Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for sweaters

The evening have been getting cooler lately around here but I'm not quite ready to pull out the sweaters just yet. Unless of course it's for something else.
But what else would you do with a sweater besides wear it?
Well I'll tell you.
I started this little project some time ago after I seen an etsy shop that was selling them. I can't for the life of me remember who's shop it was or I would gladly post the link to it. Any way, I finally got around to finishing this just last weekend. While going through a box of old clothes that Amanda had left behind when she moved out I found a sweater to use for this project. It's really quite easy too. I cut the bottom part off the sweater and pulled it up over an old wicker basket and then glued it down. Then I cut off the sleeve and pulled it up over an old glass jar that I use to dump spare change in. The jar was a little tougher to do since the sleeve was such a tight fit but I did eventually get it pulled up.
Here's what they ended up looking like

The basket
The bottom edge of the sweater is on the inside of the basket. That way I didn't have to worry about finishing off the edges. On the bottom I did a long running stitch with yarn around the edge and then pulled it tight to fit the basket. Then I turned it under and glued it down.
And the jar
On the jar, since it fit so tight I didn't need to really secure the top of it, but I added the twine around the top for the bow. I just glued down the rough edges on the bottom of the jar.


  1. How very clever! I love the jar. That would be great to hold potpourri or maybe an arrangement of dried flowers? I may try that.

  2. Oh, I love it! Thanks for the pictures!


  3. Love the look of this too and also your photos! Such clarity. Are you using a new lens?

  4. You are too cool Annie, I love this.

  5. That's a great way to use old sweaters. You did an awesome job on these.
    I hope you are having a great weekend.

  6. I like the jar a lot. Not so crazy about the basket, maybe. I think it was worth the time to work with that sleeve.

  7. What a cool idea on how to recycle sweaters. Thanks!

  8. That is SO cool! What a terrific idea (I love the jute on the jar :o)

  9. SHOW OFF!!! (Yeah, like I'm ever going to grow up.)

  10. Great idea - they look lovely!

  11. love the color. i'm an earth tone type of girl - brown, taupes, beiges, burnt orange. i love em. these are sooo cute!!

  12. You're so inventive, Ann!
    What a great way to upcycle an old sweater!

    btw, it IS really cold here already, so I AM wearing a sweater...

  13. Great job Ann. I have a couple of old sweaters. Maybe I'll send them over to you.LOL It is nice and cool over here in the morning.But it warms up fast. We are suppose to get another heat wave this week.

  14. That is so cool!!! What a wonderful idea - now if only I had some old sweaters :)
    In the evenings I've started wearing a light hoody to go out, it's starting to cool off here too. I'm glad - that means the mosquitoes will be gone soon!

  15. I have a sweater that always hangs on a hook of my closet.nice idea.

  16. What a great idea to do with old sweaters. Makes the jar look terrific. Good for you to get it finished. Love the bow on the jar. I might have to try that but I know I won't finish it.
    Have a great Sunday.

  17. Great projects Ann! LOVE that jar!
    Never seen anything like it!
    Happy Sunday!

  18. Perfectly creative! You made my day again seeing how simple things can turn into a splendid masterpiece of craft and art! :D

  19. What a fun project! But alas, I am needing to wear my sweater today so I best not be making it into a craft anytime soon! :(

    Have a Happy Sunday Ann!
    xo Catherine

  20. Yep I've been wearing a sweater for the last couple of days. It's been pretty cool here in California. I like it though. Much better than triple digits.

    Have a terrific Sunday. My very best to Duke. :)

  21. What a clever idea to upcycle a sweater like that! I read what you did with the basket twice and still don't get it - I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to thinking creatively sometimes! The top right photo is throwing me off. I do understand the jar though so maybe I will try that sometime!

  22. Leeuna yep, anything like that would be great

    Jane thanks and you're welcome

    LDH nope same old lens, guess I just got lucky this time :)

    Miawa and so are you my friend

    Tahtimbo any weekend is a great one when I don't have to do anything I don't want to

    Sharkbytes I thought so too,

    Jen I knew having all this stuff hanging around would be good for

    FishHawk well I hope not, I like you just the way you are.

    Philippa thanks, wish I could take credit for the idea

    Roschelle I've always liked earth tones too.

    Duni yep, beats tossing it in the trash

    Grampy well you'll need to send a jar and a basket too as I used the last ones I had :)

    out on the prairie this one was stuffed in a box

    Marg I tend to have a tough time finishing things, I'm great at starting them though

    Donna thanks, so maybe now you've seen everything?

    junezach just makes you realize anything is possible :)

    catherine it is getting cool here in the morning and evening but in between it's still nice and warm

    Sandee we never made it to the triple digits although we rarely do

    Beaded tail the top right picture is the outside bottom of the basket. I don't always explain things so well. I know what I'm thinking just can't always get it to make sense when I put it in to words. :)

  23. So Creative!!! I agree with the above comments, that Jar is Gorgeous!

  24. a very inventive idea to use up old woollies and a nice way to personalise gifts too....As a knitter I often have bits of leftover wool so I could knit things to size....thanks for the idea Ann!!

  25. This is the first time I saw sweater for basket. How neat!

  26. I love this idea is great to get inspiration from someone else then put your own twist on it. Etsy is a great source of inspiration.


  27. Great idea. I'm going to have to remember this.

  28. Love cocktails and puppydog tails thank you very much. I was pretty pleased with that jar

    allotments4you oh there ya go. I wish I could knit.

    Vanilla seven I wish I could remember the etsy shop that I saw these in

    cards by cheryl so I've noticed. I've always been one to try and make something myself before I'll buy it too.

    b boys mom I thought it was the coolest thing when I first saw it. So simple but it took me forever to finish

  29. What a neat idea. I love the jar especially and the twine is a great touch.

  30. BeeBeebabs, thanks, it was fun too

    Ann the jar does seem to be a big hit. I'm glad I kept at it trying to get the sleeve pulled up over it. I was almost ready to give up :)


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