Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time travel

Before I get in to time travel I want to let you know that in addition to T's White party that I posted about yesterday, she is having a giveaway. You can read more about that on her blog 
A little trip back in time today. We won't be going too far back so this shouldn't take too long.
The year was 2008, Amanda was over and hanging out with Duke.
I walked in the room and they both gave me the "I'm not doing anything" look.

I had a sneaking suspicion that they were up to no good when I heard giggles coming from the room. Now who do you suppose Duke is talking to on that phone?

I always suspected that Duke was a little devil and on this day he showed his true colors, with the help of Amanda.


  1. I can't believe Duke is a little devil. I just can't. I think he's perfect and I'll be you and Amanda do too. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  2. Duke the devil? Nah, I'll never believe it! :)

  3. I believe there's a little devil in all of us! Even in the sweetest doggie in the whole world!

  4. They both kind of have that twinkle in their eye... mischief is in the air :)

  5. He is merely and angel with horns :D Devil or angel, he is still precious!

  6. i'm not sure who he was talking to. but it appears he was really enjoying the conversation.

    boy, kids sure can be sneaky.

  7. Duke's face is too angelic to be the devil.. hahhahahahhaa

  8. Hmm - did you notice that Amanda's sweater and Duke's collar match?

  9. Hahahaha! Funny and cute pictures of Dukie boy! :D

    I think he is not a devil at all. :D

  10. I don't think Duke is a little devil...I think Amanda instigated it all and was trying to pin all the blame on Duke...after all he had to get help from some where to dial the phone!!!

  11. Duke does not seem to appreciate Amanda outing him in that last photo, does he? *grin*

  12. Well, when one is a celebrity like Duke, the paparazzi are everywhere.

  13. Haha! Duke, you are so entertaining!
    I love that last shot of Amanda and Duke :)

  14. Duke did not put those horns on by himself. He'll always be an angel in my eyes!

  15. It looks to me like Amanda might have been trying to frame poor Duke. We all know that Duke is an Angel.

  16. The Dukester could never be that bad!

  17. Hahaaaa...I think he has that "I am NOT amused" look on his face in the third one!!Hahaaa

  18. I hope he wasn't on the Home Shopping Network, that could be an expensive dog.Sent my daughter a compulsive buyer article after reviewing my credit card bill.LOL A crafty crafter.

  19. Adorable pictures, aren't the memories great! Sorry I've been lax again!!! I've been ill and trying to get going again, I'm hanging in there and love your blog Annie. It's always a pleasure.

  20. Hahahahaha...Duke on the cell phone is an all time fave for this girl. Too funny!!

    I took a bunch of pix of Louis last night, but my camera really isn't very good. Even when he looked cute, the picture wasn't very good. Perhaps I need to updrade. I want to lovely pix like you do!

  21. Sandee maybe not perfect but about as close as you can get.

    Beaded tail you aren't even a little convinced?...lol

    Reeni I believe you are right, some just let it show more than others

    LDH yes I believe it is.

    Poetic shutterbug an angel with horns? I suppose that could be possible

    Roschelle they sure had him laughing, I don't know who it was either, maybe some famous pooch on tv

    Anny boy he has you fooled...lol

    Grace nope not until you pointed it out.

    Jean, thanks, glad you liked it

    junezach I may have to get proof one of these days

    allotments4you I guess I'll never know for sure just who talked who in to doing what

    Jen I wonder if that's why he chewed up her shoe that day...lol

    fishhawk there's just no escaping them

    duni I think Amanda was having more fun than Duke was in that one

    sheri you're right he did have help

    grampy it is possible

    urban cowboy wanna make a bet?....lol

    donna yep, he sure did, he wasn't liking the whole idea

    out on the prairie uh oh I better go check my bank statement...lol By the way I was wondering if your daughter wanted to go shopping with me :)

    Miawa oh you never have to worry about being lax around here. Sorry you've been ill I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. Now go get better will ya :)

    DSS believe me I have a ton of crappy duke pictures. Getting him to sit still and getting him in the right light make it kind of tough some times.

  22. No, no, no, no! Duke is not a devil! Far from it! His soul is as white as his coat!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and reading my many-f-ed poem!

  23. "Horny" version of Duke? Bring it on! :D

  24. Anna the white fur sure is a good disguise any way :)

    vanilla seven LOL, if only I could capture duke in one of his devilish acts.

  25. So cute. Duke is to cute for devil horns.

  26. b boys mom, halo or horns duke is cute no matter what :)


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