Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Duke, the whole Duke and nothing but the Duke

That's right all you get is Duke today.

We played in the yard this morning.  

I did some weeding and he did some more playing.

I went shopping and brought him home some yummy treats.
It was a very good day :)


  1. What a great way to head off to work tonight....smiling at my favorite lil' Dukester as I walk out of the house!

    Have a good night friends :)

  2. It's always a good day when I see cute pictures of my pally, Duke! He is just the cutest thing. :)

  3. Such a handsome bot! Playing and snacking... what a life!

  4. Duke is just doing what Duke does best. He's a very smart little fellow.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  5. May I come back in my next life as your dog?
    Love the Duke!!!

  6. Aww, he's adorable! Would love to have more Duke! So cute! :)

  7. Oh Duke, you are the very best. I hope you cheered your Mom up a little bit. How could anyone not look at you and smile. Best to all of you.

  8. What a cutie Duke is! We wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by our blog and sending your good wishes for Phantom. That was very nice of you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Woof! Woof! You sure looks so cute DUKE ... Glad you had a great DUKE Day. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. As very good day for Duke anyway...

  11. How handsome is he! Aww, i just wanna squeeze the little guy! I ope you guys had a great weekend.

  12. ahhh... i'm in Duke heaven! LOL!

  13. You go, Duke! It was nice of him to keep you company while weeding. I know from personal experience that weeding is not the most fun thing to do.
    I hope you all had a fun weekend :)

  14. You know, if you could bottle his photogenicness (er, that's a technical term) you could probably sell it - I know I'd buy some ;o) Duke looks absolutely adorable in all his pictures!

  15. THANK YOU!!! (Will he be coming back tomorrow?)

  16. No ZOO?? Duke would Love the Zoo!! him!!

  17. Hey Ann... Duke is very cute and I like the third snap the best...I have been busy..but hope to be a regular visitor here from now on

  18. We can never see too many pictures of the Duke! I'm glad to see he had a good day.

  19. I call treats cookies, a word you must not say or expect to feed the dog jumping on you one.

  20. What a cutie! Must be nice to have such a wonderful subject to photograph :)

  21. How precious! He has the cutest ears, so perky and fluffy. Give him a big hug for me.

  22. oh, I love these little guys, I used to have one. He was the greatest!

  23. Why HELLO Duke! So good to see you :) We talked about you at Louis' party on Saturday. And we wished you had been there (with your swimming pool)!

  24. Well, it's all about Duke as it should be :)

  25. Always glad to see Duke. Of course it would have been fun to see you working with the weeds. My wife does the weeding. So I can rub it in.

  26. I think every day is a good day for Duke.

  27. Roschelle glad he was able to send you off to work with a smile

    Lin isn't he though ?

    LDH yep he has it made I tell ya

    Sandee he sure is

    Jean that would be nice wouldn't it :)

    Tes guess I need to stock up on Duke shots

    Marg Duke is a pro at cheering up

    the OP Pack thanks for stopping by and your very welcome

    Sugar Every day is a duke day around here

    Grace it wasn't so bad for me either except for maybe all the weeding :)

    Leslie he has that effect on people

    nessa lol sounds like a good place to be

    tahtimbo he was quite the helper too, stomping through all the

    urban cowboy lol, I forgot that part, glad you included it

    Jen I recognized the technical term right off :) If only I could figure out how to bottle it

    Fishhawk, you're welcome :)

    donna nope didn't make it to the zoo, darn it any way

    Swapna glad to see you again, it's certainly a busy time of year, hope things slow down for you

    Sheri I think I need to get busy and try and get a stock pile of duke photos

    Daisy, that's exactly what Duke said :)

    out on the prairie it's almost like when the kids were little and you had to spell words out isn't

    audrey if only he would sit still more often

    Leeuna i know, I love his ears

    country mouse studio they are a fun breed, so full of energy

    DSS we hope Louis had a good party, duke will be thrilled that he was the topic of conversation

    poetic shutterbug yes it is all about Duke :)

    Russ that wouldn't have been a very pretty

    b boys mom yes it certainly is

  28. Good for you Duke!
    I've been busy today making jewellery rather that blogging today. Well, I made some bracelets and necklaces and then I blogged about it.

    You sure look cute, Duke.
    Give you Mommy a kiss from me!
    Anna's New Blue Jewellery

  29. Duke is adorable! It doesn't look so hot there, is it?

  30. He is so cute he ought to be a girl:)

  31. A Duke day is always a good day. I bet he really enjoyed all those fabulous treats you bought him. Although, next time, less weeding, more playing.

  32. Jen that he is. We've had temps in the mid to high 80's lately. Some feel hotter than that but it's been bearable

    Nico lol, and there are so many cute dog clothes for girls too

    Reeni for me too :)

    Anne I'm all for the less weeding


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