Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun with plates

Driving can be boring sometimes. Especially when you're driving the same old route looking at the same old scenery. Often, while driving, or even walking through a parking lot, I will take not of license plates. More specifically the first three letters of a plate.
Just what do those three letters stand for? That's my little game to amuse myself.
I once sold a car to a friend of mine. When we were signing the papers to do the title transfer the notary handed her the new plates. She looked at the plate and I watched the look on her face. I knew what she was doing. When we walked out I asked her if she had been trying to think of what the letters stood for. Yep, she plays that game too. At least I know I'm not the only one.
I won't tell you what I've decided the letters stand for on this plate. I'll let you guess for yourself.


  1. Okay I don't have a clue what the letters stand for. I guess I'm not going to be good at this game. I'm sure I'm not going to be good at this game.

    Have a terrific evening. My best to Duke. :)

  2. I have an idea what FPP stands for but I'm not about to post it. LOL!

  3. I have some ideas but I'm not going to post them either! I read license plates a lot and try to determine what word the letters would spell rather than what they stand for because that takes my brain too long to think! The CA tags mess that up since they are are mumble jumble mix of letters and numbers.

  4. I notice plates too and especially those with my husbands and my initials. I find many combination's with L J and H. Silly, huh.

  5. Unless it's a vanity plate the letters mean nothing at all - but then if you are playing a little creative game of imagining what the letters could stand for - well, that's something else entirely - and I have nothing to offer...

  6. I'm not going to post what I'm thinking either :D It is a fun game, though.

  7. That's the only way I can remember my, my hubby and my son's license plate number. :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend Ann!
    xo Catherine

  8. We've been playing this game too and making it more difficult by not using a noun for the first word!

  9. Could not think of anything that would make up to the meaning of the first three letters FPP.

    Anyways, I tend to get interested with vanity plates because I find them creative.

  10. I got nothing witty here {hangs head}.

  11. License plates over here are just plain boring. We don't really get to choose ours :(

  12. Ha! Nice to know I'm not the only one that makes up strange stuff for my own entertainment *grin*
    Felonious Prisonmongering Pinhead :o)

  13. I'm fairly sure that Jean and I came up with the same thing. Well, at least awfully close--if not exactly.

  14. I like what Jen came up with. I tend to keep mine very simple. And I am a dirty old man besides. So I won't post what I think it could be. But I think we all play the game or some variation.

  15. Federal Processor Permit, Forest Peoples Program, Fire Protection Program ,Federal Fisheries Permit,Furry Paws Points HmmmmmI tend to pronounce them 1st. I got WMP so it was fun to be called a wimp by an 85 year old when she saw my new car. STV

  16. i do the same imagination game with license plates when i'm bored.

    my mind says, "Fashion Police Primadonna* (okay the last word is really two, but...) yeah, the driver is one of those gals who tells everyone what they wear is so last year!"

    Then it's more fun to pull up beside the car and see an elderly guy! LOL!!!!

  17. Free Pizza Pie! I remember my plate because it's Be Hikin' Now

  18. Woof! Woof! Mmmm no clue but its very interesting to come up with words ... next time will ask my peeps to play this game in a long car ride. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  19. our license plates are made up differently so we play the same game but as a slightly different version.....all boils down to the same thing though...I used to do this sort of thing whilst walking the kids to school...expanded their vocabulary and got them thinking too.

    As for FPP...I'm going for Freakishly Prudish what do you think to that one Duke??? lol

  20. Yes we do that too. Our plates all start with BAM how easy to remember.

  21. Sandee, my problem with this game is that the ones I think up are usually words I have vowed not to use on this

    Jean LOL, exactly why I didn't tell you what I think they stand for

    Beaded tail it's ok, I didn't want to say what mine was

    LDH I had a plate once that was almost my initials. It had AM and then I can't remember what the third was but it wasn't my last initial.

    Grace yep just a little creative game, sometimes it doesn't take much to amuse me

    Poetic shutterbug hmmm wonder if you're thinking the same thing I'm

    catherine I can always remember the letters on mine but the numbers I have no clue

    Bossy Betty no nouns huh? I'll have to give that a try the next time I play

    junezach there have been a few vanity plates that I've seen that I couldn't figure them out.

    urban cowboy well, Flying Puppy Paws cheer up, it's no

    Duni I didn't choose mine either, I just go with standard issue :)

    Jen ha ha I like what you came up with. I figure if I don't entertain me who will? Duke has to rest some time

    FishHawk Great minds think alike huh?

    Grampy I hate to admit it but usually the ones I come up with are NOT very

    out on the prairie LOL love those sweet old ladies :)

    Janean LOL I like that one. Old men can be fashion police too...rofl

    sharkbytes ooooh I like that idea. That plate is perfect for you

    Sugar you can get in on the game too you can be in charge of all the W's

    Allotments4you learning disguised as a game, gotta love that

    b boys mom were your plates created by emeril?

  22. I do the license plate letter thing too! It's almost automatic...sitting at a traffic light and trying to decide what the letters might stand for.

    Honestly my first thougth whe i saw FPP was "First Place Pup"!

  23. marie, yep, same here, sitting behind someone at a light, I'm always thinking what their letters stand I like what you came up with and Duke definitely approves.


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