Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday night fumble

I know that football season is over but I have to say that mom really dropped the ball when it came to tonight's post.
She got home from work and started reading all your blogs and completely forgot about posting on her own. 

I had all day to read your blogs and I could have caught her up but no, she said she wanted to read for herself and leave comments.

I handled things here though. I think I made an excellent recovery. What do you think?


  1. Mommys been Very Busy on MY blog sweetie! Please don't blame her...Hahahaha...
    Happy sleep sewwtie!

  2. We think you made a great recovery Duke but then again, you always do! We know we tell you all the time but you are just absolutely adorable!

  3. You've done a wonderful job, Duke! Have you ever thought about starting your own blog?

  4. Duke, I think she may just let you handle the blog from now on. You've done an awesome job.

  5. Duke, you did an awesome job! No fumble at all as far as I'm concerned!

  6. Donna, I did notice that she hung on your blog extra long. I don't know why, all she was doing was watching what she said were hunky cowboys

    Beaded Tail I think you guys are adorable too

    Grace Yeah me!!

    Bossy Betty yes I have I tried to find the post where I talked about wanting to change it to Tails of the Westie but couldn't find it. Never happened though.

    Poetic shutterbug I think she likes it too much to let me do it ALL the time

    Roschelle well then you are the referee we want at all our

  7. Good job Duke. It is always nice to hear from you. You are looking good.

  8. An excellent job as usual, my dear Duke. I would ask you if it was possible for the ball to get lost for a while so that we could here some more from you, but that might hurt your mommy's feelings. So I won't.

  9. Duke, you made a good save for your mom with this post. And you are cute as ever. I must say I appreciate your mom's regular visits to my blog though so I understand. It's hard to manage time when there is so much to do!

  10. You saved the day Duke! You are so darn cute I want to reach in the screen and give you a big squeeze.

  11. You are so adorable.. i love your last photo!

  12. Yes, Duke. You saved the day! And you are so cute too!
    Please don't tell the cats. It might hurt their feelings.

  13. Dukie saves the day....again! Love ya, Duke!

  14. Duke you're awesome, and your mom's not to bad herself, but keep that between us k?

  15. Grampy thank you very much I do my best :)

    FishHawk I'll try and hide the ball under the couch, way in the back, she'll never find it there.

    DKMiller thanks, mom likes your blog a lot, she says you take great pictures

    Cinnamon girl well if you lean in real close to your screen, I'll lean in close to moms and you can give me a big squeeze and some ear scritches too :)

    Anny thanks, I do my best

    Anna I won't tell the cats, I know how they can be

    Lin Yeah me!!!! Tell Hobbes I said hi

    Me-Me and the crowd goes wild.

    Manoverboard Thank you, I think mom is great too but I don't tell her because it would only spoil her

  16. Good job Duke! You are man's best friend for SO many reasons! Keep up the good work. Warm hugs my little friend.

  17. Duke is precious! I love the second image. Such a handsome boy! Nice job, Duke!


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