Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No time to say hello, goodbye

Sorry for the rush today but it's a very special day. Amanda's home but only for a short time so we've got to run.
YEAH! Amanda's home.


  1. Duke, Is Amanda your human sister? I'm kinda new here so I am guessing she is. Are you excited (like your Mom) to see her as well? :)

  2. Enjoy having Amanda home. What a great thing. I know you'll have a great time.

    My very best to you all, but especially Duke. :)

  3. Wow, Duke's got company coming! I hope you guys have a great visit :)

  4. Yea! Amanda's HOME! AMANDA's HOME!

    (Who's Amanda???) Is that your daughter??

  5. Just wanted to tell you that you won honorable mention in my Caption This contest. Congratulations.

    Have a terrific evening. My best to my buddy Duke. :)

  6. Oh how adorable!! I can tell from your blog that you're an animal lover too! Glad she is home with you!

    Newest follower!

  7. Lovely ..... but please do tell what is the name of the tree????????

  8. Hoorayyy!! Amanda's home!! :D :D

  9. Looking good for her visit, Duke!

  10. Oh YAY! Have a great visit you two!

  11. Even Duke so excited to see Amanda :)

  12. Beaded tail we will thanks

    Jean yep that's who she is. She moved to Colorado in January so we haven't seen her since then

    Sandee I'm sure we will, thanks

    Roschelle and he's so excited

    Lin YEA! LOL yes my daughter

    Grace, thanks

    Velvet over steel oh yes, we love all kinds of animals. We also like making new friends, thanks for the follow

    Kloggers I think it's a pin oak but I'm not 100% positive. It's just outside of our property line and about 1/4 of the tree looks dead.

    Nessa yes hoorayyyy

    bossy betty yes, he got a bath and everything

    tahtimbo we'll try

    jen that's the plan :)

    vanilla seven oh very excited.

  13. Great news Duke. Now you have someone else to help spoil you.LOL I know you are not really spoiled.

  14. Run, Duke, run! I hope you have a great visit.

  15. Great picture Duke. Hope all of you have a great visit with Amanda. Bet you will be excited Duke. Have a great day visiting.

  16. I hope you-all have a great time!

  17. I take it this is your daughter.Your title is almost the Beatles, "You say goodbye and I'll say hello"Poor Duke might get ignored a bit more.

  18. This picture sent me into a fit of giggles. Duke hurring off :) Thanks...I needed that today!

    Have fun visiting!!!

  19. Hope you had fun with Amanda!!

  20. Sounds like Duke loves Amanda. Have a great time visiting with one another. But of course I know you will.

    (hugs to Duke)

  21. Enjoy your visit. Sometimes a short post like this can be good too.

  22. Russ not spoiled one bit :)

    Daisy he was running when he saw who was here :)

    Marg oh he was especially when she took him for a walk

    Fishhawk thanks, I'm sure we will

    sharkbytes he sniffed her out in now time

    out on the prairie yep, that's my daughter, she's been in Colorado since January. You're right about the Beetles song but I was thinking about the line from Alice in wonderland when I wrote that

    DSS Duke likes it when he makes his friends giggle

    Donna thanks, we will

    Leeuna oh he does and we will

    b boys mom thanks we will

    ratty, we'll enjoy and yes short and sweet works well sometimes

    Reeni we will thanks

  23. Ann ~ have a WONDERFUL time with Amanda! Remember it's about quality not quantity ~ I think there will be a whole lot of quality stuff going on!

  24. marie you are so right and there's so many people that she needs to see in such a short time. I'm happy she made the time for me, we had a great time.


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