Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just a little bit longer

Summer is flying by way too fast for me. I want it to stay just a little bit longer. Here's a picture that says summer to me.

My flip flops and an ice cold diet coke make for a wonderfully relaxing summer day.
Imagine my horror when I was out taking pictures and noticed this.

I don't know, maybe the leaves on this pear tree turn this color every year at this time, but I'm just not ready to see fall colors yet.


  1. If you lived in the SE you would be ready for Fall colors and cooler temps.:)
    Loved your image of the flip-flops and Diet Coke. Nice!

  2. Hmmm... sadly those colored leaves look all too familiar here! :(

    I've never been able to wear flip flops (though I like them) as I can't stand anything in-between my toes. Strange huh?? Ha!

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday evening Ann!
    xo Catherine

  3. I'm with Jean. Us southern girls are chomping at the bit to see those colors and some cooler temps! it's been hooooo-t!

    p.s. hug duke for me!

  4. Oh, Ann, will you still be my blogging friend if I say I am ready for autumn? This was an extra hot and humid one and I'm kind of looking forward to some brisk, clear days. A little rain would be nice too. We had a few sprinkles today but not enough.

    I don't have many companions with my preference. My girls LOVE summer!

  5. Oh I am - so ready to see those colors - it has been a godawful Summer here on the East Coast - actually I think "nasty" is a good word. Nasty Winter, no Spring, nasty, ugly Summer - we can only hope (and pray) that Fall will restore our faith in Mother Nature, and that she will be kind.

  6. We have great weather here until the end of October. Very long spring/summer here. Then we have Indian Summer in September and October. I hope you have summer a bit longer.

    Love your flip-flops. They are cute as all get out.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  7. Don't worry Ann. Just enjoy your summer with Duke. The Fall can wait.

    That a spunky flip-flops you have!

  8. Hi Ann - I always have your blog extra large as I love the pictures - so imagine my shock when your beautiful flip flops opened up straight before my eyes ..... I wondered at first what I was looking at. They are both lovely and eye catching - flip flops over here tend to be a little dull ... let's hope that the manufacturers in Britain manage to take a peek at your blog and perhaps I shall be able to take a picture of some pretty summer sandals next year.

    I can always dream - can't I??

  9. I'm not ready for fall either. Mainly because after fall comes winter which means tax season. I'm hoping summer hangs on awhile longer!

    Hugs to Duke!

  10. It seems that we haven't had much of a summer this year with the constantly changing weather so I am definitely not ready for it to disappear and yet i already notice the days getting shorter....hopefully we will have an Indian summer to balance things out....fingers crossed!!!!!

  11. Time moves so quickly. Could you just imagine we are already approaching the "Ber" months in less than two weeks? Whew!

    Your pictures are so colorful and nice work on the contrast! :D

  12. We would love for some cooler temp sometimes. Its so warm sometimes... i find it hard to breathe.

    Autumn is nice.. i love autumn :)

  13. I guess I'm kind of torn. I wasn't exactly appreciative of the 100+ temps that came with July (blech), but at the same time I was having lots of fun with the horses and wish I could have added an extra week or two to our summer break this year (cool flip flops ;o)

  14. Jean, the colors I don't mind it's the cooler temps that lead to that icky white stuff falling that I dread :)

    Catherine I've been seeing more and more of the color lately

    Roschelle it's been pretty hot here too but I'm a fan of heat

    LDH The humidity does get to me but I can deal with it better than being cold. We can still be blogging friends just please don't start singing "let it snow"

    Grace I wouldn't mind fall so much if it wasn't followed so closely by winter

    Sandee I like the way your seasons run. Bought the flip flops while I was shopping with Amanda

    Sallie thanks, just got them while I was shopping the other day with my daughter

    Vanilla seven if only it could wait

    kloggers maybe you could send them a picture of my flip flops and ask them if they could stop making them so dull

    Beaded tail I don't even want to think about winter but I imagine with tax season added on for you it's gotta be the pits

    allotments4you it was like that here last year, not real warm, this one has been extra humid but I'll take that over freezing cold any tiem

    Junezach it sure does, it seems that summer just started. I like that, the "Ber"

    Anny I can relate to the trouble breathing in the humidity. I tend to stay inside when it gets that bad

    Jen I think I would be more ready for the change in weather if it wasn't for the fact that winters are just so darn long.

