Thursday, August 5, 2010

Presqu Isle again

Day 5 of the beach pictures and yet I still don't feel relaxed and refreshed. I have had some fun playing with paper and glue in the evenings after work though. Now I just need to get some pictures of what I've been doing so I can use that for a post. I haven't been playing with the camera too much this week.
Just a couple sights down at the beach.
This one made me think of Lin. Bet she doesn't have any frogs like this one in her pond.

One more day of work and then it's the weekend again. I can't wait. I live for the weekends and the two days away from work.


  1. Makes me wanna jump right in the water!

  2. Calm looking place! And hang in there, breathe! Relax! take your time and enjoy yourself.

  3. What no parasailing, that makes you relax.Now that frog I am not sure what to do with it.Unique.

  4. I can see why you'd think of Lin even though her frogs aren't quite that big! It's certainly a bright and cheerful frog!

    Hope you can get relaxed and refreshed this weekend!

  5. this looks like a beautiful spot ann, i could really enjoy this. great photos.

    oh, i changed the viewing of that video to public, didn't realize it was on private. thanks for the heads up. and it is really cute...hehehe.


  6. That's one humongous frog! :)

    Is it a fountain?

  7. Love that frog! Such peaceful scenery...

  8. Hahaha! When mine get big, they usually hop away looking for food or love. Hey! Wait a minute---I think that might be one of my frogs!!!!

  9. Love the pictures!
    Now...Anne...SNAP out of it (pun intended)!:)

  10. When you speak of frogs, it could always be associated with Lin. I know she loves frogs and that one you have there on the picture is a cute one! LOL

    Nice shots as always! ^_^

  11. What a great place, Ann. Just close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature...that relaxes me instantly. I hope you find something that works for you!!

  12. Well I sure don't know why you're not relaxed; I am! *grin* Love the frog - too funny :o)

  13. I love the frog! He's too adorable. And AMEN to weekends!

  14. Hi Ann. Glad the weekend is almost here for you. I know what you need. A nice Sauna and steam bath. Followed by a massage and them some soothing Reiki.
    Don't linger on it. Just let go and things will come back. Great pictures as usual.

  15. Well, I was very happy, but where did Duke go? Who's gonna save the day now? Oh my, I need to go find a rock to crawl under.

  16. I think these are the best ones yet! I love the little ...well actually kinda big....frog :)

  17. Love the frog. Looks great floating around out there.
    Hope you get some rest this week end.Go get a good movie to watch. What ever works. Have a fantastic week end.

  18. It looks so relaxing, it makes me want to sit there and enjoy those views. And the frog too, LOL!

  19. I love that Frog in the middle of the pond. Let's swim to it and sun awhile.

  20. I love frogs so you can guess what I noticed first thing, yes the big frog in the pond. Love it!!!!

  21. That water is just so gorgeous with the stunning reflection. What a great spot.

  22. Urban cowboy, actually the water right there didn't look too great and I believe there was even a sign that said no swimming

    Miawa I'm working on it :)

    out on the prairie somehow I don't think para sailing would make me feel

    Beaded tail I think this guy would have fun in Lin's pond, Hobbes might even like him

    PJ thanks, I'll have to go back and check out your video

    Nessa, yes he is, not a fountain he just sits there and smiles

    Grace he's a very cheerful looking frog

    Lin so now you know where you're frogs are going. They head to Pennsylvania and hang out on Presque Isle

    Jean fabulous idea, I think I will do just that

    JuneZach I think Lin needs a frog just like that one

    Duni I actually have a CD that has nature sounds on it, I don't think I've played it more than once though

    Jen I think I am finally, but glad to hear you were chilling just fine :)

    Sheri love my weekends

    Russ that sounds like a very good idea, and I'm done lingering, nothing but chilling now :)

    Fishhawk you do know that there is mud and bugs under those rocks don't you?

    Roschelle, I've always liked that frog, I think I take a picture of him every time I go there

    Marg he's loving his pond that's for sure

    fullet it is a relaxing place and it just seems to make time slow down a bit

    Auntie E a big dose of sunshine would be pretty nice.

    b boys mom he is a cutie, always makes me smile.

  23. poetic shutterbug yeah I think for once I was actually standing in the right spot when I took the I'm so bad sometimes about paying attention to where the sun is when I'm taking them.


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