Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Presque Isle Day 4

So are you tired of the Presque Isle pictures yet? Just a couple more days and I promise I'll give you something else.
So here we go
Enter stage left
 I know, another sea gull. What can I say, I like them.
How about a look at Lake Erie.

And for those of you that are suffering withdrawal symptoms, here's your Duke fix.
Duke's own private, above ground, lake.


Sandee said...

I like sea gulls too, but you have to be careful if you have food. They will literally take it right out of your hand. Scary.

Thanks for the Duke fix. I was missing him. I'm getting ready for the big party over at Sugars next Tuesday. I love all these parties.

Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

BeadedTail said...

Nope, not tired of those photos! I like sea gulls too so have enjoyed your pictures of them. I was needing a Duke fix though so thanks for the photo of him! He's just as cute as can be!

Jean said...

I'm a sucker for bird pictures so I'm not bored. So glad you included a picture of Duke. I also was suffering form withdrawals.:)

Tanyia said...

OOh that second pic is beautiful!

Sheri said...

Great pics! Of course my favorite is the one at the bottom :)

Roschelle said...

The lake shot is my favorite surpassed only by the pic of the Dukester!!!!

Audrey said...

Duke is just too funny :)
LOVE the other photo's, wish we had water out here. Nothing but prairie.

Grace said...

You should have brought home one of those birds - for Duke.

Ann Martin said...

Great pics and can I say the one of Duke made me laugh out loud? He's got to be the most photogenic pooch on the planet!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Ann, gorgeous shots and love the seagull. Of course it goes without saying that Duke stole the show.

Nessa said...

ahhh finally.. there's Duke!! LOL

marie said...

I'm not tired of the Presque Isle photos ~ they're beautiful!

Duke looks like he's having a blast!

June Zach (Fledgling Blogger) said...

I'm not bored at all seeing your great photos! The lake is nice and what about Duke? (LOL)
I know he loves water. ;D

FishHawk said...

YAHOO! Duke has come to save the day!

Jen said...

Actually I'm finding your current photo theme pretty relaxing. Of course we DO need that Duke fix once in awhile *grin*.

Russ said...

I can't get enough of the Seagull pictures. I love em. Duke is looking good also. I really missed him.

Bossy Betty said...

Never tired of these lovely photos and Duke is always a treat to see!

Marg said...

Sea gulls are good. We could look at pictures of them forever. And Duke it is so good to see you and what a great picture of you with the water drops showing too. That is amazing. Hope Mom has had little down time and also that she yelled at the insurance company.
Have a great day.

DSS said...

Oooh...that Lake Erie pic is breathtaking!

And as usual, Duke is fabulous ;)

Nico Designs said...

With this Texas heat I found myself wishing I could join Duke.

Leeuna said...

Lake Erie is gorgeous, but nothing can compare with the Dukester. Thanks for the fix. I was missing him. :)

Out on the prairie said...

The gulls sing to me whenI am on the beach, like to hold bread up to them so they take it out of my hand.

B Boys Mom said...

I like the sea gulls till they come down and take my sandwich from my hand. hahaha! Thanks for the Duke fix. said...

I could look at your pictures from Presque Island every day. What a great place to enjoy such a beautiful area that many of us take for granted. Even thou I am not particularly fond of Seagulls, at least not in a mall parking lot. I appreciate them much more when they are sitting on a rock at the sea shore. Don't ask me why. I always enjoy seeing Duke though, he looks like he's never been happier :-)

Ann said...

Sandee, I know, the one time we were on the beach eating and I thought they were going to land right on my blanket

Beaded tail glad you enjoyed your Duke fix :)

Jean I just wish I could get more bird pictures. Seagulls are pretty accommodating, other birds not so much

Tanyia it's one of my favorites

Sheri but of course :)

Roschelle Duke does seem to be the big winner :)

Audrey he's a comic alright. I'm glad we have the water, prairie is nice but I like the water.

Grace oh I could see that being nothing but trouble for

Ann when he sits still he does take a good pic :)

poetic shutterbug he always does, he's such a show off

Nessa sorry made you wait so

marie I just wish I had the opportunity to spend more time there

Junezach one of these days I'll have to take Duke to the lake and see how he does in the water there

Fishhawk happy now? :)

Jen they are relaxing pictures to look at aren't they? White and furry even goes well with relaxing.

bossy betty maybe I'll run

marg I liked the way you could see all the water drops in the pic of Duke. Insurance co? nah forget about em.

DSS thank you, I loved that one

Nico Duke would enjoy that, he likes to have company in the pool

Leeuna you are quite welcome

out on the prairie none of these samg to me but the i didn't have any bread for them either

b boys mom they are pretty bold aren't they?

man overboard seagulls just seem out of place at the

Miawa said...

Does Duke feel like a model yet? or should I say "act" like one?
Great pics Annie and just keep breathing, keep breathing, relax

Reeni said...

Can he be any cuter? Seriously. I melt every time I see him.

Ann said...

Miawa there are days when YES he does ACT like

Reeni I think he just gets cuter by the day :)

Donna said...

Lordy, he's a cutie Miz Ann! I know you love him, Lots!!

Ann said...

donna, oh you bet I do :)

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, I love the image of Duke on the raft! Great shot with the water splashes! He is toooo cute!

earthtoholly said...

Beautiful pics, Ann, and the one of Duke on the float takes the cake! Oh my, what a sweetie. Lucy says she knows how to do that, but she doesn't...she's just jealous!

p.s. I love this theme and your header :o)

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