  15. Maybe our Heavenly Father is getting a head start on His fall photoshopping in your area?

  16. I am with you Ann. Let the Summer linger. I do love fall but it also means Winter and Snow will be following soon.
    Love your FlipFlops.

  17. Woof! Woof! We sure had a summer this year ... it was HOT! Looking forward for fall weather but not winter. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. I hate to say this but we are looking forward to fall just for some cooler temps. It has been brutal here this summer. But I do hate winter and hate to see the leaves go away. Hugs for that Duke boy.
    Have a great day.

  19. We noticed that here too. Is fall coming early this year? If the trees start turning now, will we lose our pretty colors in October because they will not peak properly?

    We have a tree in the back yard that has a lot of red already.

    Fall is nice, it's the ice, snow, and cold behind it I can do without!

  20. It is something we can't stop, but I'mwith you,give me a few months more.It was a lttle cool in the pool the other night, but 90 today so it is still around. I have seen some birds starting to flock out on the prairie so know change is close.

  21. I too am amazed at how quickly summer has gone! I was hoping it would last a little longer :) We only start school on sept. 8 so I have a few weeks yet.

  22. So, how is Diet Coke Lime? Do tell!! I've contemplated trying it, but never have.

    And flip flops + DC definitely = summer time for me too :)

    Get some green spray paint and cover that maroon on those leaves!

  23. fishhawk hmm that's a thought, he may be.

    grampy I'm not against fall, like you said it's the winter and snow that follow it

    Sugar we don't like winter :)

    Marg, a break in the temps I'll deal with but not when it gets to turning up the heat and wearing layers

    Sheri I've noticed quite a bit of color popping up lately. It could mean that the fall foliage peak will be off

    out on the prairie yes, pleas just a few more months

    Audrey I can't believe how fast it went by. It seems like we just got started. so many things I wanted to do and never got to

    sharkbytes, yes indeed. I love it

    DSS Diet coke with lime is excellent. At least I think it is. You should definitely try it
    I like the idea about the spray paint. maybe I'll hit the hardware store and stock up :)

  24. I am SO ready for fall! That leaf is looking might lovely to me!

  25. I've been trying to prepare for the horror of the end of summer myself. I didn't have fun when fall hit us last year. I'm hoping I can change that this time.

  26. That first picture screams "one more trip to the pool."

  27. After the record heat of this summer, we are SO READY for fall! We also can't wait to get up to British Columbia soon and enjoy some cooler temperatures up there!

  28. Ann, first, those leaves are gorgeous. Great shot. And, your first shot, flip flops and a diet coke is me all year long. I wear flip flops in the house and Diet Coke for me is it's own food group :D

  29. Reeni I would be more ready for it if it didn't mean that snow is so close behind

    ratty I just dread winter so much that I hate to see summer end

    bossy betty oh yeah, PLEASE, just one more

    Donna we had hotter than usual temps this year but not nearly as hot as you had

    poetic shutterbug thanks. I would love to wear flip flops year round but I'm afraid I would end up with a severe case of frost bite. Of course diet coke is a food group. I always get my daily requirement and then some.

  30. Oh gosh, I am so with you there... not ready for autumn! I covet your flip flops - cute!

  31. 2 of my favorite things!!!!!!

  32. Ann, the older I get the faster summer flies by. I just wish it worked the same for the long winter months. I just got those flip flops at Payless last week. I thought they were cute and my daughter looked at them and said "You like those?"

    gayle nothing better :)


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