Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The song of the sail

Dug through the files to find something new to bring you today. I don't have anything new. I haven't been taking any pictures, playing around in photoshop elements or even making anything cleverly crafty. Other than going to work, I've pretty much been a lazy bump on the log. I suppose I could take a few days off from blogging but it's about the only thing that is forcing me to actually use a portion of my brain in my off time. Besides, I'm working on a personal challenge here to see how many consecutive days I can go with my posting. I thank you all for being so tolerant of my less than interesting days. You guys are just the greatest.
Looking in to the files I found a picture that I had taken at Presque Isle State Park. Of course it was altered quite a bit and when I was doing the week of Presque Isle pictures (which started here) I was trying to avoid them. However, if you look at that post, I gave you the original and the edited version. I think I skipped the edits after that.
Oh so shut up already and show the picture, they have other things to do this year...lol


  1. If I could read music I would know what tune in on that photograph. I can't so there you go.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  2. Well, it's a pretty picture of a sail boat. I like the yellow colour.

    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on both my interview with Patricia Rockwell, as well as my 'G is for Gold'-post. (I'm going to list those new designs, by the way. But if you have any special requests, just let me know!)

    Cheer up Ann! I think you are wonderful! But everybody needs some time to rest and get refreshed. You can't just grind it out every single day.
    Now that August has become September, I have promised myself NOT to sign up for NaBloPoMo again. There are just too many things going on in my 'offline-life' to have to force myself to post every single day. Now that we have autumn just around the corner, I hope I can get people to think of jewellery as Christmas gifts. I need to stock my shops!

    Please take care. Super-big hugs to you and Duke.
    Purrs from Sara Cat and the other kitties too.

  3. Awesome pic Annie, and love what you did with it. Yeah I know those unmotivated days - exhaustion! Hang in there and you'll get going again, you need some down time. Enjoy that log.

  4. All your posts are interesting! LOVE all the photo's, stories of Duke etc.
    Thanks so much for the comments on my blog :)

  5. Thank you Ann for your sweet compliment at my place, i love how you tell stories and believe me you can write poetry that am sure off after reading you :)

  6. What was the thinking behind the music overlay??? (or texture, or whatever you guys call it). I'm curious...

  7. Interesting to combine music with this photo! Now I'm curious as to what song it is!

  8. less than interesting... not Ann! That's why I keep coming over to visit. You always have great posts!

  9. I like your alterations to this picture. The musical notes are creative.

    And sometimes when a person doesn't have something that they think would be interesting to say they unknowingly come up with a gem.

  10. I love the sheet of music overlayed onto the sailboat. What a HAPPY picture!!!

  11. So, you are feeling more drained than usual, as well. I wonder what Lin has done to us?

  12. ha! i thought there was something wrong with the pic. when i took a closer look i noticed the musical bars....nice!

  13. I can name that tune in a few hours, loading up my van today for the lake.

  14. Ann--Glad you are pushing through this period of time when the creativity fairy is on a break. Love this colorful picture. Makes me want to go sailing away today....

  15. Your photo was great (as usual). I love how you do so many creative things with photography.

  16. Ann just keep posting your pictures. We love them.

  17. How creative, Ann. I just love that and the details and colors are amazing!

    Chin up. We all go through these slumps. Your blog for me is a treat, each and everyday.

  18. But I like the combo with the music. I might not have thought of that. Perfect message for a sunny summer day.

  19. Sandee well I don't even know what tune it is. I just looked for sheet music...lol

    Anna thank you, I tend to take my slumps rather hard...lol I guess I have a way of seeing them as some kind of personal failure, silly huh?

    Miawa I wish the down time was from work though, not from my fun stuff:)

    Wild Rose it was a well deserved compliment you write superbly. Back in high school I used to love to write poems, very bad poems...lol

    Grace I guess because Presque Isle tends to give me that easy feeling, it just sort of makes my heart sing. So I thought it was appropriate to put a musical overlay on the picture

    Beaded tail I don't know what the song is, I wasn't choosy just wanted to have sheet music overlayed on the photo

    LDH aw, you are just the sweetest. You guys are what motivated me to keep my blog going every single day :)

    Ratty well thank you very much. I glad I did something good whether I knew it or not :)

    Duni I think any picture from Presque Isle is happy, It's such a peaceful place, I love it there, wish I could go more often

    FishHawk I think we should have a talk with Lin, maybe if we do it together we can get her to confess

    Roschelle lol, made ya look :)

    out on the prairie glad you can because I have no idea have fun at the lake

    bossy betty I want to know who told the darn creative fairy she could have a break :)I want to sail away too, far away...lol

    Anne some pictures just seem to beg me to alter them and I must oblige

    grampy I can do that :)

    Poetic shutterbug thanks I did play around with the contrast on it but the original was pretty colorful as well

    sharkbytes that's what I thought too. Who doesn't want to just sing out loud when they've got the water the sun all around them

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  21. Love the bright colors. I enjoy taking picture on anything to do with water.

  22. I like the musical sail boat!
    Sending you good cheer and a hug!

  23. B boys mom, I enjoy taking pictures of anything at all :)

    Jean thank you very much, I can use all you can spare :)


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