Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poor Duke

Last Saturday mom and her friend went to the Pymatuning Lake Festival and left me home alone.

They went on a free pontoon ride

Looked at crafts. They didn't buy anything but they got a couple of ideas

The saw cool cars

And a big fish

I don't think I like it when mom goes out and has fun without me.

Oh poor poor me.


  1. Poor and pitiful are not what I feel Duke is, he might have overheated in the sun anyways.

  2. Awww Duke, that wasn't very nice of your mom to go off without you but we're pretty sure she made it up to you when she got home. Last time she went out without you, you got Frosty Paws!

  3. Poor Duke! Nobody should be allowed to have fun without a dog like you around. I have to say that fish is cool though.

  4. Oh Duke! How could she do that? Look at all the fun they have when you are home alone. A couple months ago Mom & Dad went away for the weekend and left me at the vet! Can you believe it? I was stuck in a metal cage for the whole weekend. Next time, ring me up, us guys can hang together.
    Parents! Geez!

  5. How did you get those perfect shots of Duke?!? Or did you get the shots and work a post around them :) Whatever, very fun!

  6. I know it's tough Duke, but sometimes moms need to go out on their own. A little bit of distance allows her to love you even more.

  7. Well you know you mom loves you to pieces, but sometimes you just can't go. She'll make it up to you I'm sure. She probably already has.

    Have a great day Duke. Regards to your mom. :)

  8. Oh poor Duke... but i am sure your mommy would have come back and give you a lot of treats for being a good boy :)

    Your mommy sure did have loads of fun.. the cars were real cool! Maybe she'll take you next time.

  9. It looks like you had a great time at the festival. I love those cars!
    Duke, I'm sorry that you didn't get to go, but try not to give your mom the cold-shoulder for too long. Hey, maybe if you play your cards right, you can guilt her out of some most-excellent treats :)

  10. Way cool cars! (That final photo is a hoot!)

  11. Oh Duke! I feel your pain! My family leaves me at home while they go out too!!

  12. duke,
    i totally know how you feel, dude! don't the hoomans know that it's a requirement to take us along whenevarrr they want to do somethingie funsies?! sigh.
    the booker man

  13. Gee Duke, Didn't they at least get you one of those ".....I only got a crummy T-Shirt" t-shirts?

  14. What a really poor Duke! LOL
    You know well how to take snaps of Duke's expressions. You are truly her Mom.

    You indeed had a great time at Pymatuning Lake Festival. Wonderful pictures! :D

  15. Poor Duke, your mom sure had fun visiting those lovely places! Crafts -yay! :) Am sure they will make it up to you next time. *winks*

  16. you poor baby...mommy still loves ya! she just needed a little "me" time :)

  17. Oh, my poor poor baby. Tell your mommy that I will keep you next time she wants to go out. We'll have so much fun she will wish she'd gone with us instead. Don't be sad. We Wuv You Wittle Duke. (that last photo almost made me cry).

  18. Never mind, Duke, I'm sure mom will make it up to you ...! Ann, it looks like you had a great day out!

  19. Poor Duke! You really missed out - but I bet you got extra treats when Mommy came home :)

    Cool cars btw.

  20. Don't worry, Duke. I just called the Puppy Abuse Hotline, and the authorities will be out to your house to investigate further. Of course, if your mommy was so inclined to bring home a sack full of meaty bones just for you, they might be so inclined to let her slide (again!).

  21. And they didn't even buy you a single present?? Oh, how awful - poor you indeed!

  22. Oh nooos Duke. She didn't do that to you. It does look like a beautiful place that she went. Love the big fish. Maybe Mom will do something special for you today Duke. Have a great day.

  23. Poor Duke! At least you look properly disapproving.

  24. out on the prairie I'm glad that there is at least one person who isn't buying his "poor me" act.

    beaded tail he's so spoiled he get something just about every time I leave

    ratty the fish was really cool, it has little lights in it all around the head. We didn't get to see it lit up though

    sheri Duke should consider himself very lucky that he didn't have to go through what Bubba did :)

    LDH I work all my posts around the shots. It's just so much easier that way...lol

    Anne oh yes, me time is essential

    Sandee made it up to him and then some :)

    Anny there were a lot of dogs there but Duke is just a little too hyper for large crowds

    tahtimbo unfortunately it was a bit too early for the car show there were only a few there but I liked the ones that were

    Grace getting those Duke shots from different angles can make for some funny shots

    bossy betty just not fair is it?

    the booker man apparently someone did not teach the humans well enough.

    jean not even a crummy shirt :)

    junezach it was a fun time even if Duke was a little miffed with me

    Tes, just love the crafty places.

    roschelle duke thinks it's supposed to be "mommy AND me" time

    Leeuna Duke says he's on his way...lol

    philippa oh I did have a great day. I love places like that

    duni he always does :)

    Fishhawk well I should have...excuse me I have to go answer the door

    Jen not a single present but I bought him two the next day, doesn't that count for something

    marg if he stops sulking maybe we'll go for an extra long walk

    daisy he has the disapproving look down perfectly :)

  25. First of all a little message for Duke. Mommy owes you big time for that one.
    Now I just love the craft show. I use to make Gel Candles. Way back when. Now we can not even have one in the house.
    The Pontoon ride was a wonderful bonus.I rode one up in Vermont once and had the time of my life. Also Free.

  26. Poor Baby! Sometimes it's just "mommy time" Duke.

  27. Poor, sweet Duke :(

    However, I dare say you've got it pretty goo at your house it seems. No? Even if you don't get to go on every outing with your mom...

  28. The bottom pic of Duke is priceless! You can just see what he thinks of the whole thing :)
    I would love to go to a craft show . . . unfortunately there aren't any out here in the summer.

  29. Ann - I missed you! Where are you on the way? I take 1-90 from West Seneca, NY to the 77 just before Cleveland.

  30. I wished I am your neighbor, so I can company that poor Duke when his mom were away :)

  31. Russ it was a short pontoon ride but it was fun just the same and the price was right

    Miawa oh yea, the poor poor baby...lol

    DSS I think he has it very good, although he does disagree with me at times on that issue

    Audrey summer is when we have most of them around here.

    Lisa, you were so close.

    vanilla oh he would love that

  32. Sure looks like it was a fun day for everyone but Duke. Poor Duke :(


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