Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

A little bit of wishful thinking for Wednesday. If you've been following my blog you can probably guess what I'm wishing for. Yes, that's right, SUNSHINE and summer. Since some of you were eager to see Duke on his raft and that goes right along with my wish for warm weather I thought I would bring on the pictures from last year and the year before.
Here he is thinking about jumping in. And yes, he does jump in on his own. If you don't watch him closely, and he wants to swim he just goes for it. Believe it or not, he'll jump in from the ladder, swim around and then he can climb back out all on his own. He swims back over to the ladder and climbs it. 

Ahhhh, doesn't that look refreshing?

Here he is on one of our rafts. This one has always been his favorite for some reason. He loves to get underneath the back of it.

This was after he got his first hair cut and I bought him his OWN raft.

Last summer we bought him this boat. He normally gets on one of the rafts, floats out to the middle and then just sits there and barks because he's not moving. Well this one we tied a rope to. When he floats out and stops we just pull the rope and put him into He also loves it when you kick water at him. 

I hope you enjoyed your little swim with Duke today


  1. How adorable. Dukes a water dog. He's good at it too. I'll be around this summer to watch him in the pool. I ♥ Duke.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Now how cute is that? Seriously he is the cutest little thing :) I want to go rafting with him.

  3. Now Bubba is jealous! I'll have to dig up a picture of him on his raft in his pool.

    Duke, you look too cute!

  4. Oh man ... that DOES look refreshing ... lucky doggie Duke!!!

  5. Oh, I can't wait for summer to come, either. That's really funny that Duke swims around in the pool and he actually has his own raft? Well, only a few more months and Duke can lounge around in the pool again. This means that I'm going to have to clean-up our yard, so I can set ours up.

  6. Well, if you can fall in love with someone's dog, I'm in love with Duke! I just know he has so much personality!

  7. Oh my gosh--that is hilarious!! I can't believe how much he loves the pool. It's a shame that nobody spoils that dog or anything. ;)

  8. Wow, he really does love the water!! I wish my dog did...she just like mud....

  9. Oh he does love his pool very much! He's so adorable!

  10. Really good pictures of Duke! You two must be on the same "wave-length". You work well together. He is so cute!

    Swimming in a pool is one thing that I never get the cats to do. (Cajsa prefers going out in a snow storm.) They hate water. Some day, I might get a Turkish Van-cat; the only race of tame cats that love swimming! They are normally white with a splash of fox-red colour on the ears and tail, if I remember this right.

    Duke, you are a real doll!
    Now I've left a comment on the wrong post. So you will get two comments from me today!

  11. I would serve on his ship anytime!

  12. Excuse me, where are Duke's Speedos?

  13. Duke has got to be one of the cutest dogs I've seen in a long time! Adorable...

  14. Awww, Ann, it is so cute that he does that! When we had Midnight he hated water lol. I am anxious to see what Ginger does when the pool warms up

  15. Sandee yep he's a water dog alright. He already can't wait for pool season

    Poetic Shutterbug well come on over but best to wait until the pool warms up a bit

    Sheri Bubba can come boating with Duke, his boat is big enough for 2

    vickie he's lucky alright, I think he uses the pool more than I do

    Tahtimbo well before he can swim it takes some work on our part to get it ready for the season. UGH work :)

    LDH you are so right. he's got tons of personality

    Lin it is a shame isn't it? It's amazing that I haven't been turned in for cruelty to

    Will Oaks Duke doesn't mind mud either but being white I do what I can to steer him clear of it

    Beaded tail yes he loves the pool too much :P

    Anna Well we don't ALWAYS work so well together, he's not always too cooperative I've never heard of that type of cat, sounds very interesting.

    FishHawk, you can be Skipper Duke's Gilligan.

    Me-Me Duke's daddy is wearing the speedos. poor duke has to skinny dip

    Grace I have to agree,

    Tanyia well if you remember the two chocolates I had, Winston loved water and Molly hated it. Winston never was keen on the pool though like Duke is, he was more of a sprinkler kind of guy

  16. The pictures of Duke are so cute!!

  17. Gayle, it's hard not to get a cute picture of Duke, but then I'm rather fond of him so it's hard for me to give an impartial opinion :)

  18. aaahh... Duke and his raft! Lucky I didn't miss this post :) He's such a doll. Most dogs dislike water.


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