Monday, August 23, 2010

White Party

T over at Desperately Seeking Seersucker is hosting an online White Party today.  I actually forgot all about it until I was reading her blog post for the day. Since I don't have much of a real social life, I didn't want to be left out of an online party. So I grabbed the first white thing I could find and put on my party slippers.
I'm sure that you'll all agree that this is THE most appropriate thing for a white party.
Besides I'm doing this last minute so Duke was happy to oblige.

If you want to know more about it, head on over to Desperately Seeking Seersucker


  1. Duke, you are just perfect for the white party. We sure couldn't think if anything better.
    Don't know if we can break rules all week but we will try.
    Have a great evening.

  2. Marg, Duke says he'll be happy to help you figure out some rules to break, he thinks it sounds like

  3. He's definitely whiter than white, Ann - the ideal party guest!!

  4. I wouldn't be caught Without this White!!
    He's SO pretty Miz Ann!

  5. For you - yeah, the most appropriate!

  6. This is the most precious of all white things. You chose wisely.

  7. What a nice looking dog. I would hug him all the way home.

  8. That Duke sure is a good dog...always bailing you out like this. ;)

  9. Excellent choice of white!

    Thanks for commenting on my RubyTuesday post!

  10. He ought to win the prize! What a precious face!!!

  11. When I think of white, Duke is the FIRST thing that comes to mind! And what a cute "white" he is!!

  12. Well you know what my answer to this is...Duke is PERFECT for a White Party. PERFECT.

    Have a terrific day. My very best to Duke. :)

  13. I can think of nothing more appropriate for any party than Duke. He is fabulous for any occasion.

  14. Last minute. First minute. Duke would have been the best choice any time.

  15. So, all you have to do is point the camera at Duke and you get a fantastic photo?!? He looks like a movie Star!

  16. Good thing you super model was available and willing! Gorgeous pictures!

  17. Great pictures! I especially like the last one.
    Duke, as usual you look terrific. Oh, since this was a last minute modeling session, I think your mommy owes you more treats :)

  18. Duke is a party himself :) I always get so excited when I browse my follow list and see Duke. He makes my day - ALWAYS!

  19. Ann, I have always loved your pictures of darling Duke but these two are truly outstanding! You could make a living photographing folk's pets.

  20. What's a White party without Duke? He should be the guest of honor! His ears are just so cute - well, all of him is simply adorable!

  21. I think Duke should be included in any if you are invited to a pink party next time then I'm sure you could accessorize him!!!!!

  22. Once again I see Duke is the life of the party. Looking good Duke.

  23. Duke, you are the perfect white accessory!

  24. perfect idea for a white party. dukester is such a very handy companion to have!!

  25. Duke is most definitely the perfect image for a White Party! Thanks so much for playing along :) And, of course, I had to make Louis my final image as well. Love our little westies...


  26. Duke is so wonderful to stand in at such late notice--and he is so handsome as well!

  27. He is PERFECT...the best entry I think! What a face...I want to hug him!!! Love this cute dog! ;D

  28. You have the best white thing of all, cute Duke!

  29. It must be nice to have such a handsome white subject to photograph :)

  30. Philippa, it's not easy keeping him white sometimes though

    Donna no white party would be complete without him

    Grace me and white don't usually go together Duke is the exception

    Leeuna thanks I think I did too

    Sallie, that's what I thought

    out on the prairie yes he is

    oldmanlincoln I often do :)

    urban cowboy the perfect side kick

    Anna thanks he is a good choice

    Donna a face that makes my heart melt

    love cocktails and puppdog tails thanks, I thought so

    Lin first thing that comes to my mind too

    Sandee perfect indeed

    anne me neither and yes he's an all occasion dog

    ratty yep 24/7 Duke's it

    LDH well um, there were treats involved

    Bossy Betty you know how super models are though, sometimes they get temperamental around the camera

    tahtimbo you wouldn't believe how many treats he got for doing

    poetic shutterbug Duke is happy that he can make your day. That makes his day :)

    Jean well I don't know if I could make a living at it, especially around here but it sure would be fun

    beaded tail I love his ears, especially when he's a little on the scruffy side :)

    allotments4you that sounds like an excellent idea, I'm sure Duke could pull off any color

    Russ but of course, he's always a hit

    FishHawk, knew you would like it

    daisy isn't he though.

    sharkbytes, furry white and lovable, what more could you ask for

    DSS of all the dogs I've ever had Duke is definitely the most entertaining

    Nico he's usually very good about these things, especially when bribes are involved

    Julie Duke has that effect on a lot of

    b boys mom I have to agree with that

  31. Perhaps not the most appropriate thing but certainly the cutest! Adorable!

    xo Catherine

  32. Catherine, well when you're like me and don't get out much, you go with what you've


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