Friday, August 13, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (8-14) Dirt

That's right, the subject for this Brenda Photo Challenge is dirt.
Dirt....Yes, Dirt! As usual, YOU decide about what's dirt or dirty! AND I DO NOT MEAN PREVERSE!!!LOL....I MEAN, dirt on roads...dirty faces...dusty trails...etc. Get it??

I procrastinated way too long with this one and tried to get some pictures with  my cell phone while I was on break the other day at work.
  LOL, pretty pitiful isn't it? OK, run outside with the camera and see if I can do anything better.
It may not be much better, but this dirty clay pot sure does qualify. 
I took a look through the old files to see if I could just a little bit better and I think this one pretty much works.
I liked the way these gloves looked laying on the rock in my flower bed.
Now go ahead and check out the rest of the entries. I'm on my way to do that now.


  1. The flower pot is my favorite. It never would have occured to me to take a photo inside the pot!

    I like it!

  2. Love the glove picture!

  3. I had to think for a bit ,then the ideas started snapping in place. I had to sort through about 20 pictures in my dirt file.LOL

  4. Dirty gloves - now there's the ticket! I love that photo! Great job. I'll have mine posted up in the morning.

  5. Dirt is a tough subject but you did a great job with it. I like the gloves the best!

  6. making dirt look good is challenging. i love the gloves!

  7. Terrific pictures! I have to admit that your cell phone takes better pictures than camera.
    I like the way you ended it with a photo of the gloves.

  8. Each one was pretty good. You did get better each time, with the last one being excellent. It fits the subject as well as anything ever could.

  9. I love a load of potting soil and a pair of dirty gloves in the spring! You captured the feelings of a wonderful day in the garden!

  10. I like this "dirty" subject.:)

  11. I have to say your photo sequence when from good to brilliant. I love the photo of the gloves against the rock well done. My sequence is now up.

  12. I don't know...your 'dirt' kinda looks cool :)

  13. Alas, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed in you. For haven't you learned by now that any picture with Duke in it has to be a winner? Now, if Ms. Brenda has a rule against that sort of thing, it would be a different story, but on the other hand, why would you enter a contest where Duke couldn't be in every picture--regardless of the subject at hand? I'm sorry, but I hope he goes out and digs up some flowers after this slight, and if he would just so happen to track in some DIRT when he has had enough of that fun--GOOD FOR HIM!

  14. Of course I like all your pictures as usual. The gloves are great. They actually talk to you. Of course I am now cross with you.LOL I have to go out and do some weeding.

  15. We like the potting soil picture of dirt. That really is real dirt. The bottom of the pot is dirty but there isn't any dirt. LOL. Hope you have a super week end.

  16. Well, I think you did Just Great!!
    I Like them All but especially the gloves! Cool Shot Ann!
    Happy weekend!

  17. I love the glove picture...because they simbolize my favorite thing! Playing in the dirt in the garden...... loved it as a kid! Love it now! :) Kirsten

  18. Yeah dirt! You showed us lots of it. The job you did with the gloves was truly creative! :)

  19. Awesome, creative shots. I too love the gloves..happy day.

  20. Hi Ann!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog! You have some terrific photos here ~ I love the dirt challenge ~ too funny! Wonderful colorful blog.

    I will be back! :)
    xo Catherine

  21. I like the gloves shot though I myself never use them while I garden but preferr to use my tantile sences. I've found I can reach under a plant and tell a weed from a vegetable plant just by the feel.

  22. marie, I have a habit of taking shots at anything and everything.

    Grace, that's my favorite too even if it is an old one

    out on the prairie well your ideas sure paid off, your post was great

    donna funny thing is I don't use them so I don't know how they got so dirty

    beaded tail I thought it would be easier after all dirt is all around

    roschele even dirt has a good side :)

    tahtimbo my old cell phone took lousy pictures, this one does a much better job

    ratty thanks, it worked for me :)

    janice thank you, wish they were all garden kind of days

    jean it was a fun one

    dave thank you, saved that glove shot for the grand finale

    duni lol I've always wanted cool dirt

    fishhawk I'm sure Duke will be happy to do just that

    russ oops sorry, want to borrow my gloves?

    marg thanks, I know how to find the dirt that's for

    donna thanks I like the gloves too

    kirsten playing in the dirt isn't necessarily my favorite thing to do but it's a nice way to spend some time outside

    junezach oh believe me I have plenty of dirt around

    daniela thanks

    catherine you are very welcome and thank you very much, glad to hear you'll be coming back :)

    holly I don't use mine either, I bought them with the intentions of using them but i find it much easier to pull the weeds and play in the dirt without them

  23. Great pictures of dirt! Those are the cutest gloves too.

  24. Very creative take on dirt, Ann! Love your idea! I procrastinated too... lol :)

  25. What a spunky gloves you have there! :D

  26. All are great but the gloves are my favorite I think. Something about them says "Work". :-)

  27. You did a pretty good job for a last minute! Nice pics.

  28. I love the last picture. Such art! :)

  29. As usual, great photographs! You make dirt look appealing:)I especially loved the inside of the flower pot. Very creative!

  30. sheri I think that's why I bought them but I don't use them. I start to and just can't work with them on

    sharkbytes thanks

    tes glad I'm not the only one who procrastinates

    vanilla seven lol thanks

    brenda yes they do say work, maybe that's why I'm not real fond of them :)

    jeannette pulled it off thankfully

    kels thank you very much

    angela, at least the flower pot was better than the bags of potting soil.

  31. Very creative! I like the glove shot as well.

  32. Very creative Ann and I love the dirt laden gloves. I never would have even thought of that. Well done

  33. CTG ponies thanks

    poetic shutterbug well I didn't really think of it for this challenge, it was an old shot from a year ago but it

  34. It is fun to try and find a picture of something you normally would not take a picture off. You did a really good dirty job.

  35. B Boys mom, it was a dirty job but someone had to do


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