Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Games people play

Chess anyone?
Just a picture I took at the Great Lakes Medieval Fair. Cropped and texture added.


  1. That's a really great table!! Don't play chess however, to complicated for me :)

  2. Wish I had learned to play Chess. It is such a great game. But that is a great picture. What fun.
    Have a great evening.

  3. Nice table! My brother taught me how to play chess!
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  4. Awesome photo, and I always love me a good game of chess too.

  5. Neat! I think they have problem moving the game somewhere else though :)

  6. I had to do a second take on this photo Ann. At first I thought it was one of those trick versions that pretends to be an object but in fact is a chalk drawing or something similar. I won't let on how long I have been staring at it ....

    I almost fell asleep. Lol!!

    It is pouring with rain over here absolutely pouring. I can't stop the cat from wanting to keep going out in it and every time she comes back in she looks like a drowned rat. I get her dry she eats some food and woosh she's there sitting at the back door waiting to go back into it. At least she won't need a bath!! Lol!

  7. What a beautiful chess set/table!

  8. Cool shot, Ann. Never learned to play chess but I guess it's never too late to learn?

  9. Fun photos ~ sadly ~ I don't know how to place chess. Not even checkers. Sad isn't it? :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week Ann!
    xo Catherine

  10. I really like that photo! It'd be great in a game room!

  11. I like playing Chess. :D

    Nice editing you did for the photo! :D

  12. I love board games...I was brought up with them and have passed that on to my children...we play chess and so many others. Board games seem to becoming a dying art in this age of technology!!

  13. I tried my hand at chess back in high school, but they said that I wasn't very good at it. Furthermore, the teacher would get really irritated at me whenever I would jump-up and yell-out, "KING ME," while doing a little dance. Evidently, chess is supposed to be played quietly by those with more refined manners.

  14. Wonderful picture Ann. And thanks for reminding me. Our fair is coming up in four weeks.

  15. I love that board/table! I want one, I want one. Great pic Annie.

  16. You have such a good eye for what will make a great picture. Love the bare earth with the roots and twigs.

  17. I used to play chess. When I was in college and smart. Now I am busy chasing two toddlers and I can barely remember my age.

  18. Out on the prairie. Yes you get the first move :)

    Marg My brother taught me years ago but I was never very good at the game

    Anna my brother taught me also

    Urban cowboy I just wish I could play better

    Roschelle, thanks

    Vanilla seven yeah, this one isn't too portable

    Jean I just thought this was an awesome looking game table

    kloggers take as long as you like :) Duke is like that when it rains, it could be coming down in buckets and he wants to go outside

    Sheri I thought so too

    poetic shutterbug I learned just not very

    catherine, I can play checkers a little better than I can play chess. You were probably just busy learning better stuff that's all :)

    beaded tail it would wouldn't it? Too bad I don't have a game room :)

    junezach, I never really could get in to the game that much, maybe because I stink at

    allotments4you I've always enjoyed playing board games too, I could never get my kids all that interested in them though.

    Jen thank you very much

    fishhawk well then it sounds like you and I would make worthy opponents in a rousing or should I say rowdy game of chess :)

    Russ thanks, hope you enjoy yours as much I did this one

    Miawa I bet this wouldn't really be all that hard to make. Sounds like a good weekend project

    Sharkbytes very pleased that you think so :)

    ann martin I think it's more that I tend to take so many pictures of just about anything that you can't help finding at least a few that really stand out

    Nico LOL, I know the feeling.

  19. I love this ~ the colors are great and so is the table.
    So...exactly what does it mean to add texture. (showing my complete lack of photography skills here)

  20. What a great idea for a outdoor table. I would have to do checkers I don't know how to play chess.

  21. Marie thanks. Adding texture is done in a editing program. You layer something over top of your photo and play with opacity and blending modes to give the picture a worn or textured look. It can make a huge difference in my opinion. Some people prefer pictures to be untouched though. Just a matter of taste really

    b boys mom I think a table like this would be pretty easy to make too. I can play both but prefer checkers.


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