Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tagged and bagged

I'm running a bit late today with my post. I've let the scheduled ones run out and I've been off having fun all day. Oh well, don't they always say, better late than never? Who are they anyway?
Here's just a little bit of what I've been doing this past week instead of gluing myself to the computer.
I cut a bunch of tag shapes out using my cricut machine and then decorated them with quilled pieces.
These are the first ones I did.
Next I did these
Then I made a little gift bag with matching tag.
I think my favorite is the duck. I found the pattern for it on
 Well that's it for today. I'm off to go play some more. Have a great evening and see ya all tomorrow.


  1. Wow Ann these are amazing! I love the little quilly things...sweeeeet!! Great blog by the way!

  2. Those are wonderful! You could certainly set up shop on Etsy and sell your beautiful creations! I really like that duck too!

  3. So like when is this stuff going on sale - you know the initial ones? Love those!

  4. Gees, those are cute! I would hate to use them on a package--that would be wasting them!!! You are one creative chicky!

  5. Yeah...when are you going to start selling your splendid creations???

  6. So creative! Seriously, you should consider selling some of these, I would buy some! :D

  7. Ann, that's one of the nicest gift bags I've seen, I admire all those details on it. You did a lot of work!

  8. Oh my goodness, those are AWESOME! I love the bag and tag particularly. So, when's the giveaway chickie? *grin* You are going to share some of your spectacular creations, aren't you???

  9. Looking good Ann. I noticed by the comments that people feel the same as I do. Set up etsy shop or at least have a giveaway.LOL I love the gift bag and tag.

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that this blog is supposed to be for "stuff" like that, but where's Duke? (Hey, you could have said that was Duke--not a duck, and I wouldn't have known the difference!)

  11. Those are all terrific. You did good work while you were taking a break. I agree with everyone else, that you should set up an Etsy shop. But I guess you don't need one more thing to do. But that is great stuff.
    Have a great day.

  12. Those are beautiful!! Now I have the urge to create too! If only I had the time :(
    Maybe I should just make time!

  13. I love the duck too and the pink gift bag and tag. Toooo cute :)

  14. Like the duck and cattails, you have been creative.Hey put a gift for mein that gift bag!LOL

  15. These are all so pretty! You're so crafty! I love it.

  16. Love all your tags, Ann - they look great! Hope you're feeling rested ...

  17. These are Pretty!! Wish you lived here in town! I'd be Shopping!!Hahaa

  18. Jack Foster thank you very much. Glad you stopped by my little corner today

    Beaded tail I really want to but I can't even think up a shop

    Grace just as soon as I can figure it out.

    Lin thanks, but you could use them on a package as part of the gift. no one says you have to write on them :)

    Jean I really want to but I just don't feel like I know enough about selling to start just yet

    Char believe me I have considered it and one of these days I will do it

    fullet thank you very much, I enjoyed every second of making them too

    Jen thank you and a giveaway has crossed my mind because I love to share :)

    Russ or both?

    Fishhawk did I say duck? I meant duke guess it was a typo

    Marg thanks, I really want to do the etsy shop but just feel really stupid when it comes to that kind of stuff

    Audrey yep, make the time, that's what I did

    Roschelle thanks, as much as I like flowers that duck just came out too cute

    out on the prairie at least for once I didn't totally waste a gift huh? lets see what shall it be?

    Reeni thanks, it was fun too

    philippa I think I am feeling pretty rested but yet rushed at the same

    donna hmm maybe I need to

  19. Oh my, Ann, you just made my day! You are so talented. I envy you for having time to do craft. I love to do craft, but am so busy lately *sigh* Those are some of the finest I've seen. I say, you live a good life, lady! :)

    I agree with Jean, you should sell those, Ann. You have a passion, on top of that talent, let it flourish! Try Etsy. Start with those. It's also a gift that you can take good photos -also good for business (teehee) Good luck!

  20. PS I realized, just by looking at those that you can publish a craft book too. You won't even need a photographer. Those are so good, they look as if they jumped out of a craft book. Go for it, Ann! :)

  21. You sure do make some pretty things. Your tags are adorable! I can't wait til things around here slow down so I can get down to some serious crafting myself.

  22. You are so amazing! The tags are absolutely gorgeous--what a great gift you have, Ann.

  23. You are so creative! I love them all but I have to say that the duck is really cute.

  24. Tes why thank you very much. I wish I had more time to do stuff like this I find myself really squeezing it in :)

    Sheri I keep thinking I need to get started on stuff for the holidays, it's never too early

    Nico thank you that's so sweet.

    B boys mom, thanks and the duck was just too cute, i couldn't resist it.

  25. I think I've said it before Ann, but you are taking to quilling like a duck to water. And today you've even quilled one - cute! Great job all around.

  26. Ann, thank you so much, you have been one of my biggest inspirations :)


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