Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretty Please

With sprinkles on top...
...before I go completely coo coo-nut, would someone please tell me what happened to my inspiration, motivation and ambition. It seems that the trio walked off and I haven't been able to locate them. I would appreciate it if you could tell me where I could look to find them.
Tell me where you think they went. Even if I don't find them I could be entertained by your clever ideas.


  1. You have the end of the summer blahs. You had end of the winter blahs remember? That's where they went. They are tired and are waiting for the crisp air of fall. That's what I think.

    Have a terrific Sunday evening. My very best to Duke. :)

  2. Let's see...... inspiration is tied to motivation which is tied to volition. Now, where in the sequence do you think the problem lies?? Just kidding.. you probably just needed a day off!


  3. It must be lost but I'm sure you'll find it again...we all need a break some recharge.

  4. Duke took it... bring it back, Duke. Right now! There you go, Ann. All fixed!

  5. Yup, end of Summer, beginning of a new year - well, September is always MY new year.

    Spray paint the bird's nest gold, or green and then make little paper birds to go in it...something like that...

  6. Duke buried it so that you'd spend more time with him in the pool. :)

    I think you need a break and you'll find them again. I've backed off a bit of blogging to catch up on life and it helps a ton. Sure, I feel guilty not visiting everyone every single day, but I find I can't do it all anymore. It's exhausting!

    Go have some fun in the warm sunshine before it turns cold again!

  7. I think they're not very far away. You just need to sit back, relax, and wait for them to return. When they see that you're not worried about it, they'll come running.

  8. You just need a little cowboy mojo, sending ya some now!

  9. They're spending the remaining week of summer on vacation and hopefully will return with their friend rejuvenation!

  10. Maybe after you make that cookies, you will find them back :)

  11. We all have experienced this. Just take time off (maybe in Nature) and all will return.
    I like your post!

  12. I think Duke stole and hid them. He wants you to put MORE pictures of him on your blog... hehehe

  13. I think they are in those sprinkles somewhere :D Just the fact that you are blogging tells me you haven't lost anything. It's still there and that creative ebb and flow will return.

  14. they probably fell over in that BIG bowl of sprinkles...

  15. I really hate to agree with Lin about anything, but I think she's got it right this time. So, go out to the pool with Duke and your camera, and everything will be right in your blogosphere again.

  16. Stop looking for a while, Ann, and I'm sure they'll catch up with you!

  17. Duke may want a little more one on one time. Check the back yard and see if it is buried out there.LOL

  18. Everybody has their ups and downs. Right now I am at a low point too.
    Take a break! Take a walk in the sunshine. Get some rest. And when you feel strong enough, use this permalink to visit the interview with Patricia Rockwell. Take Duke with you. Do you drink coffee or tea? Sugar? Milk or cream?
    Sometimes it helps to lie in a hammock and read a good book!
    Anna interviews Patricia Rockwell

  19. They are at the bottom of that container of sprinkles. Just keep eating those sprinkles and you'll find them!!

  20. My lesson for you starts easy. Write about the best part of your day.Then make me something sweet for a treat.MMMMMM

  21. It ran off with mine...somewhere!Hahaa

  22. You just need to go outside for a while and enjoy the scenery and get a deadline! I always work best under pressure...but it's not as fun! :) BUT I LOVE being outside! It rejuvenates me...been walking every morning...good start to the day!

  23. Well when you find them please share with me. It has been like pulling teeth for me to write a post. I think I started this for fun! Where did it go. I know it will come back.

  24. Maybe it all went into those sweater baskets! I love them, what a great idea! And with the sweet sprinkles etc. here...I can just see cup cakes...there you go, an idea! ;D

  25. Sandee ah I see, it's a seasonal thing, ok, so I should be good now until the end of fall?

    Jane kidding yes but still very

    Reeni I wonder where I put that lost and found box, maybe it's in there

    LDH LOL thanks, if only I had used the authoritative voice with Duke I could have avoided this :)

    Grace hmm, interesting idea there

    Lin that's because Duke doesn't mind swimming in green water but I

    Ratty ah, I see, the casual approach, just might work

    urban cowboy, a little cowboy mojo just might do the trick

    beaded tail, that's pretty rude of them to go on vacation and leave me

    vanilla seven maybe they'll even clean up the mess for me

    Jean a walk in nature would certainly bring back my urge to pick up my camera again :)

    Nessa I would put more pictures of him up if he would only sit still more

    poetic shutterbug ya know I did notice a couple of lumps in that sprinkle bowl, I'll have to dig through it

    Roschelle I bet you're right

    Fishhawk, NO WAY! you are agreeing with Lin, what is the world coming to :)

    Philippa oh so I've just been getting too far ahead of them then, ok, time to slow down and wait for them

    Russ oh good idea. I know a couple places he's been heading to quite a bit lately. I bet that's where he hid them

    Anna a break, a walk in the sunshine, sounds like a great idea. And I read the interview, very nice

    Bossy Betty I would but I'm not real crazy about sprinkles. Maybe I can feed them to Duke

    Out on the prairie hmm, the best part of my day huh? I'll have to wait and see what that might

    donna well the nerve. they better bring us back something really fabulous :)

    Kim I wish I could get up earlier and go walk in the morning but I already get up early enough.

    B Boys mom I still have fun with the posting, it's been a great challenge for me to keep going. If it wasn't for the blog I would probably be staring at the wall doing

    Julie Oh I hope I didn't glue them down in the basket. Maybe I should go check, and then maybe have a cupcake, yeah, a chocolate

  26. mmmmm.... coconut ~ love it!

    Hope your inspiration, motivation and ambition come back soon! :)

    xo Catherine

  27. Catherine, if you like coconut have you tried the coconut m&m's? those things are fantastic :)


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