Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've never been one to watch the Discovery channel but I do love it when I make a discovery of my own. I found an amazing blog recently that I have to share with you. It's called Shadowhouse Creations.  The author of this blog is Jerry Jones, a self taught Photoshop digital artist. Let me tell you, his work is amazing. Aside from being very talented, he's also very generous. He offers textures, brushes and tutorials.

I picked up a couple of his textures the other day as well as a mask and did some playing around

This next one I used his mask and a texture. 

Of course my two example can't even compare to what you'll see on his blog but I had to show them.
Go on over and check it out. Shadowhouse Creations.


  1. Oh Ann, these are Gorgeous! Going over now!

  2. Too cool! I popped over to his site first, and it IS amazing. I would like to add (for the record) that I just read yesterday's post - I was a day behind - and now I wanna cookie....

  3. Wow, you are right he is indeed very talented. Wow.

    You did well too. You have a new toy now. Have fun. :)

  4. Dear Ann,
    Lovely pictures.
    Thanks for visiting my Barbie-post!
    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Ann,

    I just found this guy too! Such fun playing around with his textures ~ if only there was more time!

    Oh, your cookies look delicious!
    Nice stopping by! ldh

  6. What a great find...now to go look!

  7. Oooooh, very cool! I'm going now...

  8. Excellent link. I'm always looking for stuff like this, so I bookmarked it. Thanks.

  9. Looks great! I'll be sure to check out his site!

  10. Thanks for calling my attention to ShadowHouse Creations! It is indeed a great site, and I have just added it to the list for a future Sites To See. (Of course, without Duke, his site could never be as great as yours.)

  11. These are really good. And ShadowHouse is a GREAT site!

  12. Those are cool. I'd love to hear how you did them. :-)

  13. Thank you for the link! I would love to learn how to do more with photoshop but I let it intimidate me.

  14. I'm going over to have a look but I have to tell you , I think that daisy is brilliant.

  15. I'm touched by your kind words and glad to have new visitors.
    May you frequent often and I'm happy to see I can help in some small way.

  16. You never cease to amaze me! Is it possible for you to hold an online class for the clueless like me?

    And, speaking of the Discovery Channel, I do watch and I can proudly say I know all the mating habits of every creature on the planet.

  17. Isolating other color often brings out the attention you want from the picture and you did it nicely Ann :)

  18. Oh, that is so cool and creative, I love this stuff. I'll go check out the link now. Thank you.

  19. I am not creative at all so I admire anyone that is. I love what you did with your new finds, very cool.

  20. L.O.V.E his site!!! Really cool photos you have :D

  21. I don't know a thing about Photoshop but your pictures look neat! Especially the flower.

  22. Donna, thanks and you're welcome. I know you'll love it

    Jen isn't it though, um, I'm out of cookies but the next time I make them I'll let you know

    Sandee, i know, I was in awe of his work

    Anna, thank you, and I loved your Barbie post, took me back a few years :)

    LDH yes it is, I've seen quite a few that I want to download just haven't had the time

    Waterrose, have fun over there

    Lin, Cool for sure, have fun

    Ratty, I do the same when I come across sites like that, although I've started using stumble upon also

    Beaded tail it is, I'm sure you'll like it

    FishHawk You are quite welcome, Duke thought you might like it. Maybe I should send Duke to visit Shadowhouse, nah, I'd miss him too much besides he's needed here

    Roschelle, thank you very much, and I'm in total agreement

    DKMiller, he has a tutorials on his site which are much better than any I can do but it's really quite simple, you just layer the textures over your photo and use different blending modes to get the effect you want

    Nico designs I was at first also but once I learned it, there's no stopping me

    Buggys I was really pleased with the daisy came out myself, but thanks for saying

    Jerry I'm a total fan of your site. I will indeed visit often and your textures are a remarkable tool. I just knew that my readers would love to hear about you if they hadn't already

    Me-Me if I knew how to do that I would consider it, if I ever figure it out you'll be the first to know. You are very fortunate to have that very useful knowledge regarding mating habits :)

    Vanilla Seven why thank you so much. and I agree with you about isolating color

    Poetic shutterbug enjoy the site, I'm sure you'll love it

    Jude Thanks so much, Sometimes I don't feel very creative either

    Vickie isn't it great. and thanks

    Cinnamon girl thank you, the flower is my favorite.

  23. Oh wow, amazing, Ann! Thank you for sharing the link, am excited...heading there now!

  24. Tes, you like my pictures wait till you see his...lol Enjoy, glad I could pass on some useful information


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