as I finally got rid of them via my Wordpress.

  23. Those are really cute!

    I hate word verification too, I am mildly dyslexic and I always mess them up. After the first try I just skip it. Maybe it's time to move to Wordpress?

  24. Man over board. Anna cutters I like I've been thinking about looking into word press but all that work. uggghhhhh

    Jen oh that would make them even worse than they already are. Wordpress is an option.

  25. Hi Ann, What a fun idea. I have to put my name on my 2 pens at work because I use them all day long and they were disappearing all of the time. Now when someone "borrows" one, I get it back no matter where in the store it is found. ;D This is a clever idea.

  26. I had to resort to word verification and approved comments, although I did mine at 3 days old. I was getting killed with spam and those changes have eliminated it! Whew!

  27. I love the box cutter! You are just so darn creative. Always something new and good over here. And since Duke is so stinkin' cute your blog is always a good place to be.

  28. Wow, those are cute. you are so creative.

  29. Tammy pens may be my next project because they always disappear too

    Lin I hope it works for me too.

    Mee2 aww how sweet and Duke is stinking right now cuz he needs a bath....rofl

    DKMiller, I was pretty happy with the way they turned out, and thanks

  30. What a great idea. My son works at a grocery store and at home we have a large collection of box cutters. I think I'll do this to a couple of them for him. What fun :)

  31. BBoysMom, sounds like a plan, and surely he'll always know if someone else is using his.


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