Saturday, March 13, 2010

The giveaway that keeps on giving

Remember this post when I talked about the giveaway that I won on Jen's blog? Well when I entered I thought I had read that the prize was a t-shirt. When that fabulous package arrived, I figured maybe I misunderstood. Well guess what? I didn't misunderstand at all.
 Here's Duke checking out the shirt I got from Diana and Blake Schneider from Say it in sign. I feel like a bit of a twit though because I got this and forgot all about putting up the post. I'm so bad that way. I really love the shirt and wanted to thank Diana and Blake again. If you didn't check out Say it in sign before you should head on over. Just to let you know, they do screen printing, so if you need a shirt that's a good place to look.
Uh Oh I better go put that shirt away, Duke looks like he's thinking about trying it on for size.


  1. Congrats on winning the t-shirt! Looks like it got Duke's approval!

  2. What a nice shirt! I love purple. I also love your last post with the story - but I had a brain freeze and couldn't think of anything interesting to add. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. Congrats on the win!! It's so much fun entering give aways, but so nice to win one too :)
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. If that had of been one of our little darlings, the t-shirt would have been quickly "marked" as their own. Be thankful that Duke is not so possessive.

  5. Duke surely loves it as depicted in the photo.

    Congratulations Ann! :D

  6. Beaded tail yes Duke gave it the paws up

    Cinnamon girl lol, I get brain freeze like that all the time. especially on the "caption this" posts that I see.

    Gayle thanks

    Audrey thank you and you are so right

    FishHawk well Duke has a habit of marking things he shouldn't but the tshirt wasn't one of them

  7. Cool shirt, and congrats on the winning. Winning something is always fun.

    Happy Sunday

  8. Yes, Duke looks very happy with that shirt, lol! I'll check out her site. Thanks.

  9. Cool win! Don't you just love when you get a surprise in the mail like that??!

  10. junezach, duke thought it was great

    sandy yes it is and thanks

    poetic shutterbug I think i heard him plotting to wear it while i was at work

    lin I sure do, gotta love a surprise

  11. What a wonderful prize!
    Duke probably thinks it's a blanket for him ;-)

  12. Duni, I think you may be right, he was ready to take a little nap right there on the shirt.


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