Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Presque Isle (Day 3)

Nothing helps beat the stress like a walk on the beach. I think maybe I'll follow these guys.
 On the other hand, nothing makes the stress levels skyrocket like an auto insurance company who has decided they are no longer going to insure you. Especially since I have a very good driving record and have only made one claim with them when I hit a deer which was almost two years ago. 

WAIT UP SEAGULLS, I'm coming with you.


  1. You have a parent or two and a baby.You can't be a stressed beachcomber.I like to feed the gulls and throw up some bread for them.

  2. Hope that stress goes away! What are they thinking, anyway?

  3. Insurance Companies are a dime a dozen. You will find one who will treat you better and have lower rates for the same coverage. Don't worry be happy!
    BTW...love the photo of the beach. Follow those Gulls.:)

  4. Just follow those guys and not worry about the insurance company. You'll find a better one! Sending you stress-free thoughts!

  5. Yikes on the insurance company. We've had the same agent for years and years. Scary stuff.

    As for following those guys? I think it's a great idea. I'm coming along with you.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  6. I haven't been to a beach in years...I like them in the winter.

  7. I work for an insurance company ~ I say stick with the gulls!

    Seriously ~ your situation sounds crazy! Is it something that you can file a complaint with the state insurance commission about?

  8. Lovely photograph! Wish I could follow them too! lol

    Hope you are doing well,

  9. Your photos are sooo nice! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I agree. Walking on the beach relieves stress especially if you do it in bare foot (except on extremely hot days 'coz your toes might get hurt). :D

    I'm also coming along with you with those seagulls. ^_^

  11. We have had all of our cars and our home insured by Auto-Owners out of Michigan for the past several years, and they have been absolutely wonderful. Granted, much of that may have to do with our incredible local independent agent, but they paid both of the major claims that we have filed for damage to our home unbelievably fast. Hey, we are talking about in a matter of days here--not weeks, nor months. I hope an independent insurance agent around your area is affiliated with them.


    P.S.: Best of all is that the main reason why we signed-up with them in the first place is because of how much more affordable they were than all of the rest that we knew of.

  12. I think this is my favorite picture so far :o) I don't understand the insurance thing, don't they need something else? Say...oh, I don't know: a reason?? Raspberries to that.

  13. Follow the Seagulls. Let us know and we will go too. You need a different Insurance company. You should also file a complaint with the Insurance Commission.

  14. What?!?!?! Can they do that? I mean, I guess they can. But that stinks :(

    I wouldn't mind flying away with the seagulls either today!

  15. OMG what happened? How can they just decide to not cover you (besides that it doesn't seem like a good business decision). I hope the gulls are able to relax you.

  16. WHAT??? They can't DO that if ur premimums are paid!! Jerks!!
    Love the photo though!

  17. Good idea to go with the gulls. Darn insurance company. That is awful. I would have to say some bad words to that insurance company. Like some really bad words. Go with the gulls.

  18. Yeah, a walk with those little friends sounds great. Hope they will help you to forget about that company.

  19. out on the prairie, if I was actually walking on the beach instead of just looking at the picture I wouldn't be stressed :)

    bossy betty I have no clue

    Jean following gulls as we speak...lol I've been online getting quotes already finding lower rates

    beaded tail thanks for the thoughts just hoping the other companies don't give me the same line

    Sandee great, we'll take Duke and we can walk and chat

    Grace I've never been to the beach in the winter. Too cold for me

    marie, thanks for the advice :) I'm not sure if I can file a complaint or not but I'm gonna give it a try

    thatdesigngal well come along we'll all follow the gulls

    tes yes it does, a game of follow the leader down the beach sounds perfect

    char your welcome, glad you liked it

    junezach even on hot days if you walk right along the water the sand is nice :)

    FishHawk, thanks for the info I'll check them out

    Jen oh they gave me a reason but it has nothing to do with my driving history or even my payment history

    Russ lets all follow them,. We'll make a party out of it. I thinking about looking in to filing a complaint

    DSS apparently they can but I don't understand how especially when it's the law that you have to have insurance

    Anne, long story but believe me it has nothing to do with my driving record and it's just not right

    Donna my premiums are paid and they are doing it anyway.

    Marg I hate insurance companies, I really do. I think I did say several bad words after I got off the phone

    fullet too bad I didn't get more opportunity to walk with the seagulls.

  20. The water and reflection in this shot is stunning!!!


